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Found 15 results

  1. hi all got my v80+ dual boot a couple of weeks now - its ok - cheap and cheerful *** i only really use WINDOW 10 as i have android on my phone but lately , i noticed the tablet battery drains really fast in sleep mode - by power button as well as bottom left window icon / power / sleep i timed it yesterday - 2pm 100% by 11pm 47 % , this morning 2% at 7am anyone else ? any ideas what to do - i have turned on the battery saver , checked no connection when sleep etc ...it seems silly if i have to turn OFF the thing every time !?
  2. Hi I just bought an Onda Obook 20 Plus and when in Android mode and battery at 100% I put the tablet on standby by pushing the power button. 5 hours later the battery is drained Anyone having the same issue? Thanks in advance
  3. I have this tablet for a few months now. Recently I noticed, that there was charging animation even the the tablet was disconnected thom the external power source. Then it suddenly turned off itself, but I was able to turn it on and the battery icon was back to normal. After using it lightely, I put it to sleep. After few days I checked it, but didnt managed to turn it on. I tought it maybe dischaerged. After charging it fore some time, I couldnt boot it. Week later, after reading about similar problems with other tablets, I tired jumpstarting the battery with direct charging. This let me too boot the tablet since battery was about 10%. However when the tablet booted, charging didnt helped, percentage was about the same after like 1h of charging and tablet was very how and the charger as well. and when I tried my pnoe charger, which's less than 1A, the battery slowly discharged. This continues for about a week, since I was searching for variuos methos to revive my tablet. After thhe battery was about 10%, I disconnected it from the motherboard to see if my battery is bad or not, and it seems to be ok, as it did not discarged completely after few days. So the problem is, the tablet is basically not charging: battery basically keeps cold or heat lightly, and the motherboar heats up enourmously. IDK allot about this, but seems like the motherboard or something is leaking power, like short circuit and stuff.. Does anyone have any advice what to do next?
  4. Larousse60

    Driver Problem V5

    ı install clear windows 10 but touch, sound, battery control, I could not find the driver did not work, I installed a lot of driver. What I install drivers ?? (My Bad English) My Tablet Version :
  5. can the battery be replaced? my battery won't charge anymore. Thanks
  6. I have a hard failure of the battery in this unit. It will now only work when plugged into the wall charger. I did purchase a battery pack online but when It arrived it was not exactly the same so I exchanged the bloated battery in my unit with one of the batteries in the new battery pack.... Still will not hold a charge. Let me back up and state also there are two batteries in this unit connected together via a circuit board ( Which I think is the charger) I think the real problem is in that board. In addition to this, one of the batteries was very bloated almost to the point of cracking open the case of the unit. I was afraid the Lithium battery might explode so I changed it out. As mentioned by another member on this forum (Pellegon) Onda Tablet Company has very poor customer service. I was told I would need to wait until a battery became available "On the website"...Still waiting!!!" I purchased this unit because it has all I wanted in a Surface Pro 3 and Two full size usb ports. Wow my dream had come true at "Less than half the cost of the raved Surface Pro!" Well you know what they say about things that look "Too good to be true" Now I am stuck to my power cord and a $545.00 purchase. At this point I can only see taking the hit again for the Surface pro 3 but I hate to give up the luxury of TWO full sized usb ports and this big wide screen. So has anyone out there found a solution to fixing this problem with the Onda V116w (Windows only tablet) ??? Maybe a source that will supply the correct battery??? Any other configuration of battery that might work on this unit??? Im open to any ideas to salvage this tablet.
  7. Hey when my 919v air dual OS is on it won't charge, even on a 2.5a 5v charger. it charges slowly when off however. Same thing in android and windows. has anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix? does your tablet charge well?
  8. Hi all! Yesterday I received my onda v820w (v5), I'm thinking unistall android and let only windows 10 with fresh install, but I found something strange that afraid me: Sometimes the tablet does not charge under windows 10, it shows is connected (without led light), but no charging, in that case, in order to se the led light again I have to change to android, then the charging led turns on, and going back to windows is still there, but if I turn off the tablet, when I boot windows again the led and charging stops working again, is connected but no charging, so is a software problem, but don't know what to do, maybe some configuration in the BIOS? At first I thought it was because of my charger, that only has 2A (instead 2.5A that says onda in the back part of the tablet), but on android is always charging ok, and returning to windows form android seems to fix it temporarily, so has to be software right? One more issue when charging is that the touch screen is not working properly, sometimes touch recognizes multiples phantom touch, but this should be because of the charger, because is happening also in android, and only when charging. In the other hand, I can't find BIOS or drivers updates for this model (v5) in the download section. So in the end, I don't know if I should unistall android, I'm afraid to loose chraging battery functionality :/ Any thoughts on this? I can provide any data yo need Thanks in advantage, cheers PD: Sorry for my english level, I'm spanish
  9. Well, I never thought I would say this but it seems I have to declare my v989 v4 tablet DEAD! I would greatly appreciate if somebody else who has experienced something like this gave a clue or two. Here is what happened: I have an Onda v989 v4 tablet with the custom "Onda z rom" (provided by ardpat - not the lolipop version) installed. While surfing the web, using chrome, my screen went black, tablet shut off and wouldn't boot at all. After several unsuccesfull tries to revive it I tried to get into recovery mode without success. I tried to connect it via usb cable to my pc but it wasn't recognized at all. I decided to install a stock or/and custom rom via onda suite and phoenix suite but tablet was never recognized by either of them. I even tried to install a rom using an sd card but with no result at all. During all the above mentioned procedures the screen was always black. Since my tablet had earlier crush issues when battery reached a certain amount of battery power (55%-75%), that were solved using the method provided by timox ("disconnect the power cable wich is connected to the battery and wait for some time before reconnecting it"), I decided to open the back cover and check again the battery connections, but everything seemed in place. I removed the battery cable, waited for a minute and reconnected it, but tablet did not boot.However there is some strange behaviour. As soon as I press the power button the mainboard (motherboard) of the tablet is heating indicating that power from the battery is running to it. In addition as soon as I press the power button for ten seconds tablets mainboard coolls off in a minute or two indicating that it is turned off. I then gave the tablet to an electrician to check it. He did some tests and told me that mainboard had a problem and propably it needs to be replaced. He said that some chips where dragging more power than the appropriate resulting in a malfunction. I am not an electrician therefore I don't know if he is telling me the truth and mainboard is the problem or he's trying to make some easy bucks. Has anyone of you had this problem before? In any case do you know where can I find a mainboard for my v989 tablet?
  10. Hello friends. I have a huge problem with my onda v989 tablet v2.0.1 v4. First of all my screen was faulty so i had to change it. Before and after that my battery was faulty too. Some times when battery had 15% tablet suddenly tablet powered off. Other times when battery was at 30% battery did the same. Finally battery was dead. Only some times i could open the tablet when it was plugged in with power cable. After that i ordered a battery from aliexpress. I changed it by myself. Tablet was working great but suddenly a day i heard a strage sound something like a wave from the battery inside the tablet and i plugged it out. then i put it again and it was working again.Battery life is good but my problem is that sometimes tablet goes superfast but sometimes my tablet was super slow like it has very low battery. For example from 100% to 70% maybe it could be super fast then could be super slow from 70 % to 40% then again super fast and then super slow. when tablet is charging i think its always super fast. I always have a lot of free ram and around 1gb free at internal storage. I also restored to factory settings but tablet was still slow sometimes with no reason. I accelarated rendering with force gpu rendering and force 4x Msaa but nothing changed when tablet's speed is slow. When i run multimedia music for example sound is lagging when tablet is slow. I was monitoring gpu rendering and when tablet was slow gpuonscreen bars were so high!!!! they where starting from the bottom of the screen and they where hiting the status bar!!!! Thats my interesting story! I would listen carefuly your opinions and im waiting for your help! thanks you very much for your time!
  11. Installed latest (02/2015) BIOS on v919 3G dual OS, solved the uSD card access after switching OS. However, battery life is much shorter on Win8.1. Used to be short on Android but acceptable for Win8.1. Now, it is bad on both. Does not last even 5 hours, which is very poor for Intel Bay Trail Z3736 based tablet. Hoping for improvements with newer BIOS.
  12. Hello. I have a V4 with Stane's ROM. If I plug the charger, it works OK. The battery appears as charged at 100%, but if I unplug the charger, the tablet turns off, as if the battery was empty. And I can't switch on it if I don't plug the charger again. ¿Any suggestion about it? Thanks.
  13. I recently upgraded my Onda v975m V4 with the official rom Android 4.4.2 , but was suffering from massive battery drain from mobile standby process. There are many posting about removing the phone.apk....etc files, but they don't exist on my rom. I solved my problem by moving these .apk files to another backup directory (requires root access) and rebooting /system/app/TelephonyProvider.apk /system/priv-app/TeleService.apk I hope it helps.
  14. I thought the battery life was not very good so I wanted to push it and see how long it last, surprise... The indicator reached 0% so the tablet shut down. I restarted the tablet right after to see if it boots, it did, the tablet has been running for over an hour now with a battery indicator at 0%. The good news I guess is that the battery is better than what it seems, the problem is you can't tell how much battery is left... There is obviously something wrong with windows battery monitoring, any idea how to fix it ?
  15. I bought this tablet few days back. The battery life is very poor. I get around 3 to 3.5 hours of screen on time on full battery. In standby mode it consumes a lot as well. Onda home app and mediaserver process consumes battery in background. I am not using the default launcher. I use Nova launcher. Any solutions? And can I install any 3rd party roms?