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  1. İ power up thed tablet via usb cable connected to my pc , nothing ! Still onda logo on the screen... when i hold power and volume + the pc recognize the tablet as an android composit device ... i already tryed to set defults settings when intel mft stop at 10 % nothing happen
  2. i have to put the tablet via otg cable into a powered usb hub ( wall powered or not ? ) , also with a keyboard and usb stick having a recovery image, all together ... and after this i power up the tablet ? to see bios screen, the tablet must be connected to tv ? thats all i under stand , is this correct ? And the rom flashing will be after all this , ok ?
  3. thre is the config.txt : BYTFlashMode = true #set to false if you are not running TestOS DetectTestOS = false #ignore if not using TestOS TestOSVID = 8087 TestOSPID = 0A64 DetectCompletedOS = false CompletedOSVID = 8087 CompletedOSPID = 0A5F #(if you are not flashing FQC, the prompt to remove the device will be delayed by this many seconds #after Windows detects completed AOS device. If installing FQC, the tool will wait for this long before installing FQC) #adjust as needed, if the prompt comes before AOS is fully booted CompletedOSBootTime = 40 CheckBatteryVoltage = false MinBatteryVoltage = 3700000 CyclicalFlashingEnabled = true FQCFlashEnabled = false FQCFileNameAPK = FQC_v2.4.2.apk FQCFileNameXML = SystemTestConfig.xml InstallAdditionalAPKEnabled = false AdditionalAPK1 = file1.apk AdditionalAPK2 = file2.apk #default is 250 ms FastbootCmdSleepTime = 150 What i have to do with this file , copy-paste without change ?or not , or i must to change some things ?
  4. i tryed everything ... also what you say on the upper of this topic, but nothing change ! maybe the bios is gone completly ? İ am stiil on the ONDA logo, i can see my tablet on "windows device manager " as an android interface, its ok. İ can communicate with this via " fastboot " on the adb sdk tool ... intel flash tool ...recognize my tablet also, ok .... But i dont under stand ...İ have to copy-paste " custome configuration " file into windows / programs/intel/ inetel manifacturer tool path ?! or not if yes do i change some vid and pid into this file ? or not ? any body can help me ? pls
  5. Hello, i tryed everthing that i saw in this platform and also on the net.The tablet stay still on "onda " logo and dont boot. İntel tool fastboot can recognize the tablet but at all times when i try to flash with adt abd command line , there is always " error " about some time " could not load android _info. txt : no such or file directory " or " nor ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT set " . This image when i try with manifacturer tool (intel) Where is the mistake ? Where and how i do some error ?
  6. i have this message " ERROR : Port 0/0/7 #0: IFW flash failed - SN : MedfieldD8713F9E " and the brush tool stoped to 5 % , failure... how can i do ...?
  7. Have you resolved the problem ? if yes, how did you pls ?
  8. no flash completed, i tryed with manifacturer brush tool and in the % 5 was failure. i tryed also with win32 disk image program into a U disk and so micro sd card ...Nothing change. in the back of the onda tablet i see xxxxxV2 xxxx as S/N number. When i pull on the volum + and power the pc recognize onda tablet attached with usb cable but when i do this volume - and power ,stay also in tablet onda logo but the pc dont recognize ... is there any other technics to flash a rom for this bricked onda ?
  9. hi, how can i flash a new rom to onda v975i ? i need a flashing tool and instruction ...thank you
  10. < Without hardware “ fix “ , after flashing BIOS = NO tablet Screen > : my tablet is in this mod in this case what can i do ? my tablet is still " bricked " :-( can i try again to flash the bios or install android rom ? thank you for help
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