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  1. Well really starting to think this purchase was the worst possible option I could of chosen no support did not come with any documents and gearbest tells me their is no way to send me any so basiccly thanks for you 170$ screw you amazing support by the way and now my screen cracked and none of the touch features will work also the charger that came with it snapped off because it was so cheaply made within the first week of owning it but any way enough with my ranting on to what im trying to get done #1 trying to find out how to take apart the tablet so that i can replace the screen and and touch already have it just dont know how to break it down and replace it only have experiance with desktops can build i computer from scratch but not a tablet or laptop what so ever and #2 would love to dedicate all of my 64gb's to android and get rid of that crap useless windows all together any help on both of these matters would be amazing ( onda book 20plus ) as I doubt the company I gave my money too will be of any help what so ever esp considering how hard it was simply to find their contact info
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    obook 20 Plus User Manual

    any luck yet im also looking