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  1. Hi all, I would like to know if there any tablet like Onda V80 plus but more reliable, from any other brand. - my budget is around 200$ CAD max. - at least the same spec or 4gb/64gb model if possible. - detachable keyboard is a plus. - can be dual boot or windows only. thx you everyone and sorry for my bad english
  2. azuredreamer

    V80 plus bios

    the post is not really clear and the only one picture got error 404 no found lol sadly i can't test it since i have no screen and no hdmi signal.
  3. azuredreamer

    802W Vapourware

    got same similar story with v80 plus and gearshit badjoke "support" lol
  4. If only those forum have any usefull info on onda v80 plus (i have checked whole both) lol
  5. azuredreamer

    V80 plus bios

    dunno if this could be usefull to anyone but i found this pdf with info on the SOC of the tablet http://composter.com.ua/documents/AXP288_ver1.07.pdf and this is the best ressource of info i found during my weeks of rechearch (sadly in russian but google traduction do the job): http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=770572
  6. azuredreamer

    V80 plus bios

    i have done rechearch on google for days without results. and no i din't have mess with any bootloader since i don't need to to touch this for no reason lol
  7. azuredreamer

    V80 plus bios

    the rom is for V1 mine is V3.
  8. azuredreamer

    V80 plus bios

    the rom is for V1 mine is V3.
  9. azuredreamer

    V80 plus bios

    the tablet charge with red light but when i open it no matter how it's only black screen with the back light on. i have opened it and checked all connectors all look good. i have even tried unplug batterry for around 30 min, it's open up by itselft with same problem etc... =/
  10. azuredreamer

    V80 plus stuck at black screen on boot

    this is the gearbest support told me, but nothing they told me was usefull or even working...
  11. azuredreamer

    Onda V80 Plus

    me too i regret it alot since it's stop working the 2nd day and Gearbest is the worse customer service i ever tried (they even lied to me during a paypal chat for refund since they don't want to help). so never again onda or even Gearbest stealer and lier lol.
  12. azuredreamer

    V80 plus bios

    I found this one too but the link is broken or i need to register on the website, but the capcha is on russian =/
  13. azuredreamer

    driver help

    the tablet work well with keyboard and mouse on otg for the few mins i have tried for the external HDD you might will need a otg with power.
  14. azuredreamer

    V80 plus bios

    - yup. -i don't know but do not look like really great at the moment. - maybe 15-20$ CAD and take weeks, if im "lucky" i will need pay another 25$Cad for customs for the new tablet D: