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      Intel Super September Top Tablets and 2 in 1 in great prices for example: Jumper 14.0”EZbook 3 Plus for 419$ Teclast 9.7”X98 Plus II for 149$ Chuwi 12.3”SurBook 2 for 419$ and many more, chcek them all in: Intel Super September    


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  1. I've used the oBook solidly for a year (300 cycles) and the battery is getting weak. Where / how can I get a new battery ?
  2. SD-Card

    Hi Yeah Ive got a similar problem, mine get an I/O error, anyone know what the SD driver and version should be ?
  3. Kind of agree, Onda customer support has to be more than just providing a forum for customers to exchange ideas/solutions. I like to see some input by a Onda techo to some of these issues. The oBooks are kind of a dark product, not sure how it is put together with regards to partitioning between Win 10 and Remax, many suppliers have a factory reset option either in a disk partition or download for use when all else fails. There is also some doubt about the legitimacy of the Win 10 licence that I would like cleared up. The hardware is great, good design etc but the software implementation has to be considered immature and the factory support non-existent. "Come on Onda" (I sound like a cheer leader), prove me wrong.
  4. A couple of questions about the Onda oBook 20 Plus * How do you get in to the BIOS customization on startup ? * How do you restore the tablet to the factory supplied condition ? Cheers.....
  5. Hi, Yes that worked fine. Would like to know what is going with the Onda Win10 build process but hey it's all good. Thanks for your post Krzysiek.
  6. Thanks mate, I'll do it. I'll let you know how it goes. DaveS
  7. Hi Got an oBook 20 plus (Win 10) that says the authorization code supplied is for Win 10 Pro but Win 10 Home is installed. The "not authorized" message is displayed all the time. I have some questions: * How do you get in to the BIOS customization on startup ? * The authorization process suggests (with a hyperlink) to upgrade to Win 10 Pro (online), would this work or is it likely to result in a non-usable Win 10 ? * How do you restore the tablet to the factory supplied condition ? * My supplier (EverBuying) has not really suggested anything constructive. I'm looking for a documentation source at the technical level. Any help or ideas appreciated.