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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, First, please appologize my english. I tried to flash android on my onda v919 air dual os with the method that onda gives us. As mentionned, I put the firmware on an USB stick and boot on "built in uefi" then the shell lauches and tries to boot on droidboot but that totally fail because the shell is only 32 bits whereas the ilage is 64bits ( ???). I tried to boot directly in recovery by pressing power and vol-, the tablet finally boots on Droidboot but once again the flas fails ( picture ) but I can send fastboot commands to flash manually but once again, it's a fail. Does anyone have an idea ? Best regards
  2. Hello I recently bought the tablet pc oBook 20 SE, and i wanted to remove the dual boot and turn it in a single boot device with remix os in it, is this possible?? can anyone help me??
  3. Hy forum, I just had idea for installing new Remix 3.0.... PC Version Can it be possible to replace Windows 10 with this OS, So we can have Stock Android on one partition and Remix OS on other?.. Or maybe just installing Remix OS as a single OS? Windows 10 is flashed using WINPE file, how could we flash Remix? Regular installation with pen drive or is there no way to do this? If this theory comes true, we could install Remix OS on any Onda device that supports Windows.. Thank you for your attention, I hope we can do something about that idea Link for Remix OS PC : http://www.jide.com/remixos-for-pc#downloadNow
  4. Lucas Quadrini

    App of swich OS

    I not have the app of switch,i have the system helpme please
  5. Hello, i tried to flash my Android Tablet: Onda V919 3G Air Dual OS V8, so i tried about from PacMan his modified Firmware, and so my Android is not anymore working I tried to come into the DNX mode but i read, there is nothing more DNX by the V6-V8... so i ask you really: How can i flash again Android? I want to use Windows and Android. Can you please help me? I need Android for Privat use and Windows for Work so i hope you can help me warm regards
  6. Hi guys.Firstly thanks in advance for reading this thread. I have been trying to instal one of the custom roms to my tablet (975m V4) with usb burning tool for days now. I have been following the procedure as close to the letter as possible, i have updated all the recuired drivers for the usb burning tool and also i have already instaled the latest adb drivers but still the usb burning tool does not detect my device. please someone help.
  7. Disabled the USB ports by mistake now need to reset the bios ... besides that Windows 10 was installed there began to automatically update, and touch screen barely work I have a card reader, and I'm able to run a BIOS update so if someone has a BIOS I would be grateful
  8. Martin escobar

    I Need Problem

    Hello, I've Onda v820w v5 Dual OS. After upgrated to win 10, windows deleted the android OS
  9. I need help to settle this problem.. When i klik for open this app it will kick to the front page.. Please i need a help...
  10. I need help to settle this problem.. When i klik for open this app it will kick to the front page.. Please i need a help...
  11. Onda Hardware “ Assembly “ Version errata " Assembly " version = 9th V / 10th # of s/n, EX: V975WBE1V1A06535 beginning with the first five = V975W device then xxx ( coded info for Manufacturer, production week, assembly line ) then Vx assembly version then A ( letter - 2nd 100,000 = B ) then xxxxx ( 99,999 manufactured item count number ) V# change is due to a change in parts provider or actual part change in some form. EX: WiFi / BT combination chip, different battery. Chip set and board generally remain the same in all device assembly versions. Onda does not publish assembly change logs Onda re-cycles device model names = model identifier may have different CPU architecture example : V919 = 2 core Mediatek -- V919 3G = 4 core Mediatek -- V919 3G Air = 8 Core Mediatek -- V919 3G Air Dual System = 4 core Intel -- V919 3G Core M = 2 Core Intel Device model / series firmware is NOT interchangeable with other device architectures. -- Windows 8.1 devices are on Intel architectures., firmware will NOT install on other CPU architectures Folks that have installed the improper version firmware discover internal devices do not operate properly EX: camera, WiFi / BT Brushing the proper Firmware, generally corrects issues due to improper firmware installation. NOTE: Brushing any firmware to the wrong device may cause permanent " Bricking ", Clarifying example: v975m firmware to v975, v975i, v975s, v975w device Do NOT expect a miracle. Android / Windows OS installation files include necessary drivers for noted hardware version, Dual System model named devices with matching v# BIOS, all internal devices should function properly DISCLAIMER: Device and manufacturer identifiers are in manufacturer assigned sequence and is for representative purposes. Onda labeled ( EX: V975W ) device firmware states 9th and 10th identifier = V# ... as does 99% of the current Onda devices available for purchase. ( 3 device model exceptions ) NOTE: If your device does not have " ONDA " on device back, it is not an Onda device All Onda tablet device(s) serial numbers follow same identifier sequence. Onda utilizes proprietary ROM technology. Brushing / Flashing incorrect firmware to any device may permanently " Brick " your device Edit 20150728 Onda releases are device hardware assembly version specific ... they are not a device update, unless specified in file description Not previously mentioned - some devices - Touch panel and other partial drivers are in the BIOS install. When in doubt, read ALL previous device related posts and instructions provided. Original site “ What Version - Help Posts “ topic link: New device specific releases may require future edit or adaptation of general statements 20150803 Current device models - first 5 identifiers vary from Onda sales model name and referenced device model file names - EX: Older model, named V975M - first five model identifiers were V975M serial number and files - Current EX V820, V820w, V820 Dual System Series - serial numbers may all begin with "P" before model identifier - the fifth identifier is different for each specific model - Onda does not publish any type of cross reference literature - As new devices are released, first identifier may also change.
  12. Hello, i have a big problem and here it is: I flashed the stane rom on my Onda v975m V3 and it works fine! Installed TWRP - works fine! I was going to install the kernel to improve performance, but I had two sd cards with different stuff on it The first was the kernel.zip and the second was the rozak V3 2.0.1 2G rom. I took the wrong sd card, so it started installing the rozak rom... For some reason, it stopped and my tablet didn't react. Now my real problem: These are the steps I followed to "unbrick" my onda: 1) Made a bootable SD card with sdcardmaker with a 2Gb sd card - no problem 2) copied all rom files (update, factory_update_param.aml, u-boot.bin, aml_autoscript, recovery) to the root of the sd card - no problem 3) put the sd card in the tablet and started the procedure (holding power button and vol +/- until the green droid man appears - no problem 4) the installing bar goes up full, the droid man disapperas but then he comes back and the procedure starts again and again and AGAIN I have no reason for that.. My solution options: 1) another SD Card -> loop 2) another rom (stock) -> loop Do you guys have any idea or answer for me to solve this problem ? Thanks
  13. I need help! How I install new firmware on my tablet Ondav989? I got it but I don't know how to install it! Thanks!
  14. heloo I have v975m Core4 android version 4.3 baseband version v1.0.7_v1 I lost internal storage ,sd card work . what i can do? thanks
  15. Change Language in Android - Win 8.1 Android Settings left side - scroll down to Capital "A" - click right side - click 1st line right side - scroll down list - select language of choice Some Android versions / devices may require restart for all to be in chosen language. Snyperr has provided pictorial based on KitKat, located in the v989 forum. Link: Windows 8.1 Recommended Links from Member provided posts. Please read the entire topics, as additional language related questions may be answered. Windows 8.1 Change Language Instructions Pinned to the v975w FAQ sub-forum Windows Quick Start Guide Video + Credit to “ dodongobongo “ Post #2 Onda 975w tips .pdf Credit to “ newtoonda “ download link: http://www.ondaforum.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=115 Additional Win 8.1 “ Changing the Remains “ instructions post by “ newtoonda “ post #8
  16. Hi All, Has anyone figured out why the v975m tablets kill the WiFi when the screen goes off (tablet goes to sleep) and has anyone figured out a fix for this? This is an unbelievably annoying flaw with the tablet and I am just short of throwing it against the wall! LOL! Any help is appreciated. AJB
  17. Forum Hierarchy Etiquette and Posting This is NOT Onda tablet manufacturer site …. www.onda.cn This is not support / discussion group for any other branded device. This is an Onda device owners group, support forum Welcome home, we have a lot going on here. Pull up a seat, get comfortable... Visitors welcome …. Membership required to post or download from our archives Unlike other forums, Ondaforum originator and Admin Krzysiek has elected to permit new members, upon membership email confirmation, receive immediate posting privilege. Please display respect to all. Personal attacks and vulgarity will not be permitted. First post could be an introduction to the other members ( link below ) http://www.ondaforum.com/forum/13-introductions/ Click on the Black " Start New Topic " button to create your introduction, Click on the " Post New Topic " to save and publish to the forum.. Factory or Custom firmware ? Experience is ( not always ) the best teacher If your desired use is for the " softest, easiest, safest way " Skip this section. Custom firmware and tweaking involvement and participation is increasing daily Many owners work outside the " Official " manufacturer release version firmware For those willing to tread where manufacturer does not actively support. For those desiring the newest offerings and to be one of the first ... Seek support and advice in specific Custom topic related support forums. Forum posts Before posting questions that may have been asked and answered many times before you arrived Read all that others before you have shared. Learn from and continue learning with them ... Look for repeated issues and work-a-rounds, if many are experiencing ... you may also experience If you experience something not posted, make a post, focus on the issue / problem, ( not just " it worked last night now my screen is black when i touch the power button, what do I do ? " ) provide enough information so others may help or direct you where to find needed additional help ... Include device and firmware versions, provide specifics and pertinent facts. Only provide the necessary information to address and help correct your problem ( few here are concerned with your game scores or the color of your desktop or your favorite whine ) we do care about our devices.. If unknown issues surface and are not discussed, how could anyone expect a solution ? Keep post in an existing proper topic area EX: NOT posting v3 stuff in v4 topic / threads. Reported and off topic posts will be deleted. Multiple posts may result in loss of posting privilege. EX: posting same post in multiple locations, or multiple same post in same location. New member behavior is held to the same level of expectation as experienced members. Do not start a new topic because you may not have time or are unwilling to read. Redundant threads may be closed, removed or locked. You may receive no help. Here we grow again ( 1 to 22 in 8 months ) Current forums at 22 devices and growing .. and additional discussion forums and sub-forums. Current topic directories may exceed 20 50 pages, with hot topics exceeding 60 100 pages of posts. Recognized DEV status on the rise … Multiple Customizations … Links to other support sites. Forum Hierarchy ( in brief ): SPECIFIC DEVICE forums – each may include several sub-forums, each sub-forum may have their own directory of topics, each of those topic directories contain individual posts and discussions. NOTE: Directories are in reverse chronological order, by post – containing newest post first / oldest last Ex: ( Generally ) The first topic / post would be on page 1 of the directory, current page is highest page number. Directories are several pages for most forums – please read all relevant directories and contained posts Onda Intel Architecture Windows system devices owners take note – “ WIntel “ devices share many same information, faults and fixes. To avoid redundancy and in an effort to stay up to date, there is an “ Intel “ Forum designated for Intel related discussion, Intel general drivers and updates, and Intel Tools. Items remarked in these sub-forums will most likely affect your device. Most “ WIntel ” devices each have their own Forum, many may have sub-forums, also directories for device specific matters. Worldwide membership means translators are in use = broken English language structures if a post appears to be confusing, re-read the post with language translation consideration. Become a part of, not apart from the OndaForum. We are all Onda device owners / enthusiasts. If you cannot understand a post, do not express criticism … leave it for others to assist. OndaForum is an English language site. Please post in English language format Many posts include both English translation and Native language, with hopes of a better understanding Patience and common courtesy If posting for help, please permit enough time for an answer, from someone that actually experienced same issue(s), they may have a solution. There are 24 hours in a day. Everyone, from the least helpful to the most knowledgeable must have rest time Many folks will not respond until they have a positive result to share ... this often takes time. ... folks may be 1/2 world away .. or down the street. Please allow 72 hours for response before adding remarks. For most problems there are existing solutions. Solutions usually begin with patience. * Note: Having the same help post in multiple forums / threads / topics, across multiple sites / forums may create additional confusion and anxiety for you and other members. If you do not respond to every individual post reply received ... those folks that may have a solid solution may assume you found a fix that worked. Check your posts daily. After a few days ... others may ignore post and move on Do not expect folks to know your current position, when they discover conflicting thread chains.. Always post some type of follow up let others know status or solution .... When posted problem is solved, share the process, thank the person(s) responsible for assistance If you are the topic, Original Poster, please make final post to request topic be closed. If you are reported for creating then abandoning topics, your post privileges could be at risk Off topic posts will be deleted and posting privileges may be at risk Vulgarity or Personal attacks directed at other members will not be tolerated, your membership is at risk. A respectful, common sense approach is expected of all members. This forum provides support by and for other members. Each member has the opportunity to participate and provide a positive experience for themselves and others, Member involvement, knowledge, assistance and positive results receive global recognition Many " visitors " find the answer to their problem is already noted across the forums and sub-forums. They just have to look in the right place. For many members, their only posts are for expressing thanks, some names are otherwise rarely seen. Many members simply click the " UP arrow " ( UP vote ) button.to express thanks or agreement with a post. Others may choose the down arrow to express dis-agreement or dis-satisfaction with a post There is a fix for nearly everything. Patience is required 10232014 Additional: “ Open ” Topics - permit adding posts and joining in the topic of discussion Please keep all posts on topic of discussion, off topic posts may be deleted Adding a post to the topic is as simple as going to the page bottom area, begin typing / paste / etc. in the white box area titled " Reply To This Topic ", when ready to post, click the " Post " button located directly beneath the white fill in area.. " Quote " button located on existing post will copy that post into your new post input area - " Quoting " is often used to direct response to specific questions / remarks within that post. " Quote " is not for general response to the topic being discussed “ MultiQuote “ – refer to quote, not limited to single post quote, all marked Quoted posts will be included in your single response post “ Report “ button - to report individual post. Clicking the report button will open a small window … always remark a reason for report Ex: Spam / Spammer, Abuse, Off Topic, etc. with a remark the report may be addressed more quickly, with no remark the current system may stack reports for daily staff review “ UP / Down Arrows “ – Add / Remove Reputation point for each individual post. Reputation points are the number displayed with each member name ( pop up ) and profile A method to vote once, each individual post - Vote with care, vote cannot be changed. Up = +1 increases posting member reputation one point Down = -1 decreases posting member reputation one point
  18. Onda Warranty - Contacting sellers What to expect and one suggested method of seller contact. KISS - Keep It Super Simple - when dealing with problems. Try to keep things brief and to the point, yet fully informative The more information provided, the higher the probability of confusion and frustration for all involved. Translators in use, quite often confuse / exacerbate the problem Sellers generally ask for pics … a picture says a thousand words …. Most sellers will attempt to expedite a solution. Most important to understand : China national and provincial laws prevail ,… you purchased a China manufactured product from a China seller. If you purchased differently ( local store front ), your seller may have locale laws to abide If re-badged / re-labeled, you may be limited to specific label procedures or requirements. Common mis-understanding Onda warranty is to original purchaser ( your seller ). Onda sells to “ Sellers “ … Onda does not sell direct to End Users. How it generally works Original buyer ( your seller ) must obtain Onda return / repair / replacement authorization. Seller must explain problem to Onda before receiving approval for service / replacement. Your seller receives Onda authorization … then issues you RMA for return to them, Upon their receipt of your tablet, the Onda exchange / repair process begins Many have reported 30 – 60 120 day or more between the day sent back until returned tablet receipt Note: Many sellers require Mail Service or Air Mail return shipping only. You may be responsible for shipping costs for both directions and seller associated fees All costs and fees, may be required in advance, or prior to returning item to you. It is common for certain sellers - to pay ½ the actual - return to you, air mail charges. Additional / associated costs may include “courier” service – or other transport related costs ( Seller costs of return to and replacement from Onda authorized facilities ). Contact with sellers 1st In most cases, they are seller ( order takers ) Many have no hands on experience, Support staff generally repeat previous Onda rep responses to problems and issues Most sellers wait for Onda return authorization, before issuing RMA to their buyer. 2nd Translators often confuse the issues 3rd can you attach pic(s) ? ( translation makes no sense ) Provide actual sales reference information, include device model and version information. State actual problem / issue. If you have difficulty describing problem , or use wrong terms – Consider the translated results ( If available, might be better to attach a pic ? ). Add a separate, brief statement of what you expect ? EX: Sir / Madame : Re: sales Order # 476ef45330 dated : 13 Sep 2014 Onda v989 Tablet V989 was operating until 14 Oct. Win 8.1 automatic update required device re-start. Device will not start / boot after Windows automatic power down. V989 boot screen display “ System error “ “ Cannot find d: Drive “ After a forced device power down – attempt to V989 re-start fails = same error message Please provide assistance to fix problem If replacement or repair is necessary, please provide Return Merchandise Authorization with return address information and procedure to replace defective device under warranty. Please also provide any additional requirements information. This is intended to be informative and provide a bit of direction to those who find themselves in need of seller support, factory service or device replacement…. and perhaps do not know what to expect … Think about this ….. Reading that post where that guy doesn’t make any sense … You try hard to understand … he is using words you never heard … What does a magnet have to do with flat skin ? Something with his brush ?? There’s no hall switch on a tablet … is there ??? Who is this Andrew guy he refers to ?? What the heck is Chi ?? What about the boys ( spelled bois ) ?? Now, perhaps you understand why seller asks for picture. Prepare your information … paste into Chinese translator … copy paste Chinese translation results into English translator ( reverse ) Does it translate the same in both directions ? Or did Andrew have the bois hold a magnet to your flat skin while you look for the hall switch ? Attempt at detail, while maintaining light reading ,.. For foreign buyer purposes, this should serve as an adequate overview of common procedure. Your experience may vary by seller and circumstance. ADDED 201560423 This topic either being ignored or not clearly understood ... www.onda.cn is Onda manufacture only url, any other is seller url Onda warranty http://onda.cn/Support/Warranty.aspx Snippet from Onda.cn warranty: 1. Since the date of purchase (the official date of purchase invoices or receipts, the same below, if you can not provide to the fuselage serial number identifies the production date) within 15 days, if the cause of the product due to product quality does not work properly , after the purchase of the seller to confirm, can be replaced free of charge, this service needs to be at the place of purchase; Onda is a mainland China company Onda does NOT sell directly to end users. " Free " replacement to original seller ( mainland China location ) Contact seller for ( return to them ) info and pre-authorizations. Overview - Owner contact seller, Seller contact Onda for return authorization, Owner return to seller, Seller return to Onda, Onda return repaired or replacement device to seller, Seller return to owner. Owner generally assumes all related shipping expenses - Confirm seller methods and any additional charges Seller of record, must confirm issues, prior to Onda issuing a device return authorization to seller Individual seller return policy and requirements are not under Onda control.
  19. nikitaxt7

    1.0.9 via TWRP

    How install official 1.0.9 rom via TWRP?
  20. help, this happened to me to give the bios update, then start with android, remove the memory and nothing restarts and I do not realize ... not now how to install windows, any help?