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Found 5 results

  1. Onda v975m ROM / ROOT simple upgrade guide Onda Official ROM - Onda install instructions * Custom ROM installation = follow instruction provided by Developer Battery 60% + NO external ( cable ) connection when attempting ROM upgrade / root ** Battery 80+ % - v3 device ( if using OTG method ) see below Download ( current / selected ) Onda Original ROM.zip file Un-compress file ( creates a folder that will contain needed files ) Copy included files ( 5 files, generally ) to FAT32 formatted micro SD card All files ( NOT .txt file ) placed directly on micro SD card ( DO NOT place in a folder on mSD card ) Ex: 1.09v1 ( 5 files ) aml_autoscript factory_update_param.aml recovery.img u-bin.bin update.zip ( do not un-compress zip file ) ** Note some ROM update versions contain 4 files, ex: 1.05v1 MicroSD card need to be FAT 32 format. ( standard for new package card ) I use a different ( 4 GB or 8 GB or 16 GB maximum size cards ) for Upgrading or Rooting. If re-using card, safer to format or delete old files prior to attempting upgrade / root process. Files can be copied using computer / device ( file manager ) to card You will need an internal card slot or external card device attached to computer. Card size adapters can be used if necessary, without problems Files can be copied to mSD ( Ext. ) card via connecting computer / v975m with supplied USB cable Select - share / transfer file connection type in the v975m ( bottom choice of 3 ) pop up. When copying on mSD card or USB stick using M.S. computer = safely remove media the Windows way Always use MS Safe To Remove / v975m “ Unmount “ features to protect mSD card data / USB device and data also future successful accessibility. see: GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS With v975m power OFF Place card into v975m Hold Volume+ (up) rocker switch - located on tablet side - for 4-6 seconds Continue holding volume+ while you press and hold the Power button HOLD both … until you see the ( little ) green Android Release the power button first, Release the volume+ approx. 5 seconds later ( usually the little Android will single " flash / flicker " ) momentary black screen ... The little Android will change position, size, color – ( earlier ROM = big white Android ) note digital completion gauge under big Android ....... relax .... do not panic ............... honest ....... it will happen ...... ready ...... set ...... System will re-boot upon completion ( 10 minutes total , or less ) Initial ROM boot takes several minutes The device will boot with all Chinese characters Enter Settings – down left side, tap on “A” ( capital letter A ) Language settings Language settings - Right Side – Select first ( 1st ) item – scroll down list – select your language Similar instruction to ROOT v975m Download root file, un-compress, place files on mSD card Boot from mSD card following same button holds V975m will restart when completed. Edit: Completion time estimates Estimate 10 minutes ( less ) for brush Estimate. less than 1 minute for Root alone * NOTE continued root requires DISABLE Google play store auto-update feature, notifications is o.k. Onda official Root ( SU ) version does not perform root function if S.U. update is installed. ** 22 Apr 2014 v3 device 1.0.9v3 / 1.1.0v3 ROM and newer RECOMMEND 80+ % battery when attempting mUSB / OTG connection following OTG update process.
  2. Reminder: I do not have a Dual OS device. The attachment was provided for the v919 3G Air Dual OS device. Scanning all device guides during English translation ... This seems to be the most comprehensive guide. Google English translated Dual OS Android System installation guide Dual OS Android System Installation Guide.pdf 20150825 6 pdf package - various firmware tutorials Dual OS device FAQ etc. If efforts were helpful, say thanks by clicking on the UP Arrow near the bottom right side of this post
  3. English Wintel Driver Installation Guide 10282014.docx Google English Translated Install Guide Win 8.1 Onda Driver Package Download Link: EDIT: All available download files are located in the Downloads directory. “ Downloads “ button at the top of this page Available files are grouped by Device named category All files are listed in reverse chronological order ( newest upload file is listed first ) Most device categories each have multiple pages of listed file names. File located in the Intel Download Directory Guide is same for all Onda “ Wintel “ devices Wintel device driver packages for specific devices are located in the respective device, ROM sub-forums. Driver packages include necessary drivers for the specific device. Please read and follow instruction for installing all drivers. WiFi & Bluetooth require manual installation.
  4. Version


    English Translated Win 8.1with Bing System Installation Guide ( 07 July 2014 )
  5. Hi all, as a new android user I don't know much to do and everything looks complicated for me to do, so if anyone can please come up and put here some nice step by step guide how to do every thing, also with links it will be awesome and not only for me...