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  1. Hello,


    I have the following message

    You may only download 3 files at a time. Wait until some of your other downloads have finished, then try again.

    But I don't have active download ?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. mellado



      my tablet is hs, she does not boot anymore.
      I do not need your help anymore.
      Thank you and good day
  2. Hello ..i have a problem with my onda v820w windows and android ..i have installed windows . but the problem is it is working like the one on my PC ..no touch screen ..not like the one that came origanally ..

    i have downloaded frimware from onda site V5 ..but i didn't know how to install it ...most instructions in chinese language

    And how can be sure of the right version for my onda tablet



  3. I had great expectations when I bought my V4 but didn't take long to regret it, too many issues. i ended up buying a Samsung Galaxy TB S2 9.7" and now my V4 buried, R.I.P...!
  4. Don't remember where but it's been discussed in the forums so if you search you will find it. Try ebay, google or AliExpress also.
  5. snyperr

    Otg cable for Onda V989

    I believe it should work.
  6. As Colin suggested, try flashing a newer rom and see if the battery issue goes away and let us know if it helped so others can benefit who may be having a similar issue.
  7. Are you sure this won't mess up the tablet? ("300 or what ever you want")
  8. snyperr

    Boot from SD-Card or flash a ROM with PhonixCard

    Have you tried to re-format the card and then try again?
  9. Welcome to the Forums and thank you for your post! Regarding your battery issue, is your tablet the newer V989 Air or the previous model V989? This issue has been reported previously in the forums so feel free to use the search function and if you can't find your answer let us know and we will try to assist you.
  10. Glad to hear that Colin's help fixed your issue. Please don't forget to thank him by clicking on the green arrow in the post of his that was helpful.
  11. Welcome to the Forums! This has been discussed here in the forums but I believe it was usually resolved by re-booting.
  12. snyperr

    Onda Air A83T future?

    They don't really have a set pattern regarding updates unfortunately so it's always a "wait and see" mode with them. You can keep an eye on the ondabbs website as word always pops up there first but you'll need to translate of course if you don't speak Chinese.
  13. Thank you for volunteering your help, hopefully a Dev will see this and maybe be willing to try.
  14. Please read the description carefully of each custom rom as they will tell you exactly what it contains or been modified.
  15. snyperr

    WoulDoar's Custom ROM for CWM

    Good to hear, thanks for letting us know.