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  1. Did you unzip the first zip? Inside it has the update zip.
  2. Im sorry my friend, don't waste any more time, send it back.
  3. I wouldn't advise you to stay on v1.0.6 it's too buggy. Best firmware for now is 1.0.5. When you change firmware tablet wipes everything, when you root the tablet you dont have to make a factory reset.
  4. Do not try to change buildprop by changing the lines when the app starts, on the upper right corner there are 3 dots, click and press edit, then change anything, back key when you finish and it will ask to save changes, accept and reboot tablet.
  5. I changed data roaming too and DRM service and everything working well, did i see any difference? don't know but I'm very pleased with the battery. Also added these lines to buildprop, dont know if these made any difference too. ro.HOME_APP_ADJ=1 pm.sleep_mode=1 wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=860 ro.mot.eri.losalert.delay=1000 persist.sys.use_dithering=1 Found here
  6. Try powering off the tablet by holding the power button down and not from the menu. I noticed by holding the power button down to turn off the tablet it really turns off completely. Try and say if it worked for you.
  7. But I have version 1.0.5 and changed time zone and clock works fine showing correct time.
  8. Drake post here where you got stuck, maybe somebody can help you. Or open a new post. Edit: sorry just saw your post on the other thread.
  9. today I opened the tablet and half my apps didn't work, with 1.0.6 installed. Yesterday everything was working. I reinstalled 1.0.6 and still apps not running. going back to 1.0.3. don't know what happened.
  10. i istalled nova and all my apps and games and then run antutu and antutu x. both gave me 30.500.
  11. thanks RobV, didn't know there was a root tool for v975i.
  12. anybody knows if this battery will fit in the v975m? it says its for this tablet. or this? or this?
  13. yes, I already applied it.
  14. how is the battery life guys, same as v975m or better?