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  1. After getting no support for this tablet (not a moan about this forum) I decided it was time to sell mine on.. Lost a few pound in selling it but it was frustrating to have a device that you just could not (I never found out) restore to factory status,, I'm sure there is a recovery partition on the SSD but no idea how to activate it. Pity; there's a lot going for it.. screen was very nice. Lesson.. buy something with at least some support.. I just bought a Lenovo Yoga.. lost for choice on support yet not expensive if you get refurb model with 12 month warranty. Anyway thanks to the host of the forum.. and adios.
  2. Grazuncle

    Net Adapter Obook 20 plus

    I had a similar problem. Something I couldn't get working. Microphone in my case. A reset of Windows cured that. However you may need to reinstall the OS switcher afterwards. Might be worth a try?
  3. update: at present i can have windows 10 working fine with microphone and speakers (along with everything else working) but no option to got to Android. As soon as I load the OS switcher (which does put an icon on the desktop and works flawlessly in and out of android ) I lose the microphone function. It still works in Android as expected. If I sell the oBook 20 Plus I will have to sell it with this knowledge or forget the android option completely. i.e. sell it as a Windows only tablet, but everything works. Possible I could have the wrong Q2 file for the OS switching? I don't know for sure. Also, i'm not really sure, not having used the mic much in Windows, if it 'ever' worked out of the box. Perhaps other can tell me. PS Windows is on Feature update 1803 a couple of weeks ago. Might help someone else in their research.
  4. I got the file from a download on this site and i did get the switching icon back and it does work.. I can get into Android and back easily now. However the solution i posted earlier saying i got my speakers and Microphone working through a complete reset of Win 10 again has now gone back to no microphone again following the OS switch install. The Audio drivers Windows put in itself worked this morning but have now been upset by the OS switching installation. Any ideas where to get working drivers for the microphone.. The Microphone is not even showing as hardware now... even in 'not working' status.
  5. I need to get the OS switching file for Win 10 Q2S_x86.msi for oBook 20 to enable OS switching apparently. Any idea where i can get the file.. is it generic across onda dual boot models or do you need the specific one? Thanks
  6. I'm getting somewhere with my oBook 20 now but see i have lost the desktop icon to switch tablet to Android any idea how to get the app switcher back? thanks
  7. Grazuncle

    Onda obook 20 audio issues

    Well... In desperation I decided i'd try 'another' reset of Win 10.. As before I did a complete reset. kept nothing at all; but the microphone would not work on booting up.. It just said no available. After a week of trying to find out how to fix it.. I decided to try a reset again this morning. I could not sit there waiting so went out...Just came back and there is the select a language page... after a couple of clicks Cortana started asking for for answers to basic questions. I just blurted out Yes or No depending on the question and WOW.. it actually heard me!!!!!! No wanting to get ahead of myself I thought I'd better subdue my enthusiasm till it actually finished the whole set up.. And yes it it working fine. So... worth a try and re-installing a second time.. Not a real fix in that sense.. but there is hope at least.
  8. Hi all. As i cant get my oBook 20 to see its own microphone.. I want ot re-install the drivers. I downloaded all of them from a site mentioned here for oBook 20. Tried a few buy get message should be for x64 Don't know which drivers to use off the list. Help? I'd remove the existing one (which windows says is already the best) but don't know where it is located.
  9. Hi all. As i cant get my oBook 20 to see its own microphone.. wondering if a blue tooth speaker/microphone would work? The only 'cheap' blue tooth microphone only as for karaoke! the microphone is down as Psy-c enabled but not working
  10. Hi Tony I got the files and extracted them ok.. Did that not happen for you.. the file is a .rar until extracted. I was going to try to re-install the audio drivers till the battery went on the oBook 20 and shut down.. Trying later
  11. Grazuncle

    obook 20 Plus User Manual

    i only got a generic start up booklet with my boxed tablet.. not really specific to the oBook 20 Plus, at all. I'm trying to find out where the microphone is situated.. there is one.. it works in Android more but not Win10
  12. Grazuncle

    Onda obook 20 audio issues

    me too. I'd re-install it myself if i knew where to get it from. Please help.
  13. Grazuncle

    obook 11 wiifi driver and sound driver

    Hi.. it seems to be a Win update problem. I think it worked before, although didn't use it much to remember accurately. I have lost the microphone function on my oBook 20. wifi works ok though. If i boot into android, the microphone works fine. So there is one.. goodness knows where it is) I can't sell it easily with this not working.. I'm looking help too. :(
  14. Hi all. just for info.. I have re-installed Win 10 and Android Lollipop on my oBook 20 Plus. I rarely go into android but one the rare occasion I always get confused on how to get a boot back into Win 10.. Tip: if you drag your finger down from the top of the Android screen you will see an item you can click on . Switch OS. touch that and it restarts the tablet back into Win 10. Fortunately with my refresh of Win 10 it put a the switch icon, back on the desktop.. Switch to Android... so no problem there.
  15. Ok.. after a little thought: I booted up the Android OS and installed Chrome which has a microphone input in the search bar.. it workred... very well!. Now i just need to find out how to enable the mic (wherever it is) in Windows mode. HELP please.