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  1. Hi all, Yesterday I did a fresh windows 10 install, is all working, but the touch screen seems to be not calibrated, is working but rhe pointer appears not exact under my finger, but a few cm down-left my finger. I tried recalibrating the touch screen with windows tool, tried other drivers and even restoring the driver from the original onda windows installation that came with tablet (I maked a backup of drivers installed before formatting), but is the same, working but not pointing the exact pussing zone Any ideas of what to do? My tablet is the v5. Thanks! EDIT: GUIDE TO GET FRESH WINDOWS 10 INSTALL WORKING CORRECTLY IN THE NEXT COMMENTARY
  2. So i just got an Onda V919 Air CH 9.7 inch Windows 10 Tablet PC Intel Cherry Trail Z8300, its nice, however i thought it was a dual boot reading closer it just has windows 10, can i install android on to it?
  3. Onda v975m ROM / ROOT simple upgrade guide Onda Official ROM - Onda install instructions * Custom ROM installation = follow instruction provided by Developer Battery 60% + NO external ( cable ) connection when attempting ROM upgrade / root ** Battery 80+ % - v3 device ( if using OTG method ) see below Download ( current / selected ) Onda Original ROM.zip file Un-compress file ( creates a folder that will contain needed files ) Copy included files ( 5 files, generally ) to FAT32 formatted micro SD card All files ( NOT .txt file ) placed directly on micro SD card ( DO NOT place in a folder on mSD card ) Ex: 1.09v1 ( 5 files ) aml_autoscript factory_update_param.aml recovery.img u-bin.bin update.zip ( do not un-compress zip file ) ** Note some ROM update versions contain 4 files, ex: 1.05v1 MicroSD card need to be FAT 32 format. ( standard for new package card ) I use a different ( 4 GB or 8 GB or 16 GB maximum size cards ) for Upgrading or Rooting. If re-using card, safer to format or delete old files prior to attempting upgrade / root process. Files can be copied using computer / device ( file manager ) to card You will need an internal card slot or external card device attached to computer. Card size adapters can be used if necessary, without problems Files can be copied to mSD ( Ext. ) card via connecting computer / v975m with supplied USB cable Select - share / transfer file connection type in the v975m ( bottom choice of 3 ) pop up. When copying on mSD card or USB stick using M.S. computer = safely remove media the Windows way Always use MS Safe To Remove / v975m “ Unmount “ features to protect mSD card data / USB device and data also future successful accessibility. see: GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS With v975m power OFF Place card into v975m Hold Volume+ (up) rocker switch - located on tablet side - for 4-6 seconds Continue holding volume+ while you press and hold the Power button HOLD both … until you see the ( little ) green Android Release the power button first, Release the volume+ approx. 5 seconds later ( usually the little Android will single " flash / flicker " ) momentary black screen ... The little Android will change position, size, color – ( earlier ROM = big white Android ) note digital completion gauge under big Android ....... relax .... do not panic ............... honest ....... it will happen ...... ready ...... set ...... System will re-boot upon completion ( 10 minutes total , or less ) Initial ROM boot takes several minutes The device will boot with all Chinese characters Enter Settings – down left side, tap on “A” ( capital letter A ) Language settings Language settings - Right Side – Select first ( 1st ) item – scroll down list – select your language Similar instruction to ROOT v975m Download root file, un-compress, place files on mSD card Boot from mSD card following same button holds V975m will restart when completed. Edit: Completion time estimates Estimate 10 minutes ( less ) for brush Estimate. less than 1 minute for Root alone * NOTE continued root requires DISABLE Google play store auto-update feature, notifications is o.k. Onda official Root ( SU ) version does not perform root function if S.U. update is installed. ** 22 Apr 2014 v3 device 1.0.9v3 / 1.1.0v3 ROM and newer RECOMMEND 80+ % battery when attempting mUSB / OTG connection following OTG update process.
  4. So for a little story to start out, I installed Windows 10 on my desktop, and I just loved it, so the idea of installing it on my v891 came easily. (also my desktop didn't allow me to try the Tablet Mode [Continuum] out) SOURCE: http://zovguran.net/source/Onda-Win10 First you'll need 9 gigabytes of free space, which can be achieved easily by Reset PC (in windows 8.1's settings), but it'll also delete all personal files, so... Here's a simplified tutorial on how to Download and Install Windows 10 on your Onda tablet: - Download the official MediaCreationTool for another Windows device (either PC or Tablet) Link: https://www.microsof...nload/windows10 - Open it (Double Click or Right-click then Open) - Select "Create installation media for another PC", click "Next" - Select the language you want to use [NOTE: Cortana will work buggy if your install language isn't "English (United States)", after the installation, you can change display languages... (I've already experienced it on my desktop)] - Select "Windows 8 Home" (Because this is the smallest version, if you want to waste your storage on native BitLocker and other things, feel free to choose another) - Select "32bit (x86)" (Okay, I accept if you select Win10Pro, but x64 is really a waste of space in this situation) - Click "Next" - Select "ISO file", click "Next" - Select a location where you want to save it - Wait until it's compele, then close MediaCreationTool - Open the ISO file that you've just downloaded (Win8/8.1/10 users: Double click or Right-Click then Mount; Older OS users: You'll need something like "DaemonTools") - Hit Ctrl+A (or select all elements in the Mounted Image File using the mouse) - Copy the files (either Right-Click, then Copy; or Ctrl+C) - Insert a USB Stick (US: ThumbDrive; GB: PenDrive) [You'll need at least 4 gigabytes of free space if you chose what i suggested, the USB Stick can contain other files, they won't interfere] - Navigate your File Explorer to the USB Stick's ROOT directory [means no sub-folders] (otherwise it may not work!), then paste the files (either Right-Click, then Paste; or Ctrl+V [some may prefer the Explorer's button]) - Wait till the process competes - Optionally you can safely eject the USB Stick (but I didn't care, so just pulled out) - Now get an OTG cable (one side USB A Female, other MicroUSB Male) - Connect the USB Stick to your Tablet via the OTG cable - Navigate the Tablet's File Explorer to the USB Stick's root directory (if Dual OS: Of course, in Windows mode) - Double Tap setup.exe (or Long-Touch, then tap Open) - Select "Not now" (or anything equal in the selected language), then tap "Next" - Select "Nothing" (this won't affect android) [WARNING: IT WILL DELETE ALL YOUR FILES ON-TABLET!] - Tap "Next" - Wait for the Install (the Tablet will reboot 4 times, it's strongly recommended to charge it before you install) - You'll experience that the tablet's touch screen no longer works normally (50% x offset), so attach a mouse via your OTG cable - You can use Ease of Access's On-Screen Keyboard to enter the required information to finish up the installation If you want to solve the driver-errors, like the touch screen offset one: - Fire up the Start Menu/Screen (which you have chosen) - Click the power button - Shift-Click "Restart" - Select "Toubleshoot" - Select "Startup Settings" - Click "Restart" - Wait for the blue screen with a lot of options - Connect a keyboard instead of the mouse - Press F7 on the keyboard - Re-switch to mouse, then log in - Download the PROPER drivers for YOUR Tablet. [usually these are on the forums] For v891: - Uncompress (Extract) the drivers - Optionally rename the extracted folder (cause it's in Chinese) - Right-Click "[Power]install_all.bat", then Run as Administrator - Wait for windows to pop up - Accept them (Some may say "Install", "Next", or other similar things) - Optionally reboot (You'll see a Getting Windows Ready for the First reboot after the install) [i could reboot using the touch screen, because at this point it's already fixed] Upvote if helped! (And help spreading this little tutorial)
  5. PLEASE NOTE - If you have issues with touch screen after re-installing windows look in device manager. Under Human Interface Devices right click KMDF HID Minidriver for Touch I2C Device click Properties. Under Power Management untick Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. This will stop the touch screen from randomly stopping for a few seconds after use. To Install 32 bit Windows from an ISO (I've only tried 8.1 Standard / Pro / Windows 10 Technical Preview) you will need: - Intel Bay Trail tablet (mine is v101w) - USB HUB (powered if possible) - USB keyboard and Mouse - USB memory stick - Windows ISO file - Download Rufus USB Format (https://rufus.akeo.ie/downloads/rufus-1.4.12.exe) IMPORTANT Drivers for your tablet - V101w Windows 8.1 32bit drivers: - Windows must be 32bit as EFI cannot run x64, if you try it will not detect the USB. You can use software like Driver Magician to copy off the drivers from the original Windows 8.1 Bing install. USB / Install Instructions Connect your USB stick to the tablet (or separate computer if you want to) Save your ISO to a location you can access easily Open Rufus, select Windows ISO, make sure you select the right USB drive, Choose File System : Fat32 Partition Scheme must be : GPT for EUFI Give it a label if you want. Leave the rest of the settings default and click Start. Once this is done Extract and copy the drivers for the tablet you have (e.g. V101w) to the USB drive to a folder called Drivers. Once this is done connect the USB Hub to the tablet (if you have done this on another computer) and connect the USB Stick, Mouse and Keyboard. NOTE - The latest version of the V101w has a USB port and a micro OTG port. Connect the USB drive to the OTG port and the hub with keyboard and mouse to the full size USB port. Now to boot from the USB stick from windows 8.1 you go to charms menu and Change PC Setting - Update and Recovery - Recovery - Under Advanced Startup click Restart now. You will be presented with Choose an Option, pick Use a device then EFI USB Device. The tablet will now boot from the USB stick and into Windows setup. Install Windows as normal (I won't go into detail here). Once Windows is installed you will still need the mouse and keyboard to go through the initial setup. Once on the desktop open Device Manager and look for the Other devices and right click each one Update Driver Software and Browse my computer for driver software. Specify the USB stick and the drivers folder and leave Include subfolders ticked. Once you have done this for each device you should reboot and check the Device Manager again for more unknown devices. After this in device manager expand Display Adapters and update the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter from the same driver folder as before. The tablet will need to reboot one last time and should be good to go. I would recommend going to tablet settings and calibrating the touch screen. NOTE - If the detection is off on the touch screen you need to make sure you have the drivers for your onda model, I had installed the 919 driver on my v101w and it did not work.
  6. Wintel Dual System Tablet ( Android / Win 8.1 Device ) Re-Install Overview 20150813 Topic name changed to reflect this is not instructions for new Core M Android 5.0 / WIN 10 Dual system device This information is assembled from across the device forums Credit to the many members who provide answers and tips. Update and upgrade is a simple process … hopeful this helps to lessen anxieties and provide a bit of definition This contains ( as complete as possible ) direct and indirect assembly for commonly asked questions and posts. All instructions are based upon Onda issued information, programs and files Other means, attempts and methods ( CWM, Exposed, etc ) are not the subject of this topic Cable errata: OTG , USB, HDMI cables ( micro male ends ) You may need to trim off some plastic casing at the micro male end of generic cables - most Onda devices ( all micro size ports ) are deeper insert than standard (generic ) male micro cable ends Generally, but not always the need for 7- 8 mm exposed male end micro size HDMI, USB Installation Instructions References: Install order ( total re-install full device ) 1 Android 2 Windows 3 Q2S.msi – Windows install software ( Switch to Android icon ) 4 Bios 5 * Optional – Wintel devices Dual System Windows Drivers – see Intel forums for Wintel device shared files / discussions Intel Tablet DualOS_Drivers_install Eng Instructions 20150416.pdf - Or your device, Windows drivers file package - Or The Intel Dual System Drivers file package - Can install as package instructed, through Windows file manager, or Device manager individual drivers 6 Windows Language update, Windows auto-updates, Windows manual updates etc. 7 Manual install of some Onda driver(s) may be required after Windows auto-updating ( or use driver roll-back ) - EX: Touch Panel, Camera(s), etc. – are not Windows approved drivers and may require re-installation ** Some devices have USB dual size ports … Please review instructions or device forum posts re: preferred / recommended choice. Required hardware: USB cable ( Onda provided cable recommended ) OTG adapter ( may require trimming plastic jacket from male end = expose 7 - 8 mm male end ) USB self powered Hub USB Keyboard USB memory stick ( referred to as “ U “ drive ) - Special format ( active boot partition ) as instructed “ NTFS “ and NAMED as instructed “WINPE “ Battery 60% - 80% available is generally recommended – device restart or brush completion may not complete. Update / Upgrade file(s) Downloaded files, when expanded include Chinese language ( .pdf or .doc ) instructions - Expanded ( downloaded files ) create a Chinese named program folder - - Folder Name must be changed ( English ) - - Any Sub-Folders containing install program file(s) also require re-naming ( English ) When using Win 8.1 or any version 64 bit Windows OS computer - Requires to dis-able Driver Signature Requirement before installing software to computer Remove all SIM and Memory cards before beginning any brush / flash process Tablet should be in power off state, follow all instructions – only connect to computer, or U drive, or power on when and how instructed Expanded downloaded files - Folders should be renamed to English Language - EX: Rename folder ( to the English translated file name) - EX: ( Android Installation ) Rename Chinese labeled Sub-Folder ( Brush Tools ) Here is overview, of what to expect includes links to previous posts, containing English translated tutorials downloadable ( Google translated English instructions ) pdf files include pictures V919 3G Air Dual System device referenced for example, due to popularity . Always use files for your specific device – Some devices may require version specific update files Google Translated English Instructions: Android, Windows, BIOS, Drivers, Q2S are generally the same for Wintel Dual System devices. ( WIN 10 versions also available ) Earlier Onda Wintel Dual device updates refer to “ Dual OS “ vs current reference “ Dual System “ descriptions WIntel Dual OS device, Android Install guide ( Chinese language ) included in D/L Here is link to Google English translated pdf Dual OS Android System Installation Guide.pdf Android requires device Android download, expand and install Android install, most devices only require ( Onda provided ) USB cable to PC – Rear computer USB port use recommended If Win8.x OS or any 64 bit Windows OS on ( installing from ) desktop / laptop - may require dis-able drivers signature requirement before installing Onda software(s) ... all included internal device drivers may not be Windows approved drivers ? .... Android installation attention to #5 ... Change VID/PID numbers Anticipate may need to re-install all things listed in posted install order Installing Android should complete ... ( Android OS partition ) May have Android ( boot ) only device ( with original partition sizes ) may not have a working Windows ... To test Windows boot ( After Android re-installation ) -- boot device into OS selection menu – select Windows - With Keyboard attached – Start device – start tapping the ESC key – select boot OS when menu appears -- if Windows boots … Re-install Q2S.exe – test the switch to Android ---- Last running OS when device powered off, is device next boot OS ---- unless booting into OS selection menu ---- Windows Install does require OTG adapter, memory stick, USB keyboard and self powered USB Hub Windows Tutorial can be found here: Win8.1 system installation tutorial _iDualOS.pdf BIOS install instructions: Onda dual system tablet new BIOS upgrade instructions.pdf Q2S.msi - Windows install program, post and download link ( switch to Android icon ) V919 3G device Downloads directory ( no discussion ) http://www.ondaforum.com/files/category/14-onda-v919-3g-rom/ click “ Downloads “ ( top of forums page ) Select / click device ROM directory Search for “ available device “ files Chronological files listing by directory upload date ( newest first listed ) Android / BIOS / Q2S – 1 file each Win 8.1 – 2 files = place both files same location – expand #1 ( #2 auto included ) = folder contain Win 8.1 install files Notes: NEW PDf package available - contains 6 firmware install instructions and Onda Dual System FAQs http://www.ondaforum.com/files/file/562-intel-dual-system-eng-install-instructions-pdf-packagerar/ Links provided will take to download Eng install file pdf package.rar ( or will take to discussion topic(s) posts ) Topics generally include .pdf Google English translated instructions / tutorials If “ Google Chenglish “ translation is not desired …. Once downloaded and saved to your computer, expanded files contain Chinese language ( doc / pdf ) instructions < .txt alternate special language translation method - post link Downloads directory have current files available ( may be newer than Discussion forums links ) . Individual device version Instruction files may be Named different ( Copied from Onda ), instructions remain the same I stopped creating firmware update discussion topics, many device owner posts may contain off site links Onda.cn/support all available downloads link – Chinese language site – listed newest first http://onda.cn/Support/Search.aspx?WebShieldSessionVerify=DLbzuCd8T4LJ7QN9UhGl Addendum: This is overview for total device re-installation process, listed by Onda recommended installation order. Individual file(s) installation may be performed using the linked instructions for each specific installation. USB Hub – tech advancement offers devices with expansion connections EX: USB memory stick with additional USB female ports … and other types of devices with expansion capabilities There are posts of success using these types of devices, without the need for self powered USB hub. I reference this as a reminder to give attention to available battery charge, before beginning process. Your specific device may recommend 60% available battery – using self powered USB hub. Before downloading, confirm Device files named match to your device EX: v981w device is NOT v981 Dual System device * User changed devices ( Windows 8.1 changed to Dual System ) may require adaptation. Good luck RobV ____________________________________ Edit 20150911 SPECIAL NOTE: V919 3G Air Dual OS v5 device AND V919 Air Dual System v7 device These are device model(s), hardware assembly version specific Android installation method devices Currently the same instruction tutorial included for each device firmware version http://www.ondaforum.com/files/file/589-v919-air-v7-brush-tutorial-_for_android-v10-20150911pdf/ These device model versions are Onda referenced as " Black Gold Edition " devices ____________________________________ EDIT 20150813 WIN 10 and 64 bit devices and firmware remark WIN 10 requires Win 8.1 version be activated on the device before update is attempted or WIN 10 will NOT activate, WIN 10 activation is remarked as taking a couple / few days to automatically activate. Manual attempts to activate generally fail. This is remarked by M.S. support team on their China support site. Please review topics and posts in your specific device forum before beginning WIN 10 update. Some device models - and / or specific hardware v#'s may require specific special file installations. Most failed attempts on noted models and versions require complete firmware re-installation: (1) Android and (2) Win 8.1 followed by (3) Win 8.1 Activation completed before attempting WIN 10 update Current WIntel devices ( Windows on Intel architecture ) are 32 bit ( x86 ) BIOS and hardware. As advertised ... Intel CPU is x64 designed architecture ... running as x86 ( 32 bit ) .... Device is not advertised as being x64 WIN 10 Switching software versions - current available different versions Q2S 32 and 64 bit ( for most devices ) OR AMI - model v# specific please read file description to assure installation to the proper device model and v# if specified in file description. New Release Devices may be 64 bit architecture devices ( " x64 " ) these ( Core M ) devices require " x64 " BIOS - Recommended using " x64 " Firmware, Drivers, Switching software and Apps to meet overall designed performance x64 USB Boot device creator software required for use on x64 devices ( U-Disk Boot device ) Core M processors are 2 core processors working at 64 bit. Initial firmware releases are problematic, many early issue firmware is being / has been " Pulled " Removed from Onda.cn listings AND dead Baidu download links. If you downloaded any of the " Pulled " firmware ... DO NOT install, as Onda acknowledges reports of DEVICE BRICKS. Edited 20150630 Member Blandroid wrote an edited English language flashing instruction ( Topic link )
  7. Version


    Installing Win8.1 systems tutorials-0717.docx English Translated installation instructions with pictures Required files, download links
  8. I need help! How I install new firmware on my tablet Ondav989? I got it but I don't know how to install it! Thanks!
  9. I have a v975m v1 running Android 4.3. But I can manage to install a widget on any of the home page. The only think I seem able to do is to move around the links to the apps and make folders. Is there a tricks? Or do I need to update to 4.4 to get widget back on the home page like in 4.2? Thanks in advance for your reply
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