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  1. First thing, this tutorial is directed for newbies like me, who does not have much idea about this kind of stuff and are just new to this forum. When I first came to this forum with my new Onda tablet I was so lost about the process to install a new firmware in it, so I found a guide to do the process with PhoenixSuit. It was so easy and I did it in less than 10 minutes. I hope it will be helpful for those others wondering how to do this process. This is the link: http://androidxda.com/use-phoenix-suit-flash-firmware Remember, you don't must connect your tablet to the computer until you get to step 4 Also, once you are in the step 7 you can release the volume up/down button That is it guys. I hope it will help some of you who don't have any idea how to update the firmware of your tablet. PS: Sorry my english, my first language is spanish, I am just learning english.
  2. Hi, I have Onda v919 Air ch with win 10. I have only win10. I want dual os, win and android. How i install android? Can you help me? Please.
  3. Hi, I have Onda v919 Air ch with win 10 only. I want dual os, win and android. How i install android? Can you help me?
  4. Hello, First, please appologize my english. I tried to flash android on my onda v919 air dual os with the method that onda gives us. As mentionned, I put the firmware on an USB stick and boot on "built in uefi" then the shell lauches and tries to boot on droidboot but that totally fail because the shell is only 32 bits whereas the ilage is 64bits ( ???). I tried to boot directly in recovery by pressing power and vol-, the tablet finally boots on Droidboot but once again the flas fails ( picture ) but I can send fastboot commands to flash manually but once again, it's a fail. Does anyone have an idea ? Best regards
  5. Hi everyone, I have Onda V919 air Dual OS but it's stuck in bootloop. I've tried to fix it by flashing the firmware but I'm unable to do so. Maybe I don't have the correct firmware, I took it from XDA because I can't find it in download section of this forum. Check attached files to see a picture of the back of my tablet and the error I'm getting when flashing. Thank you for your help, Nicolas
  6. See this old post maybe you'll find some useful infos (steps and video tutorials). Here you have original Android and Windows firmwares, win 10 drivers, and an image of debloated Android ( data partition has only 6 GB so can be used for 32GB eMMC version), created with Macrium Reflect(see Note to boot from Rescue_onda USB). Video tutorials: 1. Preparation of USB sticks for Android and Windows. 2. Backup of entire eMMC. 3. Edit partition table. 4. Debloat Android(remove chinese apps). 5. Restore Android and Windows after repartition without losing data
  7. Okay so here is the thread about installing CWM recovery on the Onda v919 3g air (core8). In order to flash custom recovery you must have root access so you can make backup of your rom via MTK droid tools. If you follow the steps bellow you should proboably have no problems installing CWM recovery. This only works on Onda v919 3G air (core 8) version of the tablet (tutorial is not made for dual-boot version)! TOOLS REQUIRED: Mediatek VCOM drivers ADB Drivers MTK Droid Tools NOTE: I am not responsible for any damage done to your tablet while following the steps bellow! NOTE: Make sure that you have VCOM and ADB drivers installed correctly in order for things to work as they should! If you don't have the proper drivers installed, you won't be able to follow the instructions bellow. NOTE: You should have USB debugging enabled (you should have that already done while rooting but if you dont: go to system >> developer options >> tick the "USB debugging") 1. Make a backup of your current rom using MTK droid tools: - Open MTK droid tools and connect your tablet to the computer - When MTK droid tools detect your device you must check whether it has root access (little bar in bottom left should be green) - If the bar is not green you should click the root button and allow a superuser request that will appear on tablet. Then the bar should turn green (if not you won't be able to backup your ROM). - When MTK droid tools have superuser permission you can start doing the backup of your ROM. Just click the big backup button in root, backup, recovery section. - Just follow the steps that droid tools are guiding you through and make a backup of your current ROM. - Congratulations you are done with the 1st part of the tutorial. 2. Flash the recovery through the MTK droid tools: - Copy another instance of your backed up ROM just in case anything goes wrong. - Open MTK droid tools again and connect your device as before. - Open root, backup, recovery section of droid tools and tick "To choose the boot.img file" - Point to the boot.img file that is located inside your backup folder. - When it asks you "To create CWM recovery automatically?" choose yes. - When it asks you something like "to install patched boot file to phone" press yes. - When it asks you "To install created recovery to phone?" press yes. - After following the steps MTK droid tools should ask you whether to reboot your phone to recovery. You can choose yes to check if CWM was succesfully installed or not (I suggest you to try and boot to recovery manually when device is turned off (power button + volume up key) and choose recovery from the menu) - If you can get to your CWM recovery now you've installed it correctly! That's about it! If you find this tutorial useful press the green arrow next to me
  8. Good day to you all. My humble Onda v975m 2/32 V3 has passed to my wife's possession. Because she is - as most women tablet users - using it mostly for Facebook, she has spotted a couple of problems regarding the embedded videos on FB application. Therefore, I ask for your help in enlightening me regarding the situation. Tested and observed the following: 1. With ONDA_V975m_V3V4_v2.0.1_rozak-2014118-TWRP over ONDA_V975m_V3_v2.0.1_rozak_20140515-4G (for the 4G app space obviously), embedded videos of FB are playable but a) some videos appear rotated by 90 degrees clockwise b) all videos appear being played "behind" the FB application screen (scrolling is needed in order for centering of the video to be achieved). I have tried installing Flash Player 11.1 in case it fixes anything but then videos weren't playable anymore and FB app freezes and crashes - therefore I uninstalled Flash Player. 2. With stane1983 (0.9.2) rom, I can hear the sound of FB's embedded videos but there is no picture (black screen). Installing Flash Player 11.1 wasn't any help. I tried wiping cache/dalvik but that didn't do anything either. Is there anyone who has experienced any similar problems? Any suggestions or solutions are welcome. Thank you in advance for your time and effort.
  9. Hello Guys I just received the Onda v989 air V3. I want to install a custom rom, I'm not able to put my device in brush mode and I don't think that the drivers are the problem because every drivers needed seems to be installed. I tried Onda Suite and PheonixSuite but the two program can't recognize the tablet when I try to put it in brush mode. Sometimes it start the upgrade when windows detect the tablet, but the upgrade freeze at 0% and it says that my tablet is not plugged in. So I tried to flash it with Pheonixcard and with one SD card its always making an error in the burning. and with two other sd cards the burn process works but the tablet dont want to boot at all with the 2 SD cards. I tried both solution with my 2 PCs one with Windows 8.1 ( and yes I installed the driver disabling the driver protection..) and I tried everything with my other PC on windows 7. I really want to flash an other rom, the one that came with the tablet is so laggy and full of *** Thank you please help..
  10. Version 07212014


    Dual system each brush tutorial-0718 Eng.docx Onda public issue 07212014 V819w - v975w flash tutorial
  11. Version


    Intel_Tools.rar English Flash Tutorial for Onda devices Tutorial includes links and pictures English translated using Bing translator
  12. Hello, i have a big problem and here it is: I flashed the stane rom on my Onda v975m V3 and it works fine! Installed TWRP - works fine! I was going to install the kernel to improve performance, but I had two sd cards with different stuff on it The first was the kernel.zip and the second was the rozak V3 2.0.1 2G rom. I took the wrong sd card, so it started installing the rozak rom... For some reason, it stopped and my tablet didn't react. Now my real problem: These are the steps I followed to "unbrick" my onda: 1) Made a bootable SD card with sdcardmaker with a 2Gb sd card - no problem 2) copied all rom files (update, factory_update_param.aml, u-boot.bin, aml_autoscript, recovery) to the root of the sd card - no problem 3) put the sd card in the tablet and started the procedure (holding power button and vol +/- until the green droid man appears - no problem 4) the installing bar goes up full, the droid man disapperas but then he comes back and the procedure starts again and again and AGAIN I have no reason for that.. My solution options: 1) another SD Card -> loop 2) another rom (stock) -> loop Do you guys have any idea or answer for me to solve this problem ? Thanks
  13. This is a short version of the tutorial to flash Onda firmware with Ubuntu. All the usual disclaimers apply -- use this at your own risk! Preparation (needed only the first time you flash): 1. Make sure your device can connect to Ubuntu via USB. Type sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules Add the following new line to the text file that opens, save and close: SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="1f3a", MODE="0664", GROUP="plugdev" 2. Install developer USB libraries and DKMS: sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev sudo apt-get install dkms 3. Install LiveSuite for Linux (following instructions from http://linux-sunxi.org/LiveSuit ): 3.1. Download the appropriate LiveSuit version from http://docs.cubieboard.org/downloads 3.2. Unzip and execute LiveSuit.run 4. Restart your computer to make sure all the newly installed modules are initialized correctly. Flashing: 5. Run LiveSuit.sh as root. Follow the directions on the screen: 6. When asked, choose to format before updating. Wait patiently until 100% update (2-3 minutes)... 7. Exit the program, disconnect USB, reboot tablet. This is the first version of the tutorial, please comment below if anything is unclear. The attached pdf file contains more detailed instructions: Flashing_Allwinner_Firmware_on_Ubuntu.pdf Links to sites containing useful details and software: http://linux-sunxi.org/LiveSuit http://docs.cubieboard.org/downloads http://developer.android.com/tools/device.html
  14. Dual system each brush tutorial-0718 Eng.docx Onda issue date 07212014 Android system to Win8.1 system Preparation: 1 with a powered USB HUB and OTG cable 2 keyboard, mouse, and an 8GB U disk. 3 Tablet PC power above 80% 4 download the corresponding models and Win8.1 system BIOS file two files: V819i quad-core BIOS (shared): http://www.onda.cn/Tablet/ProductInfo.aspx?ProductId=277&d=down V819i quad-core Win8.1 System: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i3onZMX V975i quad-core BIOS (shared): http://www.onda.cn/Tablet/ProductInfo.aspx?ProductId=276&d=down V975i quad-core Win8.1 System: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i3FYxk5 Written at the top: 1 If your tablet is V975i-V1 version of the quad-core models (SN 9 and 10 of the display), you need to change the hardware parameters (point of sale can be returned Onda modification), otherwise brushing BIOS screen will not be displayed. After 2. V975i four nuclear installation Win8.1 system, front-facing camera will be 180 degrees opposite - the main camera hardware is not supported, can not be solved. 3 To be successful, you must download the system BIOS and Win8.1 two compressed before it can be based on the following tutorial, the first burn BIOS, then install Win8.1 system ! ! ! 4. V819i V975i quad-core and quad-core system does not provide official activation (Microsoft prohibits manufacturers retail key). Needs to be activated, by your own contact with Microsoft ! ! ! Procedure: First, burn or update Windows system Bios Please refer to the BIOS download package inside the tutorial instructions, and also pay special attention to the following points: 1 Burning BIOS is very important, if burn fails, tablet will not boot, so special caution. 2 If you are currently Android tablet system, open Android_Flash_Bios folder, follow the instructions inside the operation; If your tablet is already win8.1 system, open Win_update_Bios folder, which according to the instructions. Second, installing or updating Win8.1 system Steps 1 Unzip downloaded on a computer system 2 U disk connected to the computer, formatted to NTFS format, formatted disk U disk name should be changed to WINPE (this is very important, or when installing the system, there may be not recognize the U case), and then open the front unzipped folder, copy all the files inside to the U disk. After copying is complete, open the directory U disk shown below: 3 with a powered USB HUB to plug in the power, then plug in the keyboard, mouse, U disk and OTG cable, OTG cable is connected to the other end of the plate. Press the power button to turn the plate. 4 Under normal circumstances, the automatic installation after reboot win8.1 systems without human participation in, probably about 20 minutes you can have installed. When the window is prompted to “ press any key to continue “ then the installation is complete. Please restart the tablet press any keyboard. Then you can unplug the U disk. Reminder: 1 When the tablet from the android system shutdown after the restart, if not automatically installed, you may not recognize the U disk, type exit and press Enter on the keyboard, go to bios interface. Then press the arrow keys on your keyboard to select the right boot and press Enter to see a few starts under Boot Option Priorities, if there are three, indicating that recognize the U disk (if only one, then press F4 to confirm the restart flat, keep hitting the delete key on the keyboard, and then go see this interface startup items), the cursor moves boot Option # 1 there, select start from the U disk, press F4 and confirm the reboot: 2 If an error occurs in the middle of the installation, you can press any key to exit, and then restart the tablet, re-install 3 the name of U disk must be: WINPE 5 After the flat start to complete some basic set operation, then you can begin to experience the Reminder: Boot Settings connect to a wireless network interface, you can temporarily do not networked, bottom left point directly to skip this step. Two, Win8.1 system to Android system If you want to re-brush back Win8.1 system Android system, please download the following models of the Android system corresponding firmware package, then according to the firmware bag Brush tutorial operation. Special note: Before the brush back the Android system, make sure your system is based on Win8.1 version of this tutorial, if the old version before July 16, please update Win8.1 system, otherwise the brush back Android system, may touch unusable. V819i quad-core Android system firmware package download address: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c04Dn1Y V975i quad-core Android system firmware package download address: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1jGfy6IM This English Translated tutorial with Pictures Download Link: http://www.ondaforum.com/files/download/142-dual-system-each-brush-tutorial-0718-engdocx/
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