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  1. First thing, this tutorial is directed for newbies like me, who does not have much idea about this kind of stuff and are just new to this forum. When I first came to this forum with my new Onda tablet I was so lost about the process to install a new firmware in it, so I found a guide to do the process with PhoenixSuit. It was so easy and I did it in less than 10 minutes. I hope it will be helpful for those others wondering how to do this process. This is the link: http://androidxda.com/use-phoenix-suit-flash-firmware Remember, you don't must connect your tablet to the computer until you get to step 4 Also, once you are in the step 7 you can release the volume up/down button That is it guys. I hope it will help some of you who don't have any idea how to update the firmware of your tablet. PS: Sorry my english, my first language is spanish, I am just learning english.
  2. Hi, I'm back again with another particular guide, this time just for android, which will show how to root every V80 Plus rom, this time for real. You probably know that the other guides are not working anymore due to newer roms adding a new layer of protection against modifications. SuperSU zips can't detect this on Android 5.1 since this is something that is used in Nougat or Marshmellow Also, I will also explain how to use newer roms updates (Like the Android V7 version) and make it work on V3 (My tablet) since there are minor hardware changes like the Wi-Fi chip and the touchscreen vendor, I will show how to port the V3 drivers on the V7 ROM which is more stable, and smoother. Prerequisites: Unix environment (Linux, MacOS, Cygwin/MinGW on Windows) I recommend Manjaro Linux, the AUR has all the programs we need here. ADB and Fastboot https://github.com/xpirt/img2sdat https://github.com/ggrandou/abootimg Unlocking bootloader Decent knowledge of ROM tweaking or at least in theory Basic Unix-like systems knowledge A BACKUP, you will lost all data on your device By following this guide I take no responsibility on device bricks or data loss Common steps for both ROM tweaking and Rooting The first thing you have to do is to unlock the bootloader, reboot your tablet from Android and press the down button to access the fastboot mode, then connect via USB the tablet to a PC, you have to enter this command in order to unlock the bootloader (You can also use this tool) also if you want to install TWRP follow his guide. ' fastboot oem unlock ' You will lose all data after oem bootloader unlocking Now you have to extract your ROM boot.img by downloading the correct ROM image (http://onda.cn/search.aspx?keyword=v80%20plus) and using abootimg in Linux/MacOS/Cygwin/MinGW, I won't explain how to compile it. What we have to do is basically extract the initrd and changing ro.secure=0 o ro.secure=1, which will allow for supersu to install without bootlooping and mounting system as rw, using modified system.img's and disable the protection which will put the device into a bootloop state Type the following command to extract the boot.img (You must be on the same folder where you downloaded the boot.img) ' abootimg -x boot.img ' Now several files are created, we need to extract the initrd, put ' abootimg-unpack-initrd initrd.img ' Go into the ramdisk folder and look for default.prop, open it with a text editor change ' ro.secure=1 ' to ' ro.secure=0 ' in the previous folder, type ' abootimg-pack-initrd initrd.modified.img ' This will create initrd.modified.img which includes your modifications, now you have to create a new boot.img with the modifications you made, with this command ' abootimg --create boot.edited.img -r initrd.modified.img -k zImage -f bootimg.cfg -c "bootsize=xxxxxx" ' Please note that in xxxx you have to put the new boot.img size, you can get the exact string by omitting the -c "bootsize=xxxxx" argument, which will give an error that will tell on the left the size you need to put, in my case it was ' abootimg --create boot.edited.img -r initrd.modified.img -k zImage -f bootimg.cfg -c "bootsize=11868160" ' for the V5 Kernel If you have done everything correctly, we got a working boot.edited.img, to flash that into your device you need to go back to the bootloader like when we oem unlocked the device. Put this command from a PC ' fastboot flash boot boot.edited.img ' Rooting If everything went good, you just need to try to install supersu by flashing it with twrp or trying to mount as r/w the /system partition and see if it bootloops, if the rom does not even boot at all even if you just flashed the boot.img you did something wrong. ROM Tweaking and porting Vy android firmware version to Vx tablet Since I got really mad and frustrated by ONDA not releasing firmware also for older hardware revisions (Other may work for your older device, other may not) I decided to extract the drivers and firmware and put them to a newer rom, and it is worth the score. New firmwares are more smooth and stable. As you know, some newer VX firmware ROM may not be compatible with your VY hardware revision device, in my example I had the V3 and I managed to use the V5 drivers (The V5 version works good with the V3 tablet hardware rev) to use the V7 firmware. This may probably work also with a V5 tablet. Don't know if this works with V1 Extracting drivers and files needed Boot.img patching: In order to get drivers working, make sure you followed the steps for creating the modified boot.img kernel which works on your device, cause it is mandatory or you will get a bootloop. Q: Can older boot.img/kernels work with newer/older firmwares? A: Yes, they seems to be pretty similiar so in my example I used V5 boot.img in order to get drivers working for the V7 ROM which has a slightly different hardware Without extracting the following files and firmware you will just have the touchscreen working, but not the wifi or the bluetooth, they require firmwares located into system files! And Without the boot.img you can't do anything with the new rom! Once you downloaded every ROM you need, in my example I had the V3 Hardware revision, I will put V5 drivers which works too on V3 into the V7 ROM, this time we need to find and extract the system.img using simg2img by using this command, easier than saying it. ' simg2img system.img system.img.raw ' Now mount it as read-write with, ' mount -o rw system.img.raw /mnt ' Firmware extracting I needed to extract the following files in order to have everything, copy them on the desktop, if unsure you could copy everything like /etc /lib/ /vendor / because I can't know if you are trying another ROM revisions, because they may require different files, find yours by yourself! (This may be a lot of trial-and-error but the files should be the same, you could try that also with V1 to V5/v7, tell me if it works! Idk about other hardware revisions!) --------------------------------- V5 ROM ---------------------------------------- /mnt/vendor - Other blobs needed /mnt/bin/wpa_supplicant - Needed for the wifi correctly working /mnt/etc/firmware - Proprietary blobs dirvers needed for Wifi, bluetooth and other things to work. /mnt/etc/sensor_hal_config_default.xml - Needed in order to the accelerometer to work. /mnt/build.prop - Needed if you have problems with some apps like Facebook. /mnt/lib/hw/bluetooth.so - In order to make bluetooth working ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ System.img patching Once you got those files, do the same simg2img command with the system.img ROM you want to put the drivers on, in my case the V7. Mount it with read-write on /mnt or everywhere you like, then patch all the files by copy-pasting the one you extracted before and replacing them on the new ROM using a file manager with root permissions like thunar, nautilus or pcmanfm tl;dr, what I did? Extracted the two system.img's of two different roms Copy-pasted and replaced the files I told you before from the working V5 ROM (Even owning the V3 one but that has the same hardware of V5 I suppose) to the newer V7 rom I want to use is that hard? System.img repacking and flashing Make sure you unmounted the system.img.raw by ' umount /mnt ' put this command ' img2simg system.img.raw system.edited.img ' Now you just need to flash it like the boot.img before, so ' fastboot flash system system.edited.img ' ' fastboot reboot system ' If everything went good , you will reboot into your fresh-new system! Stable if you compare the first sh*tty firmwares they made, there are less slowdowns and bugs like the strecthed windows in the multitasking area. Downloads: Modified V5 boot.img: https://mega.nz/#!OlgygJjK!wTv2L9yfCGsqkV7ShGX4Cub-EGdvh3ROtuZxvMzVGoM Modified V7 system.img to make it work with V3 using V5 firmware: Soon... If you made your own working, please tell me, I will put the links, just specify the ROM and the source drivers you used! Useful commands: From Fastboot: fastboot format system - Formats the android systems Warning: it does not reset the phone, if you reboot you won't have any android system fastboot format data - Formats the /data folders (Program files like apps data) - It does a factory reset, but the ROM will still be the same. fastboot format userdata - Formats the /sdcard folder fastboot reboot system - Reboots into Android fastboot reboot recovery - reboots into recovery From android: ' adb reboot recovery ' Reboots into TWRP ' adb reboot system ' Reboots normally 'adb reboot bootloader ' - Reboots into fastboot
  3. diegogyn

    Tips and ROMs

    First the Original ROM can be found at: http://www.onda.cn/Tablet_Supports.aspx?id=344 To download use JDownloader 2, copy the link and past on it that will work There are 3 ROMs But attention the first one just works on the ONDA 80 SE V1 (You can check at the back bottom of the tablet) What I've discovered so far is this tablet has a kind of UEFI BIOS, that means for you can enter on configuration to reset you will need an OTG Cable and conecta a keyboard on it. So I´m trying to discovery more about how to put another room on it, there is some tips on the files at the site but i´m not very sure how to do it. I just trying to do this because my battery status is really messy, I try to use root but to fix but it did not worked. If anyone knows anything please let me know, I will continue researching and updating this topic.
  4. Hi everyone, I have Onda V919 air Dual OS but it's stuck in bootloop. I've tried to fix it by flashing the firmware but I'm unable to do so. Maybe I don't have the correct firmware, I took it from XDA because I can't find it in download section of this forum. Check attached files to see a picture of the back of my tablet and the error I'm getting when flashing. Thank you for your help, Nicolas
  5. Hi everyone - does anyone know if there's a custom recovery available for the OBook 10 SE? Anything like TWRP or CWM? If not, is there any other way to backup my tablet before trying to re-flash Remix OS 2.0 from Jide?
  6. Version V3.2 Reupload


    Prepares for installing TWRP V2.8.0.0 SciBee Mod V3.2 on Onda's V975m tablets. Usable on V1, V3 and V4 tablets running stane1983 ROMs. Use this TWRP version if your touch does not work in TWRP. Cause is that your tab most likely uses a LIS3DH gyroscope sensor (for Autorotation) that interferes with the touchscreen firmware. MD5 sum: f189633b73d88c9e354235b44ce28540 *scibee-twrp-Ver3.2-V1_3_4_staneROM.zip
  7. There are several occasions where you might need a bootable SDCard for your tab. This is a guide howto create one. The bootable card itself can not harm or brick your tab if you boot it. But what you put on the data area of that card indeed CAN brick your tab or heal it from a brick. So - be careful and always be aware of what you are doing! The procedures were tested on Windows7 Professional x64 german edition. Unfortunately I can't help the MAC users - lean back and eat an apple for your health... Last Warning! Wrong usage of the tools and scripts in this thread can ruin your tab! First download and unpack to a folder on your PC. And before all the noobs ask again and again - the answer to all the following questions is NO! Is this a new ROM for my tab? Why can't I flash this using TWRP? Could you create a flashable package for me? Does BootableSD.img boot Linux on my tab? Will this unbrick my V989? After unpacking you will see four new files: SDcardMaker_eng.exe Tool to create a bootable SDCard. u-boot.bin Bootloader extracted from Rozak's V2.0.1 4GB ROM to be used with SDcardMaker_eng.exe. Win32DiskImager-0.9.5-install.exe Installer for Win32DiskImager to restore/create images of SDCards (bootable or not). BootableSD.img This is an image of a bootable 16GB SDCard. Use it with Win32DiskImager. Now there are two ways to create a bootable SDCard: The easy, correct and quick way. The long way. Let's take a look at the easy way: Insert your SDCard in the cardreader attached to your PC. The SDCards size MUST NOT EXCEED 32GB as FAT32 can only use up to 32GB! Check if you want to save data beeing stored on that SDCard as it will be cleaned by the following tasks! Right-mouse-click to SDcardMaker_eng.exe and choose "run as Administrator". Select the drive of your SDCard. Be sure to select the correct one! Activate the checkbox "Repartition and format (to fat32)". Select the bin file: --> Open --> Choose u-boot.bin you unpacked before. Should look like this now: Click to "Make a boot card". The tool partitions the SDCard, writes the bootloader and opens the Windows format tool. Let it format the card. You may choose your own volume label here. Close the Windows format tool. OK --> Close SDcardMaker_eng.exe Your SDCard now IS bootable even if it appears to be blank if you open it in your explorer. And it will stay bootable no matter if you copy files to it or delete the files after use. You only may not reformat or repartition it! This would clear the bootsector! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now let's take a look at the long way for the people that do not trust the quick way or are unsure if they succeeded running SDcardMaker_eng.exe: I only tested this with my 16GB SDCard. I do not know if this will work using a 8GB card or less. Even your 16GB could be a few bytes bigger or smaller and could break the process. Please report your results using cards of different sizes and manufacturers... Insert your SDCard in the cardreader attached to your PC. The SDCards size MUST NOT EXCEED 32GB as FAT32 can only use up to 32GB! Check if you want to save data beeing stored on that SDCard as it will be cleaned by the following tasks! Run the Installer Win32DiskImager-0.9.5-install.exe. Grant it access to your system. After the installation is finished you should have a new Desktop icon named "Win32DiskImager". Open Explorer. Right click to the drive holding your SDCard and select properties. Select "Tools" and run the Error-checking --> Check now... This releases the drive locking to enable Win32DiskImager and get access to the drive. Close the drive's properties. Right-mouse-click to Win32DiskImager icon and choose "run as Administrator". Under "Device" select your SDCard's drive. Under "Image File" select the unpacked file BootableSD.img Should look like this now: Click to "Write" and be patient. As 16GB will be written to your SDCard this takes a while... Wait until it's finished, confirm the finished-message and close Win32DiskImager. Your SDCard now IS bootable even if it appears to be blank if you open it in your explorer. And it will stay bootable no matter if you copy files to it or delete the files after use. You only may not reformat or repartition it! This would clear the bootsector! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now - what can we do with that card? To be continued in the next post...
  8. Hi, Is there any Onda air v989 v5 firmware to download? I didn' find any.;(
  9. Before I go any further, I just want to make it clear that I only PORTED this ROM to the Onda V919 3G Air (NOT for the dual boot version, but Android version only). The original creator Lepi did a wonderful job creating this ROM for the Cube Talk 9x and gave me his blessing to share it. I simply ported it over for our device, ironed out a few compatibility issues, and added a few things here and there. That being said, I nor Lepi or anyone else will not be held responsible for your device being damaged in any way. Lets get the Onda v919 a bit more ROM love Special thanks go to: · Lepi for creating the ROM (original thread here) · RekGRpth for mods, recipes, and testing · Alexey for mods, recipes, and testing · arsenev for mods, recipes, and testing · cherva70 for mods, recipes, and testing · Graevka for mods, recipes, and testing · FatuRe for mods, recipes, and testing · the_vanya1 for mods, recipes, and testing · Slimhouse for mods, recipes, and testing · grisha84 for mods, recipes, and testing · Paget96 for his great LSpeed Revolution mod (thread here) Known Bugs: You tell me :-) Changelog (based on KitKat 4.4.2 and unofficial 2.0 ROM Cube Talk 9x release from December 2014): · Fully deodexed · ROOT by default Superuser app from Clockworkmod · Removed all software in Chinese · Modified boot.img · Init.d support via busybox · USB debugging enabled on first boot · Added the ability to display the traffic in the status bar settings by color and off as needed. Keep in mind that color settings of texts in the status bar is only possible in portrait mode. · Added a setting density screen for those wishing to increase the size of the entire display at the touch of a button. · By default, the check box is turned on Unknown sources in Settings \ Security for the convenience of a quick recovery applications via Titanium. · Black and Customizable gestures now in the bright subject. · Round avatars in contacts and SMS. · Implemented 3Minit Battery Mod (found under Display settings) · Lowered minmum manual brightness of the display to 4% and auto brightness level · Modified file platform.xml for full access to memory card · Improved user interface firmware forbetter readability · Returned to stock status bar settings · Implemented system application in font chooser settings to change font · Implemented development niorix flash drives to mount NTFS file system · Implemented animation notifications in status bar. Thanks to Slimhouse and grisha84 for recipes, and cherva70 for the help · USB connection now has button instead of doing Tap on the picture. Thank grisha84 for the recipe · When you start the dialer in white topic immediately opens the numeric keypad to dial. Thanks lekha1980 · Changed power_profile in the hope of correct statistics for battery discharge. · Turned off the default Power Saver Mode. To enable it you need to uncheck the check box. After rebooting daw back. That is exactly the opposite against stock options. The idea of ​​user CatB. His test was successful. · Removed mourning triangles on the avatars of contacts · Removed annoying BEEP when you press the volume rocker · Settings \ For developers introduced Engineering menu and test menu · Changed the white theme. Made design a la Lolipop. · Implemented management applet folder init.d, ie system tweaks based on scripts. Thank grisha84 for the recipe · Introduced function to remove all recently opened applications. Thanks Alexey arsenev · Stock radio replaced the radio from Lenovo. Thank Joker2010 finder and aid in the treatment of this application bugs · Changed icons and many system applications · Preinstalled Android L Keyboard · Implemented library against stuttering sound when online viewing. Thanks to everyone who participated in this patch · Ability to disable system applications in the Settings \ Applications. Thanks for the recipe RekGRpth. · Change style icons Android L · Screenshot and screen record in Power Menu. Thanks for the recipe Alexey arsenev and cherva70 for troubleshooting · Blocking in the Preferences, the application AdAway. Thank you for the idea Graevka · Light theme settings in Google aссoun · Sound unlock additional tab in the Preferences. Thank FatuRe for the recipe · Mode multiuser for 5 people. · Returned undeservedly forgotten flashlight. · Traffic in the status bar. Thank the_vanya1 for manual · Animation notification with customizable animation. Thanks grisha84 for the recipe · Changed default language to US English on first boot (Dai323) · Added stock boot animation (Dai323) · Added Nova Launcher as default (Dai323) · Added Numix Material icons (activate them in Nova Settings under “look and feel-icon theme” (Dai323) · Added Material Wallpaper (Dai323) · Preloaded Xposed Installer (Dai323) · Preloaded LSpeed Revolution mods from Paget96 (preloaded by Dai323) · Added modded gps.conf (Dai323) · Fixed broken Bluetooth caused by incompatibility issues with Cube Talk 9x (Dai323) · Fixed broken camera caused by incompatibility issues with Cube Talk 9x (Dai323) L Speed Revolution (Paget96) can all be found on the original thread here. You can activate and pick the scripts you want to use by opening Terminal emulator, typing “su”, and then “LS”. From there, pick the scripts you want to activate. Download and installation instructions: Download the ROM from Mega here, and put it on sd card (internal or external ok, but I recommend external). MAKE A NANDROID BACKUP. Full wipe from custom recovery. Flash ROM. Optional – Install PA Full Gapps or smaller (don’t install stock, as it breaks camera) from here directly after flashing ROM in recovery. If you do this, you will need to go into Language and Input and manually choose Android L keyboard to have a working keyboard. Otherwise, Voice Input is on by default. If you don’t flash Gapps, Google Keyboard is preloaded. Reboot and enjoy. While there are many Lollipop themed elements in the ROM, some things aren’t themed, which made me find ways to tweak the theme. Here’s a short video of the stock theme: And here’s a clip of the same ROM after I added Monster UI Xposed module: There are quite a few dark on dark issues should you choose to use the module, but for the most part it looks very smooth. This is a matter of personal taste, which is why I didn’t preinstall the module in the ROM. If you want your theme to look like mine, do the following: Activate Numix icons Turn on “Card Background” in Nova settings under “App and Widget Drawer”. Install Xposed Module “Monster UI” and reboot (it will now apply the theme and look as mine did in the video). Clock widget is free on Play Store (Minimal Clock is the name of the app). Battery widget requires XWidgets (free) and to download “Pure Battery Info “widget” within the app (also free). Quote widget is Bhanu Quote widget. Enjoy Lepipop J
  10. Official Onda v975m Beta 2.0.1v3 Rom 4.4.2 Firmware Thanks go to Jarryel for the early available announcement
  11. Hi, this should be first non-so-test release of my firmware for Onda V975m tablet. This firmware covers all versions of tablets (V1, V3 and V4). NOTE: Installing this firmware removes possibility of going back to stock ROM for now !!! If you are coming from other firmware than mine, use USB Burning tool file to install (instructions on 2nd post), otherwise you can safely flash zip (second download). Selecting if you have Bluetooth or not: On first boot you will see in top left corner BT icon notification. Expand notification bar and tap on Onda bluetooth settings and choose which device you have. MD5: 16d84b06c157c9b8afab8af9623dcb4f MD5: 37851f14add223c8293184f974c0dd15 Enjoy
  12. I have just bought the new V919 Air CH in mainland China, but I bricked it. I learnt from the forum that I can unbrick it by flashing its Bios. But there is no download of this ROM file from Onda.cn website, anyone has a V919 Air CH and can dump/copy its Bios for me? Thanks.
  13. Hi all, Hoping to get a little bit of help here. I bought my 16 gig, Onda V989 Air v3 about a month ago now and I've barely been able to use it. 1) The internal memory is separated into two partitions one of them being only 1.7 gigs. All my apps seem to be being downloaded to this partition instead of the bigger one, and as a result I have close to 10 gigs of space remaining in my total internal memory but I can't download any more apps. Does anyone know how to fix this? 2) I bought the tablet with the expection that I would be able to upgrade to Lollipop immediately. After a great deal of searching I still can't find any update to Lollipop for this device. Is there one available? If not, what's the best ROM / custom ROM and where do I find it? 3) I tried contacting Onda to either get a replacement (as I thought the memory partition issue was defect) or return the device and I couldn't get through. They would take a day to respond to each email and would give me the run around, repeating themselves over and over again (delete unused apps). Is there a better way of contacting these people, or do they really just not give a f*ck?
  14. Hello everyone here comes the awaited ROM for our tablet ONDA v919 3g air! I've been trying to make easy to go ROM for our device and finally I managed to create the first stage of the project... I present you the MaCroX' ROM v1.0 for ONDA v919 3g air Core8 NOTE: - Before installing the ROM you need to have CWM or TWRP custom recovery installed! - I am not responsible for any damage that is done to your tablet before, while or after the process of instalation! - Make sure to backup your old ROM (I suggest MTK Droid tools backup) if your device gets bricked for unknown reason! FEATURES: - Completely bloatware free! - deodexed - pre-rooted - zipalligned - init.d tweaked - build.prop tweaked - Custom boot animation - English language is ROM's default - Nova launcher comes preinstalled instead of Onda's stock one - KitKat themed (no Onda's chinese system apps!) - Xposed preinstalled - AdAway adblocking preinstalled - Easy to use for newcomers INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: - Put .zip file on your USB storage or SDcard - Do a full wipe (data, cache, dalvik cache) - Install zip from internal SD card / SD card - wait untill the installation completes - reboot system - Update SU binaries through the SU app - Update Google play services on play store - Set up AdAway adblocking - Set up your favourite Xposed modules SCREENSHOTS: BUGS: Report to me if you find any! So far so good and stable for me... DOWNLOAD LINK: MaCroX' ROM v1.0 Credits: BIG THANKS TO RobV (help and support on forum and uploading the files) netdrg (deodexed rom, TWRP custom recovery) Paolo Čerić (boot animation) raishiro (boot animation) Nova Launcher team (The best launcher for android availible) - support them by buying your own copy of Nova launcher Enjoy!! Please don't write bellow things such as "thanks" or "great", If you like the ROM/my work just press the green arrow next to my posts or support me through donations I would not like to get the forum topic bloated with offtopic posts. Also dual-boot users if you have any questions regarding the dual-boot version rom development plz write me a PM, This topic belongs to core8 users and questions / complaints related to this particular ROM
  15. Hello Guys I just received the Onda v989 air V3. I want to install a custom rom, I'm not able to put my device in brush mode and I don't think that the drivers are the problem because every drivers needed seems to be installed. I tried Onda Suite and PheonixSuite but the two program can't recognize the tablet when I try to put it in brush mode. Sometimes it start the upgrade when windows detect the tablet, but the upgrade freeze at 0% and it says that my tablet is not plugged in. So I tried to flash it with Pheonixcard and with one SD card its always making an error in the burning. and with two other sd cards the burn process works but the tablet dont want to boot at all with the 2 SD cards. I tried both solution with my 2 PCs one with Windows 8.1 ( and yes I installed the driver disabling the driver protection..) and I tried everything with my other PC on windows 7. I really want to flash an other rom, the one that came with the tablet is so laggy and full of *** Thank you please help..
  16. Please any one can tell me which stock ROM is for my tablet. its a quad core & 3G one. Its "custom build version" is v1.0.1_v2. I'am uploading a screen shot too. SN:P719Q8E9V1A00029
  17. Here you can find V989 ROMs for custom recovery. The following link contains a CWM image and a modified ROM for v4 hardware: https://yadi.sk/d/7Dzf8ZqRcWux8 Modifications list: 1) No chinees apps (really there are several apps such as Onda Desktop, File Manager, e.t.c.). 2) Partially deodexed (framework is not deodexed). 3) Root (SuperSU). 4) Zipalign. 5) 1.8Ghz mod. 6) Awesome Beats. 7) Updated time zones.
  18. Hello, i have a big problem and here it is: I flashed the stane rom on my Onda v975m V3 and it works fine! Installed TWRP - works fine! I was going to install the kernel to improve performance, but I had two sd cards with different stuff on it The first was the kernel.zip and the second was the rozak V3 2.0.1 2G rom. I took the wrong sd card, so it started installing the rozak rom... For some reason, it stopped and my tablet didn't react. Now my real problem: These are the steps I followed to "unbrick" my onda: 1) Made a bootable SD card with sdcardmaker with a 2Gb sd card - no problem 2) copied all rom files (update, factory_update_param.aml, u-boot.bin, aml_autoscript, recovery) to the root of the sd card - no problem 3) put the sd card in the tablet and started the procedure (holding power button and vol +/- until the green droid man appears - no problem 4) the installing bar goes up full, the droid man disapperas but then he comes back and the procedure starts again and again and AGAIN I have no reason for that.. My solution options: 1) another SD Card -> loop 2) another rom (stock) -> loop Do you guys have any idea or answer for me to solve this problem ? Thanks
  19. I've upgraded CWM, but my CWM rom the other, knowing you alone with. and one more thing that I need driver onda suitale
  20. This is a short version of the tutorial to flash Onda firmware with Ubuntu. All the usual disclaimers apply -- use this at your own risk! Preparation (needed only the first time you flash): 1. Make sure your device can connect to Ubuntu via USB. Type sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules Add the following new line to the text file that opens, save and close: SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="1f3a", MODE="0664", GROUP="plugdev" 2. Install developer USB libraries and DKMS: sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev sudo apt-get install dkms 3. Install LiveSuite for Linux (following instructions from http://linux-sunxi.org/LiveSuit ): 3.1. Download the appropriate LiveSuit version from http://docs.cubieboard.org/downloads 3.2. Unzip and execute LiveSuit.run 4. Restart your computer to make sure all the newly installed modules are initialized correctly. Flashing: 5. Run LiveSuit.sh as root. Follow the directions on the screen: 6. When asked, choose to format before updating. Wait patiently until 100% update (2-3 minutes)... 7. Exit the program, disconnect USB, reboot tablet. This is the first version of the tutorial, please comment below if anything is unclear. The attached pdf file contains more detailed instructions: Flashing_Allwinner_Firmware_on_Ubuntu.pdf Links to sites containing useful details and software: http://linux-sunxi.org/LiveSuit http://docs.cubieboard.org/downloads http://developer.android.com/tools/device.html
  21. Hello, I'm with stock 1.0.9 v1, I don't have problem with WIFI, but when play some games the system hang and need restart or the game stop working and close. Otherwise everything is OK. I tried with different games as Robocop or Offroad Legends 2. Does it make sense to put 1.1.0 or 2.0.1 ? I don't want to install custom ROM's. Thank you !
  22. hey guys i remember i found a thread here(at least i thinl it was this forum) with a poll of the best roms as voted by users and another thread with all the roms and there bugs but i cant seem to find them i must be blind as i thought they were stickys but cant find them even by using search. could anyone please post the link if u have them or post what u think is the best rom currently. i really need to change its way to laggy my current rom is base band version v1.0.8_v3 it doesnt boder me what version of android the rom is as they are all pretty much the same. i just want to be able to use the tablet without getting constant lag thanks Grim
  23. Hello everyone, I apologize for the English but use Google translator, I have a v975m V3 ROM Stane, I would like to connect a ps2 controller to the tablet, I OTG adapter, the adapter for the ps2 controller, connect them, and the light of analog switches on, but the controls do not work. I also tried the application to set the buttons but not required. I asked and ROM Rozak works. Do you know if it is a software problem of Stane? You can change it in some way! I want to play with my emulator FPSE
  24. Does anyone know if/when either Onda or a third party (Rozak) will be putting out an Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM for the v975m tablet? I know Lollipop is ULTRA new, but some of the features in it are a perfect fit for the v975m and I am just itching to load it up on my tablet and try it out. Also, does anyone know if there is a CyanogenMod ROM for the Onda v975m tablet? Has anyone tried CyanogenMod? How is it? Is it as good as the media has been hyping it up to be lately?
  25. EDIT: 10/19/2014 re: Other Onda Device models New Devices still maintain 9th/10th identifier in Serial Number = assembly version number = V# Some devices Firmware require to refer to 9th / 10th / 11th for proper update files. Certain device model versions may have offered 2 core or 4 core processor = Firmware is different Current Devices - Onda " Firmware " no longer referred to as ROM " AFO " specific file type / name ( Onda has not disclosed AFO definition ) Firmware Naming: examples: V101w_v2_v2.0.0 = Device: v101w assembly version v2 Firmware version _v2.0.0 V989 Core8_v1.0.0_v1-0717 = Device v989 Firmware version v1.0.0 assembly version v1 Onda actual post date 07/17/2014 Onda Windows Device(s) Device specific requirement - BIOS being mated to Onda version " Win8.1w/Bing " Onda Win 8.1 versions contain necessary Drivers for internal devices. Some existing Onda devices may or may not activate automatically. Activation is required for all Windows Operating Systems. Windows Automatic updates may require re-installing Onda (updated) device drivers. General Windows Errata Topic Windows 8.x Questions - http://www.eightforums.com/ and many others is an excellent Windows 8.x support forum.for those Windows related questions ALWAYS USE PROPER DEVICE VERSION FIRMWARE, cross installation may brick the device v975m Device Hardware version information can be found as part of your device serial number. Your serial number is located on the back / rear of the device, across bottom ( page view ) * Above bottom line, is printed Model " V975M " - S/N will begin with V975M ( first 5 characters of S/N ) Also attached on the outside of the box ( printed sticker ) Note the 9th and 10th alpha / numeric in your serial number 9th is always " V ", followed by 10th is always a number place v next to number = V1, V2, V3, currently V4 this is your reference model number EDIT: Model versions change, when internal hardware is changed or added in the device. EX: changed or added internal hardware chip(s) EX: consider v3 = (v1/v2) + Blue Tooth - when used with mated ROM version. ROM Your v975m hardware device model version dictates what Onda ROM should be used. Ex: For v1 hardware mate to v1 ROM Exception : v2 hardware ( mostly mainland China distribution ) Mate with v1 ROM * NOTE If you decide to attempt non-mated / unmatched hardware and ROM Please remember there are consequences to all actions. Sometimes a little, Sometimes a lot. Experience is ( not always ) the best teacher If your desired use is for the " softest, easiest, safest way " Skip this section. Many owners work outside the " Official " manufacturer release version ROM For those willing to tread where manufacturer does not actively support. For those desiring the newest offerings and to be one of the first ... Seek support and advice in specific topic related support forums / sites, for quickest response. Welcome home, we have a lot going on here. Pull up a seat and get comfortable... Forum posts Before posting questions that may have been asked and answered many times before you arrived Read all that others before you have shared. Learn from and with them ... Look for repeated issues and work-a-rounds, if many are experiencing ... you may also experience If you experience something not posted, make a post, focus on the issue / problem, ( not just " it worked last night now my screen is black when i touch the power button, what do I do ? " ) provide enough information so others may help or direct you where to find needed additional help ... Include device version and Firmware version If unknown issues surface and are not discussed, how could anyone expect a solution ? Try to keep post in the proper ( existing ) thread / topic. EX: NOT posting 4.3 stuff in a 4.4 Beta thread. Do not start a new thread because you may not have time or are unwilling or cannot read. Redundant threads may be closed, removed or locked by Admin. You may not receive any help. Worldwide membership means translators are often in use = broken language structures if a post appears to be confusing, re-read the post with language translation consideration. Become a part of, not apart from the ( v975m Onda family ) group. Patience and common courtesy If posting for help, please permit enough time for an answer, from someone that actually experienced same issue(s), they may have a solution. There are 24 hours in a day. Everyone, from the least helpful to the most knowledgeable must have rest time Many folks will not respond until they have a positive result to share ... this often takes time. ... folks may be 1/2 world away .. or down the street. For most all problems there are existing solutions. Solutions usually begin with patience. * Note: Having the same help post in multiple forums / threads / topics, across multiple sites / forums may create additional confusion and anxiety for you and other members. If you do not respond to every individual post reply received ... those folks that may have a solid solution may assume you found a fix that worked. Check your posts daily. After a few days ... others may ignore post and move on Do not expect folks to know your current position, when they discover conflicting thread chains.. Always post some type of follow up letting others know status or solution .... to all sites posted. Many " visitors " find the answers to their problem was already noted through out the threads / topics / forums / discussion groups. They just had to look in the right place. For many members, their only posts are for expressing thanks, some names are otherwise rarely seen. Once logged in, many members simply click the " UP arrow " button.to express thanks. There is a fix for nearly everything. Patience is required