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  1. Hello I installed this ROM and I get two internal storage one of 2 g and another one of 25 gb, when I install applications it does it in the 2gb, how do I get the applications to install in the storage of 25 gb? How can I make them unify and have all the storage of the Tablet? a greeting
  2. stane1983 can you help me? Thanks
  3. Hey there Every time I turn on the tablet takes 10 minutes to boot, gets to optimize applications when you install the first rom .... is there any way around this? a greeting
  4. Thanks...........
  5. Hello I can not add google account, I get an error and returns to the beginning .... you know how I can fix it? My tablet is a V1 A greeting
  6. Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    hello Having the version 0.9.2 to do to upgrade to the new you've put Stan ?? With the upgrade utility that comes with the table? O through the recovery? greetings
  7. Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    Stane1983... How do I install this update on your previous ROM? thanks
  8. Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

  9. Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    Hello. Well I appreciate all the answers and I repeat that seeks the questions but my English is not very good and why not find them .. Thank you all and hope to stane to remove the new version .. Do you know any way to remove the google bar? I have put the apex launcher Thank You a greeting
  10. Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    Well if you've read almost the entire post but have not seen the answers to my questions, I might as not quite understand the whole English thing is I pass, but I think this is a forum and I think to ask and help but hey if instead of telling me to read the whole post you respond to me the questions you had taken the same and I would have done any good ... thanks anyway and waited stane answer me .. a greeting
  11. Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    Hello stane1983 I wanted to ask if you plan to take a rom with lollipop version for our tablet and when. Another thing I wanted to ask you is, can remove your ROM and return to an official in any way? I read that you can not risk-brick ... Could you tell me if you can? And if that is not possible, Are you going to integrate into a version of your ROM? Thank you and I hope your answer
  12. Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    Congratulations Stane , the ROM works ok... Can you include spanish language in the settings? Maybe you can include aroma installer for the google applications...... Thanks
  13. Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    Hi.. When I turn off the screen even if WiFi is turned off to keep on ... you can do something to not disconnect? A greeting www.nosolodjs.com
  14. Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    With that level of battery do the installation? Thank you
  15. Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983