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  1. Hi I wonder if there is a new firmware available for the Onda 20 Plus? I found this one Firmware update? But not sure how to patch it or if it's even legit I'm still trying to resolve my windows sd card issue Thanks
  2. thedozyone

    Onda OBook 20 Plus Tablet PC

    Hi D!@BL0 Sorry for the late reply the emails went into my junk folder The issue I have is that it isn't being recognised in either side of the OS. The windows side shows it as "The I/O device reported an I/O error - (code 10) and android doesn't even see it. My initial thoughts are that the actual slot is faulty. Unfortunately everbuying are quoting a 3 month repair time! Any other ideas would be gratefully received. Thanks
  3. thedozyone

    Onda OBook 20 Plus Tablet PC

    I'm having issues with the Micro SD card not reading It worked previously but now it won't even see it. I have a device issue in windows but also the micro SD isn't read in Android. Any ideas? Also is there firmware that could be reloaded to see if that fixes the issue? Thanks in Advance
  4. thedozyone


    I have a similar problem, it was working fine but now it won't read the SD Card via windows or Android. I've tried several Micro SD cards but they aren't seen. They are read fine if I use a card reader on the USB port. Any ideas ??