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  1. Win 8.1To Android Flash Eng Tutorial.docx Win8.1 system To Android system English Translated Preparation: 1 download the corresponding models Android system firmware package 2 is already a tablet Win8.1 system, power more than 80%. 3 with a powered USB HUB and OTG cable 4 keyboard, mouse, and U disk 5 a desktop computer and a USB cable plugged into a desktop computer rear USB interface First, Brush BIOS Android system under 1 Download the firmware package, unzip the following files: 2 Plug U disk to your computer, then open the BIOS folder, copy all the files inside to the root directory of U 3. USB HUB power, then connect a keyboard, mouse, and U disk and OTG cable 4. The Tablet PC, open the "this computer" to see how much U disk drive and write it down. Then turn into: update and restore settings    immediately restart recovery Advanced Options    troubleshooting command prompt, after tablet reboot, you need to select an account and asked to enter a password, and then will display the command line prompt, please according to the following chart shows the keyboard, enter the command to update the BIOS: Reminder: Burn BIOS is very important, once failed, tablet will not boot, you may need to deal with a depot repair. Burn bios interface as shown below, after the completion of the characters will display a green line at the end. 5 After the burning is complete, type exit to exit the command line, and then click Close tablet icon off. BIOS flashing is completed. Boot again, it will display the battery icon under the Android system. Second, brush Android system 1 Open the TOOLS folder, and then turn on your computer, please install three software in the following order: a) IntelAndroidDrvSetup1.5.0 iSocUSB-Driver-Setup-1.0.2 c) ManufacturingFlashTool_Setup_6.0.30 Tip: If you have a prior similar software installed on your computer, please uninstall and prevent conflict. 2 above three software installation, no other settings, click "Next" button until installation is complete. (2) to find the icon on your desktop, right click and select "Properties" on the menu, open the following window: 3 Click on the map "Open File Location" button, into the installation directory ManufacturingFlashTool this program, then copy TOOLS folder files to this installation directory, after the completion of the following figure: After completion, close the open windows. 4 Double-click on the desktop , open the program, the interface is as follows: 5 followed by clicking the top left corner of the File-> open, start loading the firmware configuration file (select flash-Anzhen3-simple.xml file under firmware package): After successful firmware configuration file is loaded, the tool will display at the bottom of the path of the firmware information: 6 has been successfully burned into the Android tablet computer system BIOS, then press and hold the power button to boot, and so after the boot logo appears on the screen, plug in the USB cable and connect to the computer, this time the computer will prompt the discovery of new hardware and automatically install the driver, the tool will display a progress bar out. Please do not do other operations, wait for the driver automatically installed, and start burning firmware. Subject to the progress bar went to 100% means Brush finished. Tablet PC will restart at this time to boot. Note: 1 If there is a failure to brush machine, unplug the USB cable, and then turn the upper left corner, click Tools File Remove Completed devices, then the progress bar will disappear on the tool, then flat Jieshang Qu, re-burning. This Eng translated Tutorial with Pictures Download v975i Android OS Download EDIT: All available download files are located in the Downloads directory. “ Downloads “ button at the top of this page Available files are grouped by Device named category All files are listed in reverse chronological order ( newest upload file is listed first ) Most device categories each have multiple pages of listed file names.
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    V819i_AndroidOS.rar Win 8.1 To Android Flash Tools v819i Android O/S Chinese Tutorial
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    V975i_AndroidOS.rar Android O/S BIOS Tools Chinese tutorial
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