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  1. Yes please and something have ideas about update?
  2. cYpH3r.2oo3 i hope we see a update in near future from you?
  3. We need a last update (bugfix)
  4. stane1983 we very wait update Android 5.0 ROM dow you work on that?
  5. cYpH3r.2oo3 do you plane new update in nearest future?
  6. What about 0.0.5 update? Can we wait interesting things or bugfix?
  7. cYpH3r.2oo3 How soon we can wait update to v0.0.4 Great thanks for ROM and your work
  8. UPDATE please
  9. Stane1983 How go work with new update? (bugfix) just asking when about it wait?
  10. stane1983 how go work with update? Do you work on KK Rom or on Android 5.0 Rom?
  11. Hope people support you with coin now i work on that
  12. stane1983 do you work on update? (bugfix for ROM)