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  1. Hey folks, I am new at this forum and I recently got my Onda v919 Air CH dual boot tablet and so less so far it runs very well. I only have one issue: In Windows 10, when I plug in the Samsung Evo 64 gb micro sdcard (I also tried some other micro sdcards as well, but I want this to work) I hear the normal Windows sound that some hardware was added and in the device manager pops up some sdcard class controller. The problem is, that the sdcard class controller got a Code 10 and it is obviously not recognized by the explorer. I tried to install some other drivers but it tells me that the current drivers are the best suitable every time. Besides in Android every micro sdcard I tested worked fine and w/o any problems. So is there some workaround, driver or BIOS which will fix the issue? I haven't found anything helpful yet. Thanks in advance