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Found 3 results

  1. Евгений Янюк

    Stane's ROMs Mirror

    Here is the folder with Stane's ROM for Onda V975m. For now it contains: version 0.9.2 (kitkat 4.4.2, usb+twrp, wifi_fix, all_lang)version 1.0.0b (kitkat 4.4.2, usb+twrp, mic doesn't work)version 0.9.3a1 (lollipop 5.0.2, twrp, camera doesn't work)version 0.9.3a2 (lollipop 5.0.2, twrp, camera doesn't work)version 0.9.3a3 (lollipop 5.0.2, twrp, camera doesn't work)version 0.9.3a4 (lollipop 5.1.0, twrp, camera doesn't work)version 0.9.3b1 (lollipop 5.1.1, twrp, camera doesn't work)USB Burning Tool v.2.0.4V975mBootableSD MD5 Sums: 7e26e4c9cf7ebc30a20d3a59e5d46806 onda_v975m_0.9.2-usb.zip 68e3167e947aeb52d3d92af8f0900d09 onda_v975m_0.9.2.zip 16d84b06c157c9b8afab8af9623dcb4f Onda_V975m_KitKat-1.0.0b1-usb.zip 37851f14add223c8293184f974c0dd15 Onda_V975m_KitKat-1.0.0b1.zip 858903f4334cb01f602d3f5c4e2e8bea 20150225_Onda_V975mV3_lollipop-0.9.3a1.zip 801c79a9640e05a777670c13f9663d84 20150303_Onda_V975mV3_lollipop-0.9.3a2.zip 8478ae5975bec78b662cf9b7f06ce5fe 20150303_Onda_V975mV3_lollipop-0.9.3a3.zip e38e92246b5dfe3acb555512a7662756 20150303_Onda_V975mV3_lollipop-0.9.3a4.zip ee30eeee78b949bc51b035bb8d5ad4aa Onda_V975m_LP-0.9.3b1.zip
  2. Евгений Янюк

    Stane1983 0.9.2 ROM. Tweaks

    1. VolumeBoost This tweak boosts volume via replacing 2 strings into /etc/mixer_paths.xml: "OUT Playback Volume" value="36" "HP Playback Volume" value="36" Files for TWRP: VolumeBoost.zip Original file for redo: VolumeBoost_Orig.zip ------------------------------------------------------------- 2. hw.nophone=true If you don't use 3G Modems and you don't like the red line on battery usage screen, then you can disable Phone services via editing build.prop and setting hw.nophone option to "true". I think it can decrease a bit the battery drain. Here is the file for TWRP. It disables Phone services (hw.nophone=true): nophone.zip Here is the redo file for TWRP. It enables Phone services (hw.nophone=false): nophone.redo.zip Just in case, here is original build.prop file for TWRP: build.prop.orig.zip
  3. Евгений Янюк

    Stane1983 0.9.2 ROM. Low WiFi speed

    On Rozak's 1.1.0 ROM I can transfer files via smb share with speed about 3Mbytes/s (it is equals 24Mbit/s). On Stane1983's 0.9.2 ROM I can transfer files via smb share with speed about 1.2Mbytes/s (it is equals 10Mbit/s). I saw a few posts with the same issue - there was a speed limit at about 10Mbit/s. So, our tablet can reach more than 10Mbit/s, and I think this is ROM specific issue. I tried to play with firmware and nvram files - borrowed them from Onda 2.0.1 ROM, but fw_bcm40181a2.bin was the same. Replacing nvram.txt file did nothing... Does anybody have any ideas?