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  1. Thanks Little_Dragon! I've finally got lollipop with SuperSU and Update 1f running. I'm running Win 10 which may have been causing most of my problems. I won't bother detailing all the issues I had because they've all been mentioned before. But for others having problems I'd just like to suggest the following: To flash V989 Core8_v5.0_v4-test.cwm don't even consider using OndaSuite or PhoenixSuite. Go straight to the PhoenixCard solution detailed by Rotaglide in: http://www.ondaforum.com/topic/2022-boot-from-sd-card-or-flash-a-rom-with-phonixcard/ . On my Win 10 PC I used PhoenixCard_V3.1.0_20130618 available at: https://androidmtk.com/download-phoenixcard-tool To avoid the CWM error mounting /external_sd format your SD card with the formatter available from the "SD Association" at: https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/eula_windows/index.html Copy SuperSU and Update 1f to this formatted card and then install them with CWM from recovery mode.
  2. Can someone confirm if all the Android 5 roms have greater than 2 Gbyte internal drive. Thanks!
  3. r_davey

    need help with ondasuite

    I tried a reinstall of OndaSuite and then there was an entry in the "Programs and Features" so I immediately did an Uninstall from that panel and it seemed to work as it removed the entry from the "Programs and Features" but the OndaSuite directory remained and the program would still start up. Your help is greatly appreciated Robin
  4. r_davey

    need help with ondasuite

    This has nothing to do with the original problem but seems to to fit the title "Need Help with OndaSuite" Could someone tell me how to remove OndaSuite from my Win 7 PC. There is no entry in "Programs and Features" Panel. I can find nothing in the Program Files/OndaSuite directories that looks like a deinstall / uninstall procedure. Your help is greatly appreciated Robin
  5. Maybe it isn't such a bad thing. With everything going to 5Ghz maybe 2.4Ghz will become the less congested frequency.
  6. Would that be a true hardware limitation or just Onda's choice with their OS variant? It's hard to believe that in 2014 they would be using early 2000 hardware. I could find no threads on the topic but I found several references to it being used in other treads on unrelated topics.
  7. Does the V989 support 5Ghz wifi? Mine has never seen the service offered by my router which is seen by all of my other devices.
  8. Thanks Rotaglide. I was about to send this tablet back but tried your suggestion and replaced the Onda Desktop with Google Now Launcher and now I love this thing. I even seemed to have lost all the Chinese apps that I couldn't get rid of. The Top Apps one was particularly frustrating but it is now gone.