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      Intel Super September   09/04/2017

      Intel Super September Top Tablets and 2 in 1 in great prices for example: Jumper 14.0”EZbook 3 Plus for 419$ Teclast 9.7”X98 Plus II for 149$ Chuwi 12.3”SurBook 2 for 419$ and many more, chcek them all in: Intel Super September    


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  1. SciBee is fantastic! He's top onda specialist and really can help! Great man. SciBee, thank You one more time...
  2. What is the address for return bricked tab to onda-tablet?
  3. I also have no success with unbrick, where to send bricked tablet? I bought at onda-tablet but no response from them.....
  4. Thanks, unfortunately no acion with described sd cards. Only PC recognizes tablet, aml process ends up, but green robot is not appearing
  5. What is the price for unbrick v975m with online/mail assist? My tablet's screen is black all the time, alm recognizes connected tablet. No green robot appears. Who can help and wants to earn some money?