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  1. Please, The two files below. When i download the files, above of 600mb the connection closes and wont resume. Can you upload on mirror like Yandex please. I Tried with various OS and various Browsers, the problem persists. V820w_v1.part1.rar Reupload V820w_v1.part2.rar Reupload
  2. natao2008

    Error on downloading

    Hello, You could help me, I am trying to download 2 files on the ondaforum.com website for the Onda V820w tablet, but whenever I put to download the file, close to 500mb the download breaks and it is not possible to resume and continue. I tested on various OS and varios browsers. V820w_v1.part1.rar V820w_v1.part2.rar Did you ever download this file, have it in a mirror?
  3. Pls, can you upload the manual again. The actual link is broken thnks in advance