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  1. With the help of download manager JDowloader2 luckily I've downloaded both 1. V820W_DUALOS_V5_TH2_20160115.part1.rar 2. V820W_DUALOS_V5_TH2_20160115.part2.rar from baidu servers, no more "server error 403" warnings, in the process I solved captchas 5-6 times. So, if anyone needs them, both files by @Colin5619 are still available Probably it would be a good idea to upload them to a more friendly server, in English.
  2. Here the link http://www69.zippyshare.com/v/12Hq2haB/file.html I think these drivers were originally downloaded from this Onda Forum (I have a still non solved problem booting my V820W V7 in Windows 10, so this is why I collect some drivers) Inside there are some instructions, in Spanish in the .doc in Spanish it's said that touch driver should be installed not through device manager, but through install.bat (you can always verify .bat files renaming them to .txt) good luck
  3. Hi dear, I have downloaded from a spanish forum the drivers for v820w (V1 or V3, not sure) windows 8.1 if you are interested I can upload the drivers for you
  4. Hi @Krzysiek I've recently bought an Onda V820W Dual OS (Windows 10 + Android 4.4) , submodel V7 (according to digits in S/N), 2GB/32GB Unfortunately I've tried to restore Windows to factory with no luck, the restoring process stucks in an endless loop at 64-67% of Windows installation. According to Colin5619's reply in this post it seems that the image for V5 works for V7 as well. The files are: 1. V820W_DUALOS_V5_TH2_20160115.part1.rar 2. V820W_DUALOS_V5_TH2_20160115.part2.rar 3. V820W 双系统 android固件V5版本-20150702.rar I copied the links to my download manager , but there is a warning "server error 403" so nothing downloads, also my browser doesn't download the files with the provided links, probably the files are not longer available at baidu.com Please reupload the 3 mentioned files. Android is working well Thanks for your kind attention Luisa1997
  5. luisa1997

    Installing Windows Loop

    @strica it looks that you solved your problem, after reading this
  6. luisa1997

    Installing Windows Loop

    After trying to restore factory Windows exactly the same happens to me with a new v820w V7 tablet, from 64% up to 67% and so on in an endless loop. Only Android works.