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  1. linux geek

    Windows 10

    I'm starting to reuse my V951i v1 Plan to to the resistor mod next week Is there a Windows 10 image or 8.1 only
  2. linux geek

    What to do???

    Sadly I'm also in a similar situation that it's junk because of poor software support the hardware is still good Anyway to flash windows on a v1
  3. linux geek

    poor wifi meter

    Thanks Was just logging on to say I'd done exactly that Moving channels on the WiFi has sorted all my WiFi problems Next doors was on the same channel and in one room the signal amplitude overlapped causing the issue The symptoms were similar to other threads appeared logged in but lost signal
  4. linux geek

    poor wifi meter

    Ive noticed that the wifi bar only ever drops my one bar no matter how bad the wifi is so some times it appears to have a good signal but thing start appear to lock up when Ive looked at my phone its showing little conection is there a way to correct this ? think this could be the reason that some are having probems with wifi
  5. hi there I took the plunge and updated my v975i to the lateset 1.06 but now everyting is in chinese and have no clue how to get it back to English can some kind multi lingual people tell me the menu route its ok found it from this http://www.wikihow.com/Change-the-Language-in-Android