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  1. got same similar story with v80 plus and gearshit badjoke "support" lol
  2. If only those forum have any usefull info on onda v80 plus (i have checked whole both) lol
  3. bios

    dunno if this could be usefull to anyone but i found this pdf with info on the SOC of the tablet http://composter.com.ua/documents/AXP288_ver1.07.pdf and this is the best ressource of info i found during my weeks of rechearch (sadly in russian but google traduction do the job): http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=770572
  4. bios

    i have done rechearch on google for days without results. and no i din't have mess with any bootloader since i don't need to to touch this for no reason lol
  5. bios

    the rom is for V1 mine is V3.
  6. bios

    the tablet charge with red light but when i open it no matter how it's only black screen with the back light on. i have opened it and checked all connectors all look good. i have even tried unplug batterry for around 30 min, it's open up by itselft with same problem etc... =/
  7. this is the gearbest support told me, but nothing they told me was usefull or even working...
  8. me too i regret it alot since it's stop working the 2nd day and Gearbest is the worse customer service i ever tried (they even lied to me during a paypal chat for refund since they don't want to help). so never again onda or even Gearbest stealer and lier lol.
  9. bios

    I found this one too but the link is broken or i need to register on the website, but the capcha is on russian =/
  10. the tablet work well with keyboard and mouse on otg for the few mins i have tried for the external HDD you might will need a otg with power.
  11. bios

    - yup. -i don't know but do not look like really great at the moment. - maybe 15-20$ CAD and take weeks, if im "lucky" i will need pay another 25$Cad for customs for the new tablet D:
  12. bios

    i think i have no much choices left since support is bad, this is the choice they gave me " 1)Return the item to us You can return the item to us in China/country as per our terms and conditions indicated in the link above. Once we receive the item , we can exchange or offer a refund of 84.99 USD to your GB wallet extra point. As long as the item does not exceed the 45 day money back guarantee limit. The shipping fee for sending the product back to us will be paid by customers and is not refundable. 2)Keep the item and accept a partial refund to your Wallet (credit) We can offer a partial refund of your product value which is 10 USD on your wallet. The refund will take 24 hours to process and appear in your GB wallet. This amount can be used for your future orders. In this case, you can keep the item and do not need to return it to us for this time. Learn more about wallet benefits: http://www.gearbest.com/about/gb-wallet.html Check out to use points: http://www.gearbest.com/about/about-points.html?157wrew 3)Resend a replacement (No return) We can resend you a replacement but we kindly ask you to cover a handling fee of 60 USD. If you choose this option, we will send you an invoice and arrange the shipment for you. If you choose this option, please offer us the resend address as below: " Since im living on canada it's will cost me alot D: dam currency rates
  13. bios

    idk, i have done almost all automatic update of windows 10 but never finish it because of no space left, after i have reboot on android, was working fine until i chose to close it normally to charge it, and now it's only black screen. i have tried many solutions none work. - micro hdmi to see if it's only the screen broken or something, got no signal. - i have tried to deplete de battery and charge it for 8-10h 3 time (2 time with the new charger) - i bought a stronger charger (2.1 Amp) because the one i was using is only 1.1 Amp. - i have tried a keyboard on usb otg and only thing i was able to do is ctrl+alt+del to make the screen flash like tablet reboot. - and so on...
  14. don't forgot to use a 2 Amp charger or more stronger , because it's might be why mine is broken , because of the 1.1 Amp charger i was using before. so i bought a 2.1 amp charger yesterday.