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  1. Deep Sleep Battery Saver (Ver 2.2) worked very well. I no longer need to turn off the tablet. The battery lasts 3 days on my regular use in the evening. Standby 24 hours consumes 10% battery. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Good evening, I installed this version. What should I do? Can I switch to a different ROM? How can I do it without bricked my tablet? thanks
  3. good evening I'm trying to downgrade the KK version 4.4 beta 2 for BG 4.3 v1.0.9 and got the tablet without work. Black screen. When I wipe data / factory reset appears the following error: Failed to mount / system Did you guys can help? thank you
  4. Where can I buy cable that gives the V975M? Mine does not work!
  5. Where can I buy cable that gives the V975M? Mine does not work!
  6. what kind of HDMI cable should I use to connect to my TV? It is true that a conventional cable is not working?
  7. How do I open up the zip of rom? Excuse my ignorance...
  8. 1) Anyone know of a app that works well with handwriting? I use WritePad and I'm not like 2) Take notes with a Dagi stylus. There are some functional app?
  9. With this rom the battery has a less life time. : (
  10. Mica

    Nova Launcher

    I use GO Launcher EX. But what is the best?
  11. Nice. thanks for share.