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Found 61 results

  1. i just changed my onda v820w Bios settings and hit f10 save and exit then the screen shuts off and nothing else apeared to be working and looks dead. i tried removing the battery, holding power button with or without the charger the battery was fully charged. there is no power, no led lights coming up no response when i connect the usb cable. i would like to know if there is anyone with a solution to fix this?
  2. bios

    Hi all i found this bios file for onda v80 plus but sadly i did not find how to flash it (especialy since my screen is black and no hdmi adapter sold on my city u.u). hope this will at least help some peoples with bios problem i have upload it to megaupload since it's from a asian host and too big for upload on forum D: link: https://mega.nz/#!j5lmDAYb!aXVHh_2IckvXwCnS2qCeGogBmbFU8eJtRVRkA7rXGMw
  3. Hi, i got black screen after i closed my tablet from android os to charge it a few hours and now it's black screen, no logo or anything on screen. i chearched on google and the forum but no awnser, only many peoples with same problem but no solution. i have tried a keyboard usnb otg but my otg cable suck and only able to restart the tablet with alt-tab (all other key do nothing on screen) still black screen. i got a micro usb 32gb key if this could help. if any other detail is needed to help just tell me. ps: sorry if my english is not great.
  4. UPDATED 30/20/2016 Hi everybody, I've just bought a Onda V989 Air V3. I'm happy with the new tablet for my last child, but i think the last version of the rom some have still some problems. (Or i'm the lucky owner of a defective tablet) I'll be happy to help other people, to find informations about the tablet, like roms, root ... So i'll try to do my best, with your help, to keep this post updated often. So, [General informations] Onda firmware ( published description) is designated device model and hardware assembly version ( v# ) specific. V989 Air v3 is designated as " Black Gold Edition " device hardware version ( 16 GB / 32 GB ) Aug 2015 original firmware release RobV [RemixOs or Stock Rom] I'm on RemixOs since few Weeks, and i've no more crazy bugs like : Freeze during installation via Playstore, Laggs, Stockage issue ... When you boot, on the stock ROM i wasn"t having information like "Optimisation des Applications 1/102 ..." So you know when it is just Loading ... You have a cool TaskBar [Roms] Official Custom 1. RemixOS - This Rom doesn't include gapps. - To have all languages, you have to find the tick box to unlock it. (Tell me where, i'll be happy to add the information here) [ROOT] [How to root] Use first link under, and unzip it into folder Root (created by you) on SdCard (Internal or ExtSD) Install "Update.apk" and launch it. Do [Local Update], search your previously created folder, and select "ondaos_v989_Root.zip", click [Update]. [Links - Downloads] 1. Only Root with SuperSu Link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/48cdh7ansltmvl4/Onda_V989_Root.rar My opinion: Work like a charm / Best Way to do it / Update SuperSu via Playstore work well with "normal installation" [Tools] 1. Flashfireapk [RECOMMENDED] Flash Without recovery My opinion: Work well for flashing Mods / ZIP on our V989 NOT TESTED FOR FLASH RECOVERY OR OTHER THINGS ... 2. LSpeed Mod [TESTED ON FRESH ROM] PlayStore My opinion: Launcher little less laggy.. 3. Universal Init.D [TESTED] Playstore My opinion: Working (TESTED with Creation of file test via folder Init.D) 4. GovTuner Link : http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software-hacking/mod-gov-tuner-project-29th-june-2016-t3407828 Installation: FlashFire My opinion: Crazy ! 4. GL-Tools You want more fluidity in your games ? It's possible ! Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.n0n3m4.gltools How-to : http://www.theandroidhow.com/2014/06/play-high-end-games-with-gltools.html 5. Titanium Backup Uninstall all chinese software with it. My opinion: Best way to remove chinese software ! 6. Nova launcher My opinion: Light and fluid [Bugs i've encountered on STOCK ROM] - During installing apps via Playstore (not downloading) it freeze all the tablet, and unfreeze when apps installed. - Some big games on playstore, donwload (Game + Additional data), install, and fail without reason or just blackscreen for some second and return to launcher. - With "Universal Init.D", Tweaks ABS, when i boot up the tablet, it's a little laggy and cannot have SU working for 1-2 mn, and see on bottom: "Init. Universal have got root permission accorded" "Lucky Patcher have got root permission accorded" After that, everything it's ok and smooth. (Maybe due to Universal Init.d that launch script ?) [What can be working on ?] - Cannot get working Link2SD I've try with / without second partition / EXT4, doesn't seen the partition. - Not enought space on "System partition" maybe add/extend 512Mb more ? - Have a debloated rom with init.d support - Found / Have a custom Recovery ? FlashFire - Try to get working OndaZ Air Rom: I've tried it, but got some problems like: OP showed in front of applications size / Shutdown of the tabled under 59% / Games are "Slow" / Sometime lines bug with color are show (Take look at my post 30/10/2016) [ Read This ] Any Thanks, likes, or other things will be appreciated. I'm doing it on my own time. Thanks
  5. I have bought this product from gearbest. I do not know which firmware I need to download for my Onda? I would be happy for any help. http://www.gearbest.com/tablet-pcs/pp_493892.html
  6. Срубка оголовков свай. Землесос. Скальная пила. Лидерное бурение. Оборудование PILEMASTER

  7. I would like to know if monden internet works 3g or 4g usb
  8. Hello, i tried to flash my Android Tablet: Onda V919 3G Air Dual OS V8, so i tried about from PacMan his modified Firmware, and so my Android is not anymore working I tried to come into the DNX mode but i read, there is nothing more DNX by the V6-V8... so i ask you really: How can i flash again Android? I want to use Windows and Android. Can you please help me? I need Android for Privat use and Windows for Work so i hope you can help me warm regards
  9. This post will show you how to root android v4.4.4(Kitkat) on a Onda v919 Dual OS 32/64GB. It will be done by creating a Tethered Temporary CWM / TWRP Recovery Session and the install super user access with this Temporary CWM. There will be 6 steps 1) First download and install drivers for Onda V9191: a) Intel USB Driver for Android* Devices b.) ADB drivers 2) Enable Developer mode and enable USB debugging on your Onda Tablet 3) Download required files and extract. a) Intel Fastboot Tethered Temporary Recovery Session Launcher b.) Super SU zip 4) Move SU zip, un-extracted, to root directory of your tablets storage 5) Connect your Onda Tablet. Make sure device is recognized and all drivers install correctly. Check the device manager to make sure there are no errors. 6) Follow the below steps for Tethered Temporary CWM / TWRP Recovery Session Tethered Temporary CWM / TWRP Recovery Session : Note : This is a Temporary CWM / TWRP Recovery Session for some Intel Devices with locked bootloaders. This recovery is not installed to the devices and has to be launched from a computer ( tethered ) each time you need to access the CWM / TWRP Recovery. . . WARNING : This Temporary CWM / TWRP Recovery Session is for some Intel Devices with locked boot loaders. It is not intended for installing custom roms as if the devices has a locked bootloader the device will fail to boot the unsigned images Intel Fastboot Tethered Temporary Recovery Session Launcher download : Intel Fastboot Tethered Temporary Recovery Session Launcher Notes : Make sure you have downloaded and installed the adb / fastboot drivers for your device . . . Make sure you have enabled developer options / adb debugging under settings on your device . . . Make sure you have download the latest : Super SU zip and place it, un-extracted, on your internal or external sd card. Somewhere you can access it easily when the CWM session loads. 1 : Download and extract Intel Fastboot Tethered Temporary Recovery Session Launcher some where on your computer. 2 : Double click the launcher.bat file to start , type " ACCEPT " case sensitive without quotes to continue Check that the tool is reporting as either : DEVICE STATUS: ADB-ONLINE DEVICE STATUS: FASTBOOT-ONLINE If " DEVICE STATUS: UNKNOWN " please check your cable connection and driver installation under Windows Device Manager If " DEVICE STATUS: UNAUTHORIZED " please check if your devices is displaying an authorization prompt be sure to check Always allow from this computer and then press ok 3 : Select the trigger T3 to launch the Temporary CWM Recovery Session support for your Onda V919 4 : After selecting the trigger your device should reboot in to fastboot and begin to copy files to your device Note : if your device hangs at the waiting-for-device screen and you see tablet boot CMD Waiting on your devices double check that the fastboot driver installed correctly. Note : if you see unknown OEM command the trigger isn't supported by your device. 5 : The temporary cwm recovery session should be started at this point select install zip from the recovery menu using vol up / vol down to navigate and power to select, or you can use a mouse with an OTG cable. 6 : Select install zip from sdcard / external_sd depending on where you placed the file and select the Super SU zip you downloaded earlier 7 : Confirm the installation 8 : After install completes reboot your device 9: Use Check Root app to check if your device has been successfully rooted Note : Some devices have limited space under /system and the super SU app wont install if you don't see the super SU app on your device attempt to install it from the Google Play Store more than likely the SU binary installed correctly but there want enough room on the device for the app.
  10. Now I have BIOS: ONDA.B.D86CJUBNRBA02 Where can I find this "ONDA.B.D86CJUBNRBA02" stock BIOS? What is the latest BIOS for v5, which working at 100%? Where can I find it? I found: V820W_dualos_v5 20160109 It's good BIOS? BAIDU: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1dE0fbI5 chinagadgetsreviews: http://chinagadgetsreviews.blogspot.com/2016/01/download-latest-bios-upgrade-file-for.html Regards
  11. Hi, I have a big problem with my tablet. I had it with me on a tour with my school class. In the train, it has worked fine! Now I am back at home, and the screen looks like being damaged. What can I do? Cheers Knut
  12. Onda V975M V1, V3 and V4 Lollipop 5.1.1 NOTE: I do not take any responsibility for loss of data or bricks caused by flashing this rom NOTE 2: Camera still does not work, kernel driver is crashing and freezes tablet. Notes: Backup all your data Use only recovery you found in archive (recovery.img - PhilZ 6.0.59). TWRP most probably will not work (not tried) If you have compatibility issues after upgrading to 5.0.2, do factory reset. Install steps if you are coming from other ROM (not mine): download Onda_V975m_LP-0.9.3b1-usb.zip file and extract it. After you extracted it, see 2nd post for flashing firmware using USB Burning Tool Install steps if you are already using my KitKat or Lollipop ROM: download Onda_V975m_LP-0.9.3b1.zip copy all files from downloaded archive to root of sdcard power off your tablet put sdcard with files in your tablet power it on using volume up + power button to boot in recovery Wipe data (if you experience issues) flash k12_MA975M8-ota-20150612.zip reboot tablet after it boots it will start setup wizard. After selecting language, skip Activating cellular service (2nd screen of wizard) Root access: Download SuperSU flashable ZIP from here and flash it from PhilZ recovery. MD5: 47b3614b02c90227de9d7ece089fcaae MD5: ee30eeee78b949bc51b035bb8d5ad4aa MD5: 4b25003f7afe7b8da4b96863b8499aab
  13. Hi everybody. I'm new in this world of tablet-pc. I have an Onda V820W CH with Windows 10, in chinese, but with some translated pack to spanish and everything working. Now I tried to back to factory system and configs from Factory Default button in Windows 10, but when installation of Windows reached 64% reboots in loop. (I attached an image about this) I haven't done anything strange, only back to default values. Also I tried to get the lastest version/drivers from www.onda.cn, but I can' download from these site because ask for a chinese phone to register in "baidu" downloads page. Anyone can help me please? Thanks
  14. Hi my friends i have a problem with my tablet and i ask for your help. 1- My tablet only have windows 10, a friend sold it to me. 2- I was using as normal , then i conect the tablet to the tv and screen went black then i turn off the tablet. 3- The tablet doesnt start again, it was like 2 days. Now today i want to start again and the tablet turn on but only show me the logo "ONDA" then the tablet restart again and again anda again. 4- I try to reset the windows10 but , when i press F8 the tablet stops and only show me the logo "ONDA" for 5 or 10 min but i can enter to bios system. Please helpme.
  15. Disabled the USB ports by mistake now need to reset the bios ... besides that Windows 10 was installed there began to automatically update, and touch screen barely work I have a card reader, and I'm able to run a BIOS update so if someone has a BIOS I would be grateful
  16. My new V919 has just arrived. I´m very disappointed, because youtube is stuttering. My Smartphone (Huawei P8) has no Problems with it, it works very fine with youtube. Is there any solution or is it a generally bad wifi mode with this tablet. Thx in advance for any answer. Regards from germany.
  17. Hello, can someone tell me where i can find the bios for Onda v919 air CN V3? I want just the bin file. Thank you
  18. Hello, I've found out my Onda V820w has USB 3.0 supported (image below). Is there anyone know how to modification an 3.0 port for this model. P/s: I also opened the back plate and there's one USB port on the PCB, but I don't know is it a 3.0 port. It was also be modded by some guy on 4pda.ru.
  19. Hello, I have read a lot of post saying that the version of this tablet can be checked at the back, on the serial number. The thing is that I don't have that serial number at the back of the tablet. See attachment. How to tell what is my tablet version? Thanks.
  20. I tested. Works. Use the "flash.xml." System.img partition is too large for the previous configuration. This removes all partitions, including Windows. After Android update, you will need to install Windows again. BAIDU: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1pKefPNH chinagadgetsreviews: http://chinagadgetsreviews.blogspot.com/2016/01/download-latest-android-kitkat-444_24.html
  21. Now I have BIOS: ONDA.B.D86CJUBNRBA02 Where can I find this "ONDA.B.D86CJUBNRBA02" stock BIOS? What is the latest BIOS for v5, which working at 100%? Where can I find it? I found: V820W_dualos_v5 20160109 It's good BIOS? BAIDU: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1dE0fbI5 chinagadgetsreviews: http://chinagadgetsreviews.blogspot.com/2016/01/download-latest-bios-upgrade-file-for.html Regards
  22. I just received my v919 3G Air (core 8) and run into a couple of issues: Launcher: Onda launcher must be one of the worst launchers on earth... (Absolutely no customization what so ever possible! Drives me nuts...) And unfortunately my favorite launcher (Go Launcher) simply doesn't like this tablet I'm using Apex Launcher. Is there any known solution/workaround to get Go Launcher workin? Is anyone using "Dolphin browser" with v919? Mine is slow like h*ll and times out frequently (with or without Jetpack installed/enabled). No issues with Chrome though so it's a compatibility issue. Is "MG92_KK_1.02_20141114" latest available FW for this model? Any custom roms? Huge thanks in advance!!!
  23. Hi, I'm living in Iran I do not have a good command of the English language Someone please explain to friends how I can install on my Android tablet and Windows 10 I read the whole site, but I'll be damned thanks all
  24. I have upgraded Onda v116w to windows 10 using system updates, Upgrade went smooth & functioning properly, No new driver needed to install, but for safety I installed give Win 10 drivers also, My Issue is Front camera is not working on Windows 10, Device manager gives following error, STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE (Code 10) I tried with uninstalling drivers & go with default drivers, Error is gone but still camera is still not working. Can some one help ???
  25. Hello, I have Onda v891 dual boot 32gb and it's on v1.0.2 V5 without root + windows, I want to keep windows, but update v1.0.2 to v1.0.5 firmware and after that ROOT it, Also downloaded these files: - V891 DualOS_remixOS_V1.0.5_V5 - Latest Kingo ROOT - V891 Dual -V5_Drivers_install 20150611 - Download Intel_Mfg_Tools_X98_Custom.zip - IntelAndroid-FBRL-07-24-2015.7z - BETA-SuperSU-v2.68-20160228150503.zip - ADB DRIVERS v1.10.0 ? And I will take these steps: 1. TTT-Install and Configure the Intel Mfg Tools on a Windows Host PC 2. Flash new v1.0.5 Firmware to Onda v891 3. Root it with Kingo Root, if won't work, then go for this ROOT GUIDE "Intel Android Devices Root / Temp Recovery Session", "duledxb" comment on second root way: "Hi ! I would like to commend your work and to confirm that solution is 100% working, using IntelAndroid-FBRL-07-24-2015 (option 5 CWM, then T3) and Intel ADB USB Driver v1.10.0 Tablet is Onda v891w 8.9" DualOS 32GB v5, Win8.1 + Android 4.4.4 factory firmware v1.0.0_v5 Intel BayTrail Z3735F X86 1.83GHz, 2GB DDR3L, 32GB eMMC, Intel HD Graphics Gen7 1920x1200 Thank You !" Source Here Do I miss something? Please comment and correct me if I'm wrong Thank you