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  1. little_dragon_JJ

    [V4]Bootable device tree for Onda V989

    This is only my suggestion. You have to build up your full developing environment to access v989 inside (adb, image extraction or repackage etc ..)Study boot sequence for v989. (minimum boot sequence)You have to study how to print for debugging in the boot.img even if you cannot acces via adb. (you can write in the init.rc file of ramdisk)Yout have to check which modules and config files vendor libraries use. (I think your compiled libraries failed linking vendor modules. You have to check compile option and stock kernel magic number etc..)If you have nexus device, it is very easy to port cyanogenmod, you know. Build and flash to the device, that's all. But for the v989. Although some people have already tried to port cm, nobody finish the work yet. Porting is very time-consuming hard work. But many people in this forum have great expectations for your wrok. If your rom (at least) can boot gui, many people can participate to test your roms.
  2. little_dragon_JJ

    [V4]Bootable device tree for Onda V989

    You have to read init.*.rc file first. Dozens of files are written there for booting linux. If you can boot linux, you can access some logs (by adb or your own debug print) which help you. But adding files are not enough to go next stage. (sorry, I don't know what to do next)
  3. little_dragon_JJ

    [V4]Bootable device tree for Onda V989

    I tried your cm11 zip archive. But unfortunately it cannot even boot. I checked your archives. Many essential files ware not included for boot in your archives. Check boot.img inside and follow boot sequence. Anyway, I made a script to flash your file for cwm (not philz). Check the files in zip archive. http://www.mediafire.com/download/7l8q8xwbf4cc6is/cm_orig_test1.zip boot.img <- boot-130815-V4.imgsystem.ext4.tar <- You have to convert tar archive from system-130815-V4.img by using simg/mount/tar etc.. careful to keep permissionsThere is still long long way to go... good luck! P.S. I tried some. I replaced original boot.img and add vendor modules and libs to your archive file. It could boot (of course that's original boot.img), but got many errors. I think files you compiled are not compatible with stock kernel.
  4. little_dragon_JJ

    [V4]Bootable device tree for Onda V989

    For my experience, it seems that the stock lollipop firmware has locked bootloader.(can load only signed boot.img) I coudn't modify boot.img. But I could for firmware 2.1.3. So I suggest you start with firmware 2.1.3. P.S. Philz recovery in this forum uses kitkat based kernel and touch module extract from firm 2.1.0 or 2.1.3 or building from leacked 2.1.0 source.
  5. Some people who are complaining for huge lags forget to flash the BETA-SuperSU-*.zip file.
  6. Sorry... I fixed the link. http://www.mediafire.com/download/v14n8d7j58y1a1a/xposed-v65-sdk21-arm-mod-v989.zip
  7. I cannot flash xposed-v65-sdk21-arm.zip with the same problem. (it was possible for earlier xposed version) Philz touch recovery returns sdk 19, because the script reads properties from running cwm kernel. It needs modification with a file in xposed-v65-sdk21-arm.zip. So I made modified zip xposed-v65-sdk21-arm-mod-v989.zip (but be carefull, see my thread )
  8. I uploaded modified framework module version 65 zip file. (see post #1) It works well for my v989 tablet, but be carefull, it cannot return to its original state.
  9. A83T is not faster cpu/gpu, but 2g ram is enough to run most apps without problem. I think it is no problem to use normal use (browsing news web pages or watch 720p videos). If you have problem with google play or system crash, it may be fixed by future update. But if you have problem with slow scrolling or slow typing, these issues come from slow a83T. The v989(not air version) has been better performance on evey firmware updates. Those improvements mainly comes from libraries(drivers) of PowerVR gpu which is provided from Imagination Technology. Becuase PowerVR g6000(rogue) series is still development. But PowerVR SGX544 is very old with no chance for update. So it is difficult to improve peformance by Allwinner's firmware updates.
  10. A83T SoC has slow (but good battery saving) cortex-a7 processors with old powervr gpu. In terms of performance, it is comparable with tegra2(cortex-a9). Intel Z3735F(v919) and intel 3735D(v975) are comparable Tegra4/Snapdragon800/A80T. An advanrage for A83T is price and profitability for Onda/Allwinner.
  11. 1, Is the problem only at Camera app? 2, Do you experience the problem on stock firm? 3, Do you use Xposed framework? 4, Is the problem always on every boot? I experienced censor problem some time on stock firmware, too. I cannot root the cause yet. but the problem occurs at very early stage (kernel loading or before).
  12. What is you hardware version ? V3 or V4?
  13. The cwm recovery is already installed on CreanONDA213. (If you use 210, you have to install cwm by yourself) Choose "settings" -> "backup&reset" -> "Recovery Mode".
  14. I think you didn't flash img file successfully. I's better to flash again with "format" option. And after confirmation no chinese apps, 8g data partiton, then update update1a_213. (but update1a is just english translation for Onda ui)