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  1. thats why im asking, i dont know if i can change player in fb app or i dont find the way, any?
  2. sorry but i dont understand, fb plays videos with native player or player we want, can we change player for facebook app? because i can play videos normally with browser but not in facebook, i have same problem blank video when playing and sound or the other way round, any solution then? thanks for response
  3. Not working framework no response in LP
  4. ive found a bug in facebook app no image in videos randomly and no voice no image sometimes i dont know if its related with flash player but i cant see any videos fluently, also in mx player decoder hw+ is not working im on alpha 3, thank you stane
  5. Hi from Canary Islands im petertrol and im here to try to improve my v975m, thanks to everybody for helping
  6. @Ben36 Thanks very much but i have a question whats patch-pie file? is it neccesary for installing? Many people talk about smooth performance of v3 but others tell v4 is better? what do you recommend v3 or v4? Thanks for opinions
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