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  1. Thank you! finally a one happy root user! had to patch the stock remix boot.img to add some code to enable root and also disabled verity-check in the boot. (I have the patched boot in safe custody - 16mb just incase anyone needs it)! Dobly atmos doesn't work but Viper is all sound and clear (flashed the zips using recovery) . pretty amazing sound.
  2. found a way round to install both windows and android/remix and responded in this thread. Rooting fails miserably. booting twrp works fine but flashing supersu you are stuck at boot. for now I presume if some has managed to root (@d!@bl0) maybe you can dump the rooted image system which we can then flash!
  3. I found a tutorial at xda forums to reinstall windows again. works pretty fine although for the windows I had to use an image I created on my pc sometimes back. Any windows 8.1 or windows 10 image works. Here is the procedure :- 1. Download the remix OS as pointed out by @d!@bl0 from the cloud or stock android from official onda website www.onda.cn. Download the v3 windows image (must have) on the same site. Both links will direct you to baidu.com. use JDownloader to grab the downloads if you don't have an account! 2. prepare USB disk and format as fat32, extract the files to the root of the USB, connect to gadget via OTG and flash via bios "internal efi device" 3. once the remix OS is done with install and is booting up, remove the flash disk and make a windows bootable drive using Rufus and the windows image you downloaded above. choose "Gpt partition scheme for uefi", fat32 formating for file system and New Volume Label is "WINPE". 4. flash disk to OTG again, back to the bios, choose your disk on boot manager. 5. files start loading, 6. keep on hitting "Ctrl+c" to cancel the operation and when presented with a cancel option question choose "y" and Enter 7. you got a command prompt now. it's time to partition the disk (android installer clears windows partition!) 8. type 'diskpart' 9. type 'list disk' 10. select your main disk mostly disk 0 'select disk 0' 11. type 'list partition' windows partition are the last 3 (partition 12 - 14). if they exist delete them with select partition 12 delete partition select partition 13 delete partition select partition 14 delete partition *** if they don't exist, let's meet at step 12! 12. type the following commands following each other create partition msr size = 128 format quick fs=ntfs create partition primary size = 45500 format quick fs=ntfs label ="Windows" assign letter ="W" create partition primary size = 800 format quick fs=ntfs label="Recovery" assign letter ="R" set id =" gpt attributes =0x8000000000000001 DONE! if you now check your partitions 'list partition' you will see 14 partitions. don't you dare touch android partitions (1 - 11)! 13. exit diskpart. type 'exit' 14. exit cmd 'exit' Now you have the windows partitions all ready. Grab a windows ISO image (I prefer win 10) and use Rufus to create a bootable drive. use the same settings {Gpt partition scheme for uefi", fat32 formating for file system and New Volume Label is "WINPE".} 15. back to bios, boot manager, your USB drive, follow the normal windows install like on PC, Choose custom install, select you windows partition (the biggest) and wait for the process to finalize. 16. Touch drivers get them from @d!@bl0 cloud. the other drivers I had backed up using driver magician. let me know if you need me to upload. 17. download "InsyderQ2S" to assist you in switching between the two OSes! NOW HEAD OVER TO THE ORIGINAL THREAD CREATOR USING LINK BELOW AND THANK THE DUDE!! Xda link
  4. Tried booting from file with no positive results. I have the stock android lollipop installed. I tried flashing both the "old boot.img" and "boot.img" from your cloud and all returned this error on Cmd and the attached error on tablet screen " FAILED (remote: Flash failure: Not Found)"
  5. Hi @D!@bl0, I know you and windows are a bit parallel but I got a problem over here. I booted the obook 20 to Ubuntu via USB and while checking around the various disks opened the build.prop just to read the properties. No changes made. Now the Android partition won't just boot.Tried flashing boot.img via fastboot but get an error of no partition found! Is there a way to recover android without tampering with windows partition? And if I flashed android using intel manufacturing tool on DnX mode will these mess with windows? Thanks
  6. Ivansu

    ROM backups & custom recoveries

    Hi, I have the V919 but don't seem to get it right in flashing to the obook10 system. How do I go about it? Thanks
  7. Ivansu

    Boot problem with Obook 10 V5

    Hi there, I think I may have messed up with my obook 10 v5. I flashed the remix OS for v3 and know am stuck on that Intel boot animation. Have tried reflashing the stock android firmware I was using with no luck. The closest I see of v5 stock android firmware for the v5 is on baidu.com but I don't have a Chinese phone number to register. Any help please