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  1. Hello, a month ago i changes some settings in the uefi and now the tablet dont start, i wanna reinstall bios so i can reinstall windows, because right now dont give any screen, not even the bios-uefi screen, and i dont want lose this tablet, someone can help me?
  2. Hi i got a onda obook 20 tablet with windows 10 (i delet android) some few days ago i enter to the uefi settings and change some graphic settings and now dont start, even dont show the onda logo when i turn on just get black screen, i cant enter to the uefi, i need some help to reset the uefi settings or reinstall the system
  3. Diego Quinteros

    Blind BIOS Reset to Default for oBook 20

    Same problem, i try plugged to my tv with the micro hdmi and dont give screen, someone can help me?