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  1. Hi guys. Looking for some help. I bought this onda tablet you are talking about (919v Air CH) and when I bought it, it was stuck on the windows install at 64%, and at 67%, it would reboot and do the same thing over and over. So, I bought an powered USB hub and the guy I bought tablet from gave me a micro usb adapter that has 2 female usb and one female micro usb connectors. i managed to reinstall windows 10 and ended up with same problem. touch screen didn't work, no wifi, no sound. so, i then downloaded the drivers to the usb drive i used to install windows and windows began to find the drivers and install most of them, but gave me the windows was unable to install message for the wifi, sound and a couple of other things. also, the battery keeps dying on me so it's been a long, aggravating process. so, after the last driver that was installed, the batter died again, so i charged it up a bit and started it up but now it is stuck on the onda logo screen and the little loading circle and won't boot into windows. so, i figured i would start the windows install over by booting into the bios to tell it to boot to the usb stick, but now the bios won't even recognize my usb stick or keyboard anymore via the powered usb hub! UGH! Now I'm really stuck! Any suggestions???