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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I wonder if there is a new firmware available for the Onda 20 Plus? I found this one Firmware update? But not sure how to patch it or if it's even legit I'm still trying to resolve my windows sd card issue Thanks
  2. Hi, I was using my onda v80 plus without any issue however one days it suddenly powered of and it couldnt boot again. So, I tried to install windows and failed, also tried to install Android and failed too. (Windows couldn't format the drive and Android couldn't create partitions on device blocks) After searching for problem, I got a clue that targets eMMC. It seems eMMC device is corrupted. I tried to perform checking tools on eMMC but nothing could fix it. Now, I changed my scope, because seems impossible to fix eMMC device, and decided to install windows on SDCARD device. But, windows installation unfortunately unable to recognize card reader and I need to find driver of sdcard reader. Is there any body to help me or assist me to solve this problem? Thnx,
  3. Can you please post speeds that you get from MicroSD cards on V80 Plus tablet? I am getting 11-12 MB/s (both write and read) no matter how fast MicroSD card is. I understand that I cannot get full speed of very fast cards, but is there a way to get little bit more speed out of It?
  4. Hey folks, I am new at this forum and I recently got my Onda v919 Air CH dual boot tablet and so less so far it runs very well. I only have one issue: In Windows 10, when I plug in the Samsung Evo 64 gb micro sdcard (I also tried some other micro sdcards as well, but I want this to work) I hear the normal Windows sound that some hardware was added and in the device manager pops up some sdcard class controller. The problem is, that the sdcard class controller got a Code 10 and it is obviously not recognized by the explorer. I tried to install some other drivers but it tells me that the current drivers are the best suitable every time. Besides in Android every micro sdcard I tested worked fine and w/o any problems. So is there some workaround, driver or BIOS which will fix the issue? I haven't found anything helpful yet. Thanks in advance
  5. There are several occasions where you might need a bootable SDCard for your tab. This is a guide howto create one. The bootable card itself can not harm or brick your tab if you boot it. But what you put on the data area of that card indeed CAN brick your tab or heal it from a brick. So - be careful and always be aware of what you are doing! The procedures were tested on Windows7 Professional x64 german edition. Unfortunately I can't help the MAC users - lean back and eat an apple for your health... Last Warning! Wrong usage of the tools and scripts in this thread can ruin your tab! First download and unpack to a folder on your PC. And before all the noobs ask again and again - the answer to all the following questions is NO! Is this a new ROM for my tab? Why can't I flash this using TWRP? Could you create a flashable package for me? Does BootableSD.img boot Linux on my tab? Will this unbrick my V989? After unpacking you will see four new files: SDcardMaker_eng.exe Tool to create a bootable SDCard. u-boot.bin Bootloader extracted from Rozak's V2.0.1 4GB ROM to be used with SDcardMaker_eng.exe. Win32DiskImager-0.9.5-install.exe Installer for Win32DiskImager to restore/create images of SDCards (bootable or not). BootableSD.img This is an image of a bootable 16GB SDCard. Use it with Win32DiskImager. Now there are two ways to create a bootable SDCard: The easy, correct and quick way. The long way. Let's take a look at the easy way: Insert your SDCard in the cardreader attached to your PC. The SDCards size MUST NOT EXCEED 32GB as FAT32 can only use up to 32GB! Check if you want to save data beeing stored on that SDCard as it will be cleaned by the following tasks! Right-mouse-click to SDcardMaker_eng.exe and choose "run as Administrator". Select the drive of your SDCard. Be sure to select the correct one! Activate the checkbox "Repartition and format (to fat32)". Select the bin file: --> Open --> Choose u-boot.bin you unpacked before. Should look like this now: Click to "Make a boot card". The tool partitions the SDCard, writes the bootloader and opens the Windows format tool. Let it format the card. You may choose your own volume label here. Close the Windows format tool. OK --> Close SDcardMaker_eng.exe Your SDCard now IS bootable even if it appears to be blank if you open it in your explorer. And it will stay bootable no matter if you copy files to it or delete the files after use. You only may not reformat or repartition it! This would clear the bootsector! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now let's take a look at the long way for the people that do not trust the quick way or are unsure if they succeeded running SDcardMaker_eng.exe: I only tested this with my 16GB SDCard. I do not know if this will work using a 8GB card or less. Even your 16GB could be a few bytes bigger or smaller and could break the process. Please report your results using cards of different sizes and manufacturers... Insert your SDCard in the cardreader attached to your PC. The SDCards size MUST NOT EXCEED 32GB as FAT32 can only use up to 32GB! Check if you want to save data beeing stored on that SDCard as it will be cleaned by the following tasks! Run the Installer Win32DiskImager-0.9.5-install.exe. Grant it access to your system. After the installation is finished you should have a new Desktop icon named "Win32DiskImager". Open Explorer. Right click to the drive holding your SDCard and select properties. Select "Tools" and run the Error-checking --> Check now... This releases the drive locking to enable Win32DiskImager and get access to the drive. Close the drive's properties. Right-mouse-click to Win32DiskImager icon and choose "run as Administrator". Under "Device" select your SDCard's drive. Under "Image File" select the unpacked file BootableSD.img Should look like this now: Click to "Write" and be patient. As 16GB will be written to your SDCard this takes a while... Wait until it's finished, confirm the finished-message and close Win32DiskImager. Your SDCard now IS bootable even if it appears to be blank if you open it in your explorer. And it will stay bootable no matter if you copy files to it or delete the files after use. You only may not reformat or repartition it! This would clear the bootsector! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now - what can we do with that card? To be continued in the next post...
  6. Hi there! I am booting an Allwinner A33 from sdcard with different images, linux and android. However, with every image the nand devices do not show up: /dev/block/nandX. Is it possible to access the nand when booted from an sdcard? Am I missing configuration options to enable the device on the system? Thanks in advance!