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  1. William Harvey

    Suitable microsd

    Cannot recommend a specific SD card. Since you have already tried everything and installed the latest BIOS version I would suggest you to check the SD card slot. It could be a problem with card slot as well. Thank you, William https://www.clouddesktoponline.com/
  2. Hello Pehe, Sorry to hear about your Tablet. In order to diagnose or find out the problem, we need more details. May be we can fix this. Me too have V919 Air. 1. Does it reboot? 2. Does it boot after showing this error? 3. Any update changes? Please help us with exact error message. Thank you, William Harvey
  3. William Harvey

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone, This is William Harvey a proud owner of Onda V919 Air. Glad to join yo all and looking forward to know you all. Thank you, William