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  1. may sombody link to that firmware. My chinese is a bit rusty. I guess you (same for me b.t.w.) need the 32bit version of the firmware then.
  2. Hermann Hehn

    Unable to flash Android

    Same with me. I do have the same tablet and asked for the correct Firmware. I learned, that the "ch" Firmware was wrong. Hence bootloop. Win10 still works. http://www.ondaforum.com/topic/62755-firmware-needed/
  3. Hermann Hehn

    Firmware needed

    I have the following Tablet: V919 Air, SN: P919LBG3V9B00200. This is the golden ONDA, with dual boot and Win10 on the other side. I dont have 3G I stuck in a Android boot loop, but I can go in fastboot. Win10 does work. I am searching for the right firmware (hoping to leave Windows as it is) I found so far, but even this is V5 where I seems to have V9: Thanks for your help