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  1. Write back with your Model number and someone may be able to help you.
  2. Colin5619

    Determination Tabletversion

    Any ROM for the 989 A80 version 3 is suitable for you Tablet.
  3. Colin5619

    Obbok 11 Plus Android??

    http://onda.cn/Services.aspx. Use chrome so it will translate.
  4. This is a User only forum, nothing to do with Onda.. Use Chrome browser and go to www.ondabbs.cn, or Onda.cn there's lots of helpful stuff there. the Chrome browser will translate the Chinese.
  5. Colin5619

    V820W V7 Image?

    I posted the URL for the image, use the high speed download
  6. Colin5619

    Windows donĀ“t start

  7. Colin5619

    V820W V7 Image?

    Try. http://onda.cn/Tablet_Supports.aspx?id=342
  8. Colin5619

    LeTV Leeco Le 2 Pro X625 Helio x25 custom ROM

    there are a few custom Roms out there, apparently the 620 ROM should be OK as well in ur phone, take a look at these two sites. http://www.leeco.re/forum/140-mtk-x25-rom/ https://devs-lab.com/download-letv-official-stock-rom.html#Le_2_Pro_Stock_ROM
  9. Colin5619

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the Forum William, enjoy your tablet and stay.
  10. I bought a Google Pixel C. my 989 is for my grandkids
  11. You have downloaded the WRONG ROM. You need a 989 AIR Rom. The one you downloaded is for the A80T SOC. The 989 Air uses the A83 Soc.
  12. http://www.onda.cn/Tablet_Supports.aspx?id=341