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  1. Ano11

    Burned transistor

    Great, congratulations!!
  2. Ano11

    Burned transistor

    Good luck! I will keep my fingers crossed for you ;-) EDIT 17 jan, 2015: Yesterday I removed a 40 pin chip with a hot air gun. I had never used hot air before, but this is convenient and easy!! I stronly recommend doing that when replacing your chip.
  3. Hi there, In the past few days I have been experimenting with some custom ROMs, and eventually I wanted to go back to stock ROM using the USB burning tool [btw, this is the easiest way to go back to stock rom, no matter what rom you were using before]. However, at some point in time the tablet was not detected correctly anymore by the PC ("Unknown device" or nothing at all, no matter what I tried), charging still worked fine. Then I thought: maybe the micro USB socket has been damaged, and looking at it with a magnifying glass I saw one of the pins had gotten loose from the black inside plastic and was bent. So I looked at the micro USB Type B receptacle I could find at the Farnell website (a large electronics manufacturer) and ordered three sockets that looked like the one that is inside the tablet. After receiving them I soldered out the orginal one and, yes, one of the socket I ordered fit perfectly: FCI 10103593-0001LF MICRO USB, 2.0 TYPE B, RECEPTACLE, TH (only EUR 0.66). Here it is: http://uk.farnell.com/fci/10103593-0001lf/micro-usb-2-0-type-b-receptacle/dp/2293751?ost=2293751&selectedCategoryId=&categoryName=All+Categories&categoryNameResp=All+Categories http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1688103.pdf I soldered in the new one and yes, my tablet is detected again!! But to do it you need a steady hand, a magnifying glass, desoldering braid (litze, wick) and a very fine tip on your soldering iron (I use the Weller PT-S7 tip, the smallest one I could find, 370°C 0,4 mm). And be more careful than I was, eventually I used a small screw driver to lift the old socket, but the screwdriver slipped and I partially dislocated a small smd component close to the socket...took a lot of effort to solder it in place again (and you are never completely sure it is all right). I still need an Onda micro USB cable (with longer plug), but that is not because the socket is different to other devices, but because the plastic casing sit in the way. If you use a sharp knife to remove some of the plastic, also other cables will work well on the tablet.
  4. That sounds great ps0foula! Do you mean you just deleted the file root\system\app\TelephonyProvider.apk? That's the only one I can find, there is no "telephony.apk" to be found, at least not in my ROM version (v0.04). Thanks for your reply!
  5. Ano11

    Burned transistor

    Keep as posted! Do you do the soldering yourself? You must use a magnifying glass and a very fine tip then. If replacing the SY280 does not solve the problem, you could also replace the RN5T618 (maybe EUR 10?). But with these many pins I guess that requires a different soldering technique. Taking it out is the easiest part I guess. Some people do the re-soldering by using an amount of flux and then rapidly moving the soldering iron across all pins, that should prevent short-circuiting between pins. On youtube there are several movies on this.
  6. Hi there, I have been running Stane1983's ROM for a long time, but I often had an "SOD", the tablet hang during sleep. Therefore I installed cyph3r2oo3's v 0.04 ROM. This is what I did to get rid from Stane1983's ROM: first I returned to stock ROM (2GB) using USB Burning tool, then I installed Rozaks ROM (4G) using the stock recovery, then I installed cyph3r2oo3's v 0.04 ROM using TWRP. Then I set DPI to 320 (stock value) and restored the volume buttons of the navigation bar (ro.statusbar.volume=true). Installing another wallpaper was no problem, as long as I did it through Settings\Display\Wallpaper. Then I restored all my apps using Titanium Backup. I noticed some problems with WiFi not waking up after sleep, but I solved that with the "Better WiFi on/off" app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.asksven.betterwifionoff&hl=en), no WiFi switches up while going into sleep and wakes up again. The battery use (while sleeping with WiFi off) is 7% in during 7,5 hours of sleep, so I think that's fine. There is one remaining problem with the "navigation bar": it does not automatically hide when I run a full screen map or play a video. Does someone know how to resolve this? Thanks!
  7. Ano11

    Burned transistor

    So it looks like "C0" or "CO" is crucial. What about this: the SY280 from Silergy (Low Loss Power Distribution Switch). See the datsheet here: http://www.s-manuals.com/pdf/datasheet/s/y/sy6280_silergy.pdf The datasheet says: "Top mark: COxyz (Device code: CO, x=year code, y=week code, z= lot number code)". A picture like http://www.aliexpress.com/item-img/SY6280-SMD-SOT23-5-from-the-sale-of-a-new-high-quality-YGBDT/32467634138.html?spm=2114.12010108.100005.6.ksXnEl looks familiar to me! Then it also makes sense Vrachos and me both found different markings. Please let us know if you succeed in repairing the tablet now! How did I find this info/these links? Just by smart Googling ;-)
  8. Ano11

    Burned transistor

    Hi there jamarjan, Are you still looking for replacement theat burnt out component? I just had a look at it: it is definietly not a conductor, must be some sort of semiconductor. It's got 5 pins that are connected to the pcb. Mine (V975M v4) says: C03YA
  9. Ano11

    Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    Well, the name is "ViPER4Android 音效 FX版 For 4.X", the 4.x meaning it is for Android 4.x. The version I use is actually, I confirm it is working. Maybe later versions work as well. If the is not available in the Play store, then use Google and download the apk file.
  10. Ano11

    Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    Hint: you can also try it yourself and see which one works and then post it, only 4 options are offered. When booting up, "A9" is shown which is the processor type. So only two options left now, with and without NEON (whatever that may be). Choose "Cortex A9/15 with NEON" and it will work. Look in the ViPER options how to activate it on boot. Besides using Google, it is a very good quality to try yourself first before asking ;-)
  11. Ano11

    Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    Well, which part is not clear? Actually I restored the original volume settings and now play with the volume using "ViPER4Android FX For 4.X". Very nice app! Install the right driver and it works.
  12. Ano11

    Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    I use "Better Wifi on/off" for that. See
  13. Ano11

    Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    Can you please tell me what app (?) you used for actively inviting the stick? Thanks! I just ordered an Asus Miracast Dongle to test.
  14. Ano11

    Onda V975m ROM by Stane1983

    Hi there, I just tested screen casting ("Enable wireless display") with Stane1983's 0.9.2 firmware version, in combination with a Microsoft Miracast stick. Unfortunately, I could not get it working. The tablet connected to the Miracast stick (it shows "connected" on the tablet screen), but no picture on the television :-(