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  1. I have additional question. 1, May I use V919 firmware to v819w V1 hardware? 2, Or, it has the same firmware install procedure except for the file? 3, I hope to install bios at first, not bios update. Because image install is failed and only shell prompt are shown after boot. Are there any installation file?
  2. Thanks, but your link says 404, file not found. BŁĄD 404 - Strona nie znaleziona Strona o adresie http://dev.ondaforum.com/develop/V919 3G Air Dual OS/Blandroid/Flashing Instructions in English.pdf nie istnieje na tym serwerze.
  3. Are there any firmware for onda v819w v1? My tablet cannot boot bios now.
  4. After power button pressed, there are following message. |Press ESC in x seconds to skip startup.nsh, any other key to continue. |Shell> However, 1, this mode cannot detect my usb keyboard. 2, cannot detect usb hub(both 2.0 and 3.0). 3, press volume down with power button cannot boot bios too. What should I do at this situation?