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  1. It shouldn't be hard to create an adapter which shorts the final ring and the sleeve to make sure everything works. The problem with the TRS - TRS is that there's no guarantee of the positioning on the sleeve contact. I have two sets of Bose headphones (mIE2i and QC-15), and while the mIE2is work with the button press, the QC-15s have an in-line mic only. Shorting the two contacts should work fine as long as you don't use the adapter on devices which supply voltage to ring 2.
  2. I just found one on eBay for $15 that shipped from Canada
  3. You lucked out. I just received one today for my 975w. Fits perfectly. You have a random hole for the iPad home button, but it's perfect otherwise.
  4. I'll have to review it tonight sadly. For now, just flash the chinese image. I'll see if I can issue an online Windows patch tonight.
  5. I forgot to delete more of that code. Whoops. Try this one. Main.zip
  6. The first link, my English Image, is the exact same as running the attached script. It removes all the chinese language packs, applies the english one, and then runs a Windows Update fix for language packs.
  7. It's possible. I would advise two options: 1) Try my full English package once again: 2) Get the system up and running in Chinese, and follow the dated instructions to change the OS to English. Without running a checksum check on every file you've downloaded, there's not a lot I can do to figure out why you get that error. Reading into it further, the error is stating that it cannot install the patch because the big image (install.wim) is supposedly corrupted. Optionally, if you want to try one last time, do the following: 1) Extract both files as you did before to the thumb drive that made the install work. 2) Extract the maintenance utility onto the thumb drive. 3) Replace the Main.cmd under scripts with the one attached to this post. 4) Boot from USB. This modified script should JUST patch the Onda image on the flash drive to English. I've also removed the clear screen methods so that we can see the total operation. If you can run this, and send a screenshot, it may shed some light on what's going on. Main.zip
  8. The Windows errors are because the patch changes the language to English, but the English didn't actually install. This should remedy it.
  9. Well, that was easy to locate on mobile. http://fg.v4.download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/updt/2013/09/lp_45b0cfb6b0bfd5984faa3cd64b7b8f2b2a72465e.cab Download, move to the patch directory, and rename to lp_en-us (delete the corrupted one)
  10. Ahh, I see. I'm in transit currently, so I can't link the file for about 30 minutes. Something is wrong with the language pack cab file. Rather than reupload, I'll link you to the file to replace on the package so that you're not left waiting.
  11. Sorry for the grief. 7-zip doesn't give me these sorts of issues
  12. Oh, that is unusual. Your zip program wasn't extracting both files? Hmm. Anyways, feel free to give it a go. I'm confident the tool will work this time.
  13. I'm wondering if you need to update your BIOS first... did you ever get that Windows 8.1 install to work the other day? I can tell you how to flash it from the maintenance utility, but I haven't tested it and don't want to brick the tablet if something goes wrong.
  14. Ok, I have the MD5 and SHA-1 checksums for the install.wim from the AFO 1.0.0 image: MD5: 3527148399dd351e9d5d1c599a88b68a SHA-1: 342ef46eefade2ea74ea1fe5769b4852596c8554 You can use WinMD5 to check if your install.wim (located in the images directory) matches my signature above. Once you've run my maintenance utility, the MD5 won't match. So only run it on the disk image straight from the zip file.
  15. I used a 32GB Sandisk Ultra without issues. If you have an 8GB card laying around somewhere, try that. The error is because the .WIM file is somehow corrupted.