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  1. First thing, this tutorial is directed for newbies like me, who does not have much idea about this kind of stuff and are just new to this forum. When I first came to this forum with my new Onda tablet I was so lost about the process to install a new firmware in it, so I found a guide to do the process with PhoenixSuit. It was so easy and I did it in less than 10 minutes. I hope it will be helpful for those others wondering how to do this process. This is the link: http://androidxda.com/use-phoenix-suit-flash-firmware Remember, you don't must connect your tablet to the computer until you get to step 4 Also, once you are in the step 7 you can release the volume up/down button That is it guys. I hope it will help some of you who don't have any idea how to update the firmware of your tablet. PS: Sorry my english, my first language is spanish, I am just learning english.
  2. Version


    Brush tool.zip V698 4G models V1.0.7 firmware Brush Pack File size: 463MB Update: 2014-09-25 Description: 1 optimization algorithm to improve the speed and accuracy of GPS positioning. Note: 1, this Brush Pack for machine brush package, should be used with Brush tool, connected to a computer operating Brush, apply only to boot the machine or system failure occurs use. 2, machine brush package upgrade will clear all the data plate, please make a backup of work in front of Brush.
  3. Version


    Intel brush tools for Computer to Device brush Not applicable to boot the machine into the system
  4. Version 07212014


    Dual system each brush tutorial-0718 Eng.docx Onda public issue 07212014 V819w - v975w flash tutorial
  5. Version


    V989 Brush ENG Tutorial.docx 【必看】刷机教程_.doc English Translated including pictures Google Translation
  6. This is a short version of the tutorial to flash Onda firmware with Ubuntu. All the usual disclaimers apply -- use this at your own risk! Preparation (needed only the first time you flash): 1. Make sure your device can connect to Ubuntu via USB. Type sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules Add the following new line to the text file that opens, save and close: SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="1f3a", MODE="0664", GROUP="plugdev" 2. Install developer USB libraries and DKMS: sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev sudo apt-get install dkms 3. Install LiveSuite for Linux (following instructions from http://linux-sunxi.org/LiveSuit ): 3.1. Download the appropriate LiveSuit version from http://docs.cubieboard.org/downloads 3.2. Unzip and execute LiveSuit.run 4. Restart your computer to make sure all the newly installed modules are initialized correctly. Flashing: 5. Run LiveSuit.sh as root. Follow the directions on the screen: 6. When asked, choose to format before updating. Wait patiently until 100% update (2-3 minutes)... 7. Exit the program, disconnect USB, reboot tablet. This is the first version of the tutorial, please comment below if anything is unclear. The attached pdf file contains more detailed instructions: Flashing_Allwinner_Firmware_on_Ubuntu.pdf Links to sites containing useful details and software: http://linux-sunxi.org/LiveSuit http://docs.cubieboard.org/downloads http://developer.android.com/tools/device.html
  7. Brush tool.zip V698 4G models V1.0.7 firmware Brush Pack File size: 463MB Update: 2014-09-25 Description: 1 optimization algorithm to improve the speed and accuracy of GPS positioning. Note: 1, this Brush Pack for machine brush package, should be used with Brush tool, connected to a computer operating Brush, apply only to boot the machine or system failure occurs use. 2, machine brush package upgrade will clear all the data plate, please make a backup of work in front of Brush. Download Link: EDIT: All available download files are located in the Downloads directory. “ Downloads “ button at the top of this page Available files are grouped by Device named category All files are listed in reverse chronological order ( newest upload file is listed first ) Most device categories each have multiple pages of listed file names. Onda.cn Link: http://onda.cn/Tablet/ProductInfo.aspx?ProductId=295&d=down
  8. Dual system each brush tutorial-0718 Eng.docx Onda issue date 07212014 Android system to Win8.1 system Preparation: 1 with a powered USB HUB and OTG cable 2 keyboard, mouse, and an 8GB U disk. 3 Tablet PC power above 80% 4 download the corresponding models and Win8.1 system BIOS file two files: V819i quad-core BIOS (shared): http://www.onda.cn/Tablet/ProductInfo.aspx?ProductId=277&d=down V819i quad-core Win8.1 System: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i3onZMX V975i quad-core BIOS (shared): http://www.onda.cn/Tablet/ProductInfo.aspx?ProductId=276&d=down V975i quad-core Win8.1 System: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i3FYxk5 Written at the top: 1 If your tablet is V975i-V1 version of the quad-core models (SN 9 and 10 of the display), you need to change the hardware parameters (point of sale can be returned Onda modification), otherwise brushing BIOS screen will not be displayed. After 2. V975i four nuclear installation Win8.1 system, front-facing camera will be 180 degrees opposite - the main camera hardware is not supported, can not be solved. 3 To be successful, you must download the system BIOS and Win8.1 two compressed before it can be based on the following tutorial, the first burn BIOS, then install Win8.1 system ! ! ! 4. V819i V975i quad-core and quad-core system does not provide official activation (Microsoft prohibits manufacturers retail key). Needs to be activated, by your own contact with Microsoft ! ! ! Procedure: First, burn or update Windows system Bios Please refer to the BIOS download package inside the tutorial instructions, and also pay special attention to the following points: 1 Burning BIOS is very important, if burn fails, tablet will not boot, so special caution. 2 If you are currently Android tablet system, open Android_Flash_Bios folder, follow the instructions inside the operation; If your tablet is already win8.1 system, open Win_update_Bios folder, which according to the instructions. Second, installing or updating Win8.1 system Steps 1 Unzip downloaded on a computer system 2 U disk connected to the computer, formatted to NTFS format, formatted disk U disk name should be changed to WINPE (this is very important, or when installing the system, there may be not recognize the U case), and then open the front unzipped folder, copy all the files inside to the U disk. After copying is complete, open the directory U disk shown below: 3 with a powered USB HUB to plug in the power, then plug in the keyboard, mouse, U disk and OTG cable, OTG cable is connected to the other end of the plate. Press the power button to turn the plate. 4 Under normal circumstances, the automatic installation after reboot win8.1 systems without human participation in, probably about 20 minutes you can have installed. When the window is prompted to “ press any key to continue “ then the installation is complete. Please restart the tablet press any keyboard. Then you can unplug the U disk. Reminder: 1 When the tablet from the android system shutdown after the restart, if not automatically installed, you may not recognize the U disk, type exit and press Enter on the keyboard, go to bios interface. Then press the arrow keys on your keyboard to select the right boot and press Enter to see a few starts under Boot Option Priorities, if there are three, indicating that recognize the U disk (if only one, then press F4 to confirm the restart flat, keep hitting the delete key on the keyboard, and then go see this interface startup items), the cursor moves boot Option # 1 there, select start from the U disk, press F4 and confirm the reboot: 2 If an error occurs in the middle of the installation, you can press any key to exit, and then restart the tablet, re-install 3 the name of U disk must be: WINPE 5 After the flat start to complete some basic set operation, then you can begin to experience the Reminder: Boot Settings connect to a wireless network interface, you can temporarily do not networked, bottom left point directly to skip this step. Two, Win8.1 system to Android system If you want to re-brush back Win8.1 system Android system, please download the following models of the Android system corresponding firmware package, then according to the firmware bag Brush tutorial operation. Special note: Before the brush back the Android system, make sure your system is based on Win8.1 version of this tutorial, if the old version before July 16, please update Win8.1 system, otherwise the brush back Android system, may touch unusable. V819i quad-core Android system firmware package download address: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c04Dn1Y V975i quad-core Android system firmware package download address: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1jGfy6IM This English Translated tutorial with Pictures Download Link: http://www.ondaforum.com/files/download/142-dual-system-each-brush-tutorial-0718-engdocx/
  9. V989 Brush ENG Tutorial.docx 【必看】刷机教程_.doc [Must See] Brush tutorial _.doc English Google Translation Includes Pictures Download Link: http://www.ondaforum.com/files/download/121-v989-brush-eng-tutorialdocx/ IMPORTANT: 1, please read carefully the end of this tutorial, read again after the operation ! ! ! 2, strictly in accordance with the method of operation of this tutorial, prohibit modification steps on their own ! ! ! Brush preparation: 1, please use WinXP, Win7 desktop computer system, the USB cable connected to the desktop computer rear USB port. 2, to ensure that the tablet in more than 50% of electricity. 3, turn off anti-virus software on your computer (some antivirus software may upgrade tool virus false positives). 4, make a backup before upgrading the Tablet PC and storing useful data if the machine is inserted TF card, please pull out the TF card. 5, please read the instructions carefully before upgrading, there is a risk Brush, improper operation can not use the tablet, you need to purchase Office Depot contact for maintenance treatment. Brush steps: 1, after extracting the downloaded firmware package has three documents, namely the Brush tool, firmware and Brush tutorial, as shown below: Tips: firmware package name on the map only for demonstration, the actual name to your unzipped prevail. 2, the installation Brush tool: Double-click the file to install the interface as shown below: When the pop-up window on the map to complete the installation, after clicking the Finish button, then install the driver automatically pop up the window shown in the following figure In the driver installation process, if there are pop-up warning system security, be sure to click to accept, otherwise it will prevent the driver installation; If there is no security warning pop-up system, ignore this step and continue to the next step. Driver is installed, as shown in the following figure. After the installation is complete, it will generate a shortcut icon on the desktop. 3, run the Brush tool, load the firmware: 3.1, double-click the icon on the desktop or the Start menu, click on the corresponding shortcut to run 'Onda tablet helper' software, the software running interface is shown below. If you have a small window pops up a software update, please close the small window. 3.2, click a button above the [brush], as shown below, and then select the firmware package. -> Please select the firmware according to the below steps: 4, Tablet PC first off, start flashing the firmware: 4.1, the first tablet computer shutdown. If you are not sure whether the tablet PC is turned off, you can press the power button for 10-20 seconds to force shutdown. Special note: If your tablet computer, shut down the "next fast boot" option, and is turned on, please turn off this feature before shutting down (remove the tick), otherwise inaccessible brush mode on the menu. 4.2, allowing the Tablet PC into the brush mode. Steps are: the Home key (if not the Home key on your plate, please find the volume down key) and hold the Do not let go, plug in the USB cable, and then press the power button 5-10 consecutive times until the computer prompts the lower right corner found new hardware and install the driver window pops up, and then release the Home button (or the volume down key), the following chart shows the correct installation of the driver: Tip: 1 will automatically pop up a window several times found new hardware on your computer, according to the diagram to complete the driver is automatically installed; 2 If the driver can not be installed automatically, as according to the chart, you can manually update the tool path to the driver file folder under the installation directory. The default path is: C: \ Program Files \ OndaSuite \ Drivers \ AW_Driver folder; 3 the same computer only the first brush firmware will require the installation of the driver, the second after brush firmware directly following window pops up! 4.3, after driving Bahrain, will directly start flashing the firmware, operating according to the following figure shows the sequence: At this point, the upgrade is complete. Turn off the upgrade tool, disconnect the USB cable, if the tablet does not automatically turn on, press the power button to manually boot. First boot after the upgrade will be completed in time a little longer, please be patient for a while. Note: 1 If the upgrade fails, unplug the USB cable, and then press the power button for about 20 seconds for the tablet computer forced shutdown again from step 4 to re-start tutorial Brush;
  10. Intel_Tools.rar EDIT: All available download files are located in the Downloads directory. “ Downloads “ button at the top of this page Available files are grouped by Device named category All files are listed in reverse chronological order ( newest upload file is listed first ) Most device categories each have multiple pages of listed file names. Intel brush tools for Computer to Device brush English translated ( this tutorial ) http://www.onda-forum.com/downloads/upload/Intel%20Onda%20Device/Intel%20brush%20tools%20for%20Computer.docx This tutorial Onda INTEL Core Tablet wire brush tutorial ( eg V819i / V975i ) Not applicable to boot the machine into the system Tablet turned off, press and hold the volume down key, press the power button to boot the plate. Interface will enter the tablet FastBoot ( Following the above steps … If your tablet can not display the “ IDBOOT PROVISION OS “ screen, there is no way to brush device ) After confirmation, you can enter more interfaces Onda official website to download the official firmware upgrade http://onda.cn/Support/Search.aspx 1. After the download is complete decompress Decompressed Files Update.apk -OTA.zip 2, Unzip " Intel_Tools.rar " Brush tool to your desktop Decompressed files adb.exe AdbWinApi.dll AdbWinUsbApi.dll fastboot.exe Fastboot界面.jpg IntelAndroidDrvSetup_v1.5.0.exe = Device Driver installation file 双击执行【打开以后有操作说明】.cmd Change “ –OTA.zip “ file name to "update" ( update.zip ) Copy “ update.zip “ to the Brush tool folder, and then run the “[双击执行【打开以后有操作说明】.cmd “ ( " double-click “ to open an operation ) after the implementation of [双击执行【打开以后有操作说明】.cmd 3, Tablet in the off state Tablet turned off, press and hold the volume down key, press the power button to boot the plate. Interface will enter the tablet FastBoot connect the data cable Tablet PC device connected to the USB interface. After connecting, the computer will prompt to install the driver, .. “IntelAndroidDrvSetup_v1.5.0.exe “ after it is installed. On the computer by pressing any key Brush software on the computer display options Press “ 5 “ and Press “ Enter “ on the computer. Brush software display operation on the plate after plate Fastboot diagram interface use flat volume down keys to move the cursor to the recovery option Select by pressing the power button. Wait a half a minute flat and then goes into Recovery mode on the plate Using volume down key to move the cursor, select “ apply update from ADB “ press the power button. Brush again after entering the operating software on the computer by pressing any key on the keyboard, Brush software begins ( screen bottom line = sending update.zip xx% After the prompts to complete by pressing any key on the keyboard and then operate a tablet in recovery mode in the first reboot system, ( screen = update.zip 100% , Chinese characters fill bottom line, flashing prompt ) Press the power button After pressing the start button the tablet will, automatically update the firmware update is complete in approximately twenty-three minutes completion time, the tablet will automatically boot, after completion. Tutorial Edited Midnight NY USA 20140623 3 lines of instructions were omitted from original post, corrected. Updated the download file, added pictures. Please excuse the oversight,
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