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  1. Thanos Atha

    Boot from SD-Card or flash a ROM with PhonixCard

    Hello, I have eSTAR MID 7818 mini. It's all started when in the day I brought the device, it was saying '<this app> has stopped', '<that app> has stopped'. I didn't mind this, but after a month it started saying that all the time (with popup windows) not leaving me to be able to tap anything and can use it.... For some months I got it, using factory reset almost every day. Then I thought that rooting the tablet might solve the problem. After rooting and using the device well, the next day suddenly in a reboot it stucked on bootloop..!?! Reading how to fix bootloop, I tried to flash a custom recovery, after installing all the ADB drivers (there are not exist for the same model), but it said 'install aborted' (error from system recovery). I tried this from PC, too! Also, with many ROM firmware images and files, many other recoveries and with help of many different guides and programs.... A month ago the system recovery ended (it doesn't shows it at all). The tablet does not showing anything... Any combination of buttons (home & power buttons only exist) is useless. It can't be recognized by PC or ADB (and does not have recovery at all now),,...!?!... I believe that flashing SD using PhonixCard could fix the "dead - bricked" device. Does the tablet needs custom recovery??? Can I flash a stock or official ROM from other model or brand??? Does SD 8GB works??? Thanks.