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  1. Admin Krzysiek, created and monitors this file request thread   link ... 

    He is working hard to address all file requests posted to this thread ...



  2. Onda official downloads are using Baidu. ... http://www.onda.cn/Search.aspx?keyword=&ch=0 currently 20 pages This is not official Onda support site ... this is Onda owners group
  3. RobV

    Are there...

    Stane Definitely interested ... mine are v1 .... I seldom visit this site ... this could bring me back more often Thank you RobV
  4. Sorry to read of your file download issues  ... I no longer upload or maintain previously uploaded files on this site.

    I left this site 2 years past ... As a courtesy I recently attempted downloading various files  ... It appears the Admin has moved the file server ( files may be stored on a different server ) .. IT APPEARS files are no longer stored on the url file server to where they were last relocated  .... 

    I suggest you contact the site Admin ( Krzysiek  )   .... Admin will need to change the " download this file "  link .


    Thank you all for the love you have shown, I wish you all the best  .

  5. PEOPLE ...

    My BS barometer has exploded ...







  6. Below is informational link to early posts ... many of recent PM requests for help is covered by one or more of these early site posts . ...

     I have left this site nearly 2 years ago. ...  


    Thank you for your trust.  

    Please review Discussion group(s) for device owner published support requests and information.

    Download files are located on the DOWNLOAD server. ... see " Downloads " beneath banner at top of page.... Select Category .... Select file ... ( new users limited to 1 file every 24 hours or so. ....)  Use the " Download this file " button to download file ... NOTE Down arrow icon will down vote the file and uploader reputation.   ALSO NOTE posting a report should contain remarks as to why you are reporting file ... file download will be disabled or file may be removed due to multiple " reports ". ... If / When files are removed,  pre-existing links remain  ... Pre-existing links will return error due to non existent file.


    Thank all who continue to help others and those that acknowledge their efforts. 



  7. Hi Rob, how are you?

    I recently purchased a Onda V891w CH at Aliexpress, and I wan't do do a clean install of Windows 10(The version it came with) cause I simply cannot install anything else in it due to the lack of space, but I just can't find the correct files to download since my version is V1a, according to my SN. All I find here is downloads for Version 5(V5B). Can you please help me indicating where I can find and download those files?

    Thank you very much in advance.


    1. RobV



      I left this site nearly 2 years ago ... about the time the " CH " CPU's were released to manufacturer.

      PLEASE NOTE ... " CH " designation is a different device model ( NOT same as v891 dual OS or the v891w )


      Any CH device firmware etc. were uploaded and placed in the miscellaneous directory ...  

      Windows 10 is currently on it's 3rd revision ( Anniversary edition )

      try win 10 " TH2 " version = November  Win 10 2nd revision release



      Win 10 device driver package ... try ( v820w CH ) any CH package ... same CH series main board is used in most all CH device series of the same age group.  



      ALSO .. it is recommended to use Onda release version of the MediaCreation Tool ( 32 or 64 bits ) ...  for making the USB stick bootable ...   create boot able stick , then copy Win install files / folders to the stick.

      I do not remember if this is the Onda version ??   http://www.ondaforum.com/files/category/18-intel/ 


      Good Luck

      I hope this was helpfull

    2. adrianopca


      Hi Robv, I'm really sorry, I didn't know you had left the site. Thank you anyway for your help. I tried what you said and managed to install a clean version of windows 10... Only problem now is the touch which went crazy... I already installed all drivers Ive found here but none worked. If you have any alternative, let me know,pls.



  8. Pasqual Top of page " Downloads " will take you to downloads files server select category, select file .. "download this file " check v975w AND Intel categories ? sub-category ? REMINDER ... New members are limited to 1 file per day download. Standard questions ... Onda version Installation files ? Correct s/n device model assembly version files ( "V2" ) ? Following Onda installation instructions ? btw ... extracted backup copy of drivers for this device model version. Good Luck
  9. RobV

    wifi problem bad work issue ×

    Have you tried going to the proper Chuwi manufacturer support site ? or the Chuwi site, Forums group, etc ?? How to download Chuwi Official Firmware and Tutorial? http://faq.chuwi.com/index.php?action=artikel&cat=13&id=36&artlang=en Good Luck
  10. Download server Intel category .... read available list click file name ( below ) -- click buton " download this file " Hope this helped btw ... files were moved from original download server and location ... with site growth .. Good Luck
  11. Hey Rob, I have an Onda v975s v1 tablet (which was cloned by a Romanian company called Allview) and I've tried all the v1 ROMs uploaded by you, but the wi-fi doesn't work.

    From my understanding is that I need a 3.2 or older ROM for the v1 975s tablet.

    Could you please look and see if you can find it somewhere?

    Thank you

    1. RobV


      I believe this issue was answered in your other direct messages.

      Yours is not Onda device ... period ... any firmware you install is at your own risk.

      Please refer to duckduckgo.com search engine results, as it contains much information and links to other techie sites and some post links containing download links ....  the research is yours .... confirm same CPU, RAM, Storage, Touch panel, Video and Screen.

      WiFi / BlueTooth has always been an issue with these cheap ( disposable ) Chinese devices.

      AFAIK Win 10 drivers were compatible... at the time of release .... Win updates may no longer be operational ( ie: may require you disable device driver automatic updating ).

      Good Luck

  12. How can be sure of the right version of the frimware for my onda tablet


    1. RobV


      Onda Devices all say ONDA on reverside

      Onda serial numbers include model AND hardware assembly version

      EX: v820wxxxV5   NOTE: V# is always the 9th and 10th alpha numeric in the Onda device serial number

      (  Very early on, there was a post explaining the serial number coding for Onda devices only ) 


      Good luck and please confirm your Firmware exactly refers / references to your specific devices



  13. Hello ..i have a problem with my onda v820w windows and android ..i have installed windows . but the problem is it is working like the one on my PC ..no touch screen ..not like the one that came origanally ..

    i have downloaded frimware from onda site V5 ..but i didn't know how to install it ...most instructions in chinese language



    1. RobV


      Please refer to previously replied to eMail of the same questions


      Try using online translator ( Bing or Google or other ) 

      Open instruction file ... copy all   ... paste in box on the left side of Google / Bing translator ... on right side you will see translation ... be sure to select your language on the right side box  ... EVERY FIRMWARE TYPE will have different instructions ( BIOS / Android / Windows )

      Also here .. download server ... somewhere was the translated dual Android / Win 8.x O.S. device installation instructions ...

      here are a couple ideas where to start looking here ...


        PLEASE confirm this is for your exact device model and assembly version

      ex: v820 / v820w, v820 dual, newer models  using the  " CH " or other chipsets may require different instructions than these referenced .... suggest you compare / spot check your d/l instructions to these.


      Good Luck


      I have left this site more than a year ago ... I hope this info was helpful



  14. Hi Rob, I have a V919 3G Air 64GB (s/n P919DCF4V1A02928) with a problem on touch screen. I bought it with windows 10 already installed on. After last windows upgrade (10th anniversary) touch screen started to work strange. It has not able to exacly recognize my finger pressure in the screen. It looks like need to recalibrate, but it didn't affect. No hardware problem, in android way the touchscreen work perfect!!!

    I tried go back to previous windows build, but now I'm not able to find anymore the screen propryeties to try to recalibrate again.

    Now I'm writing to you 'cause I understand you are a serious and preparated member about onda. 

    I'm searching for driver to try to re-install touch screen...may you help me?



    1. RobV



      I do not own this device

      I left this site a year past. Please read  " about me " in my profile.

      RE: Win 10 1607.  If / when a manufacturer provides M.S. with all approved device drivers ... your device will auto update to the current edition of Win 10.

      To my knowledge ...  Onda is not supported.  You would have had to manually install.

      I would suggest you " Roll Back to previous edition " ( Win 15xx  /  Win 1511 ?? )

      OR you could manually check for updates AND drivers  repeatedly ... in hopes it would find a compatible driver for your device touch panel.

      AFAIK ... many devices may require the device be powered down ... then powered up for Windows UPGRADE to complete.   .... After Installing Win 10 1607 ( upgrade O/S ) you may have several updates needed for the upgraded O/S to install the proper device drivers.


      Good Luck

    2. azuredreamer


      Could be usefull to have someone like you again on this forum rob :P

  15. Hi, i'm just asking permission either you are the moderator for Onda V820W DualOS forum.

    I am new member here and recently posted a guide regarding on how to install Windows 10 x64 into Onda V820W V3, well I have fixed windows on my friend's Onda. 

    It seems I couldn't find any Windows 8/10 x64 OS images on Downloads section.  I was looking for this Win10 x64 image for days and found these links on russian website.

    But a member just told me in comment, that those files might be corrupted from actual links. 

    Can you please help me how to upload these 2 files into Downloads section;

    Actual links




    And please rename both files once uploaded as (so it can be identified)




    Thanks for your help,