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  1. Well done my friend, thank you!
  2. vasilomitor

    Charging problems.

    If the charger has its own micro usb connector (the end which connects to the tablet), try to cut 1 or 2 mm of plastic around the connector, maybe it just does not make a good enough contact because it does not get inserted deep enough.
  3. vasilomitor

    Charging problems.

    Maybe the usb slot of the charger is loose, or it has developed a bad connection with the wall adapter - if you are using one. Try with a different charger, preferably of 2 to 3 Amps.
  4. Well done! Would you care to elaborate on the method of changing VID and PID numbers? If it is necessary to do so it would be nice to have a how-to from you...
  5. vasilomitor

    Poor wifi signal

    Try to connect to other routers with your Onda. Some Internet Providers perform firmware updates to the user's router without asking, this is also a possibility. In any case you can't be certain about the malfunction without trying other routers first.
  6. vasilomitor

    Android apps runs ARM instead of x86

    Try the latest VLC beta x86.
  7. vasilomitor

    Recognize V1 to V2

    These resistances are the only known difference, yes. It requires more than average soldering skills to install them though. This is a relevant disassembly video for onda 9.7 inch tablets. Or check this, towards the end.
  8. vasilomitor

    Recognize V1 to V2

    Check the serial on the back of the tablet. It contains a sequence of letters and numbers: V975iXXXV1XXXXXX or V975iXXXV2XXXXXX.
  9. I think that Win 8.1 is useful for those wanting to have full compatibility between their desktop/laptops and tablets. It's not so much about speed or a beautiful touch interface. I had a Teclast X98 Air for a week with Windows 8.1 installed. It was ok as a tablet, not really fast but ok. The best thing was being able to work with virtual machines and having multiple windows (in desktop mode). It's something that Android still lacks. Otherwise I agree, Android is faster/smoother, gives a much better tablet experience...
  10. The fact is that Onda offered an exchange for their customers in China, V1 models exchanged for V2 models, which were Win 8.1 tablets. The various shops did not follow through, i.e. they did not give their US and European customers the option to exchange their tablets (for a fee of course). Onda does not even have an English language site, so one can imagine they don't care much about sales outside of China. So I would not blame this on Onda. Onda's mistake is that they abandoned this model completely even for their Chinese customers. No updates, no bug fixes. Well, next time I will simply not buy Onda, there are other manufacturers with similar products offering frequent updates, It's not hard to choose. I suppose falling sales numbers will send a message if nothing else will....
  11. Hi there! The only thing certain is that the tablet performs better than a V975m and with less bugs. The problem seems to be that Onda has abandoned the tablet with older rom, it is uncertain if there will ever be even a Kit Kat update. As you can imagine, Windows-Android dual boot is even less possible. Maybe you should look at Teclast, there is a model with a dual boot, although Windows seems to be running on a virtual machine, so no full capabilities there. Still better than what Onda offers... Good luck!
  12. vasilomitor

    Broke glass

    Sorry to hear that. You can buy a touch screen - digitizer and install it yourself. This is not very difficult but you need to be very carefull. Here is a video of how to open the tablet. Replacement parts 1 & 2 You may be able to find this spare part cheaper, I only did a very fast search.... Good luck!
  13. vasilomitor

    tablet freeze often

    This is not normal, freezing indicates a hardware problem.. If after performing a wipe of the cache and a cleaning of the user data, the tablet keeps freezing, then you should RMA it as soon as possible.
  14. vasilomitor

    Any sign of kitkat upgrade

    Most Onda models do not get this type of support. V975i gets even worse. I wish it was easier to install windows, but with the hardware mod and the stupid flashing procedure it's a serious risk. In any case I hope you're right.
  15. vasilomitor

    Any sign of kitkat upgrade

    You are very optimistic! I certainly hope it comes true but...