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  1. Nelson Campos

    Tablet onda v919 air dual os table partition

    Had this very same idea. Deleted the partitions, it never worked again. Big ass problem that I have right now, what a beautiful and slim brick that I got! Terrible idea, stay away from it!
  2. Nelson Campos

    Need Help, bricked and wiped

    LMAO I know that feeling man, did the exact same thing.. Deleted all Andorid partitions, went well, rebooted, all great, tried to unify the two partitions into one, F#ed it all up! The only thing working by then was the BIOS, wich I F#ed up as well! Doing good for myself hey?!
  3. Nelson Campos

    HELP - Tablet doesn't startup

    Interesting thread.. I have the same problem as well, BIOS needs to be programmed. Tried to get professionals to do just so, couldnt find any. Bummer. Im not F.A. with raspberry programming myself, thats for sure. I read somewhere that taking the power out would do the trick tho, anyone has ever done that?