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  1. I may be missing the point here, but could you find an apk file for the app you want to install elsewhere on the web? I got most of mine on androidpureapk. Download the apk file, save it on your tablet (preferably on the external sd card), navigate to it with (any) File Manager, and install it by clicking on it.
  2. Thanks Miguel, that's great news for sure!
  3. Yep exactly pizza face is right! Worked for Mr as well
  4. It s simple if u tell model and firmware
  5. Also in my tablet the launcher is keep crushing, I use Google launcher which is great but I get always this message for launch3 ,that is crushed.
  6. I have installed phoenixsuit but my PC does not see the V989 via the USB cable. Is there any way to get the V989 to boot into a recovery screen or to activate USB debugging ?
  7. Its the same number at the back of the tablet, and on the box So I download from here v4, and...
  8. No Problem, I will download tonight and try.. Any applications or functions let me know Miquel...
  9. I am not that successful yet, because im trying extract the img file with no luck.
  10. Great work Rotaglide identifying all the components!
  11. Don't get me wrong, I'm not angry, it only showed what will happen in the future.