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      Intel Super September   09/04/2017

      Intel Super September Top Tablets and 2 in 1 in great prices for example: Jumper 14.0”EZbook 3 Plus for 419$ Teclast 9.7”X98 Plus II for 149$ Chuwi 12.3”SurBook 2 for 419$ and many more, chcek them all in: Intel Super September    


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  1. Ortaver: It seems I was in about the same situation as you were. Part2 = install loop, but Part 3 went through well. instead of small green android i got nothing (I suppose I erased him as well), then screen flashed several times followed by big android with installation progress. It took a while though to get to actualinstallation. I was also able to boot to TWRP from SDcard (bootable SD with recovery.img on it, powered on with vol+ pressed), can you?
  2. Hey, Scibee, you saved my sorry ass. I had to use your NAND Scrub thingy which got me out of trouble, thanks a lot dude