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  1. Thank you Stane(and others!) for the Roms(and fixes) you have made. 0.9.2 made the tablet very usable. Sold the tablet and bought a chuwi hi8 to play with :-) only $95!! Can't be worse than the v975m :-)
  2. nope... Don't think there will ever be... Stane hasn't got the time and priority(his own right to do so) on this, so I don't expect another rom. Have mine installed on 0.9.2, best rom there is for the tablet. But it is allready 1,5 years old or so.. The hardware is getting older and slower when we breath. So i think i'm selling mine and look for something else.
  3. I think i'm gonna sell my v3 32GB. Who is interested? Living in the Netherlands.
  4. Dude seriously? ? ? Yes and no... Start reading or at least searching in this thread.....
  5. i'm back to 0.9.2. Just because its the most stable on this tablet(better deep sleep etc etc).
  6. At least he could give us a sign of knowing he didnt forgot us Offcource he has a life, so no worries
  7. English please...
  8. Can you upload your build.prop coremania?
  9. Added it in the build.prop. Still bug... Maybe somewhere different?
  10. Haven't tried the beta yet. Still on Alpha 4. I only have interest in a version without the optimised app-bug. So i keep the thread in mind, read the updates etc. Hope it will be solved.
  11. Stane, how is the KK rom development going?
  12. well, i think the setting when you change it to true of false and you cant install an app is pretty sweet allready. It's not like i install an app every day, but the tablet is SOD sometimes and than i like to be the startup time like the shortest i can. Also it's(optimizing apps) causing alot of heat and battery drain. When i must install an app, i will change the setting, reboot, install my app, change setting back again en reboot ;-)
  13. Will also try after work :-) I never asked about a fix, only a workaround, so i don't have to wait like 10 minutes on a boot of the tablet :-) Hopefully this will work. thanks, will let you know.
  14. That isn't a good solution imo. Maybe a bad workaround, but no solution with battery drain.
  15. I think it's because of a gapp which updates in the background after a couple of hours after fresh install.. So the damage is allready done on my tablet.