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Found 17 results

  1. Hi! I have a Onda 919 3G Dual 64GB. I was wondering if it's possible to erase the Windows and use all space for Android, it should be the same on all Onda Tablets right? How do i do that? Is there any guide? thank you.
  2. I changed the 'disable unused GPIO pins' option to 'on' in BIOS and I do not remember it, but I think I changed 'stats after g3' to s0 and I saved it after, it did not turn on. Backlight and screen did not come in my tablet always booted when I connected power trough otg hub. but it didn't turn on like before So I tried to disassemble and unplug the BIOS battery, but it did not have a bios battery and there was a chip called '25Q64FWIM'(I searched it it was EEPROM) I thought I should reset it I connected 8pin to each other and tried to boot but it didn't boot. However, when I disassemble it, I noticed that when the battery is repluged, the CPU is in a cold state. When I press the power button, the CPU became hot(seems like turned on but no screen). Can you tell what the symptoms are and how to fix them? before doing that I'd cleared all partition of internal rom and installed win 10 on there ((haha, installing driver was very difficult, if you want some help, tell me)
  3. Friends, how to format Onda tablet and install only Android? My Tablet is native Windows 10 + Android.
  4. Hi all, I have an old 8 inch onda windows tablet. I forgot the name as I am away from home now. I want to install Android in my tablet as solo Android and not DUAL BOOT. Is it possible and how? I shall be thankful to you all.
  5. Hi, I have a big problem with my tablet. I had it with me on a tour with my school class. In the train, it has worked fine! Now I am back at home, and the screen looks like being damaged. What can I do? Cheers Knut
  6. Hi my friends i have a problem with my tablet and i ask for your help. 1- My tablet only have windows 10, a friend sold it to me. 2- I was using as normal , then i conect the tablet to the tv and screen went black then i turn off the tablet. 3- The tablet doesnt start again, it was like 2 days. Now today i want to start again and the tablet turn on but only show me the logo "ONDA" then the tablet restart again and again anda again. 4- I try to reset the windows10 but , when i press F8 the tablet stops and only show me the logo "ONDA" for 5 or 10 min but i can enter to bios system. Please helpme.
  7. I am lucky to have picked this screen protector out! I have a case that wraps around the edge of the iPad to help protect it in case of a fall. I have tried one other screen protector with the case and had no success. Luckily this one doesn't go to the very edge of the iPad (leaves about 1mm on each side, just enough to allow a case to fit!).I have put on quite a few screen protectors in the past and they have always been a pain to align on the device. The included guide stickers makes it quite simple to get the correct alignment the first time.Overall I am very pleased with this product. I prefer tempered glass screen protectors over any other due to there durability as well as there natural feel when touching the screen. Source: Amazon.com ASIN: B01EUFBY8W
  8. Hi, I'm living in Iran I do not have a good command of the English language Someone please explain to friends how I can install on my Android tablet and Windows 10 I read the whole site, but I'll be damned thanks all
  9. Ok so I have good news for all of you who like to root and edit your devices as you like. Onda v919 3g air core8 is in fact rootable with the tool called iRoot. If you want to make most of your device and control it as you want just follow the steps bellow. This tutorial is made for Onda v919 3G air (core 8) version of the tablet (some say that method also works on dual boot version but you do anything that is mentioned bellow on your own responsibility)! But never forget: NOTE: Rooting the device may void your warranty!!! NOTE: I am not responsible for any damage that could be done to your tablet before, while or after the rooting process!!! STEP 1: Properly installing ADB, Fastboot and VCOM drivers Okay so in order to get started we fist need to install adb, fastboot and VCOM drivers so our tablet can communicate with the computer. -First enable USB debugging: Go to settings >> About device >> click on the build number 10 times quickly to enable the developer options. -Go to developer options and tick USB debugging (it should be turned on) -You can find drivers here: http://www.onda-forum.com/downloads/upload/v919%203G/MaCroX95/adb-setup-1.4.2.exe- ADB and Fastboot drivers http://www.onda-forum.com/downloads/upload/v919%203G/MaCroX95/MTK%20USB%20VCOM%20Driver%20v1.1123.0_1.rar- VCOM Drivers -Okay so after you've downloaded drivers plug your turned on ONDA into the usb drive. When computer detects it right click computer >> Settings >> Device manager -Find your Tablet that should have a yellow triangle near it and right click on it >> Update drivers and then select Choose from computer. -Find the drivers folder in the extracted folder that you had downloaded before, choose include subfolders and start the installation. It should say that drivers were installed succesfully. -Now turn off your onda tablet and plug it into your computer again. Repeat the process with the device manager, but this time choose the device that it detects with the triangle and use the VCOM drivers that you had downloaded. When you have your drivers installed correctly there will be no yellow triangle whether you have device turned on or off! STEP 2: The rooting process Download the root tool from here: http://www.ondaforum...d/359-irootrar/ - Okay so rooting process is much less complicated, you should have your device in usb debugging mode and drivers properly installed. - Open the iRoot tool and connect your device (turned on) to the computer. - When the root tool recognizes the device click ROOT and follow the rooting process. - That should be about it, if the root process is successful you should have some chinese superuser installed after reboot. STEP 3 (optional): Installing Super SU -After you're done with the rooting process you will see that you have chinese superuser installed (blue icon with the white lion or something like that) -Download the Super SU from the Google Play Store and open it. -Make sure that you allow the chinese superuser request to Super SU when it asks you (I think that the right button with chinese letters is for allowing) -Congratulations your device has been rooted and you have Super SU installed! STEP 4 (optional): Deleting system chinese apps from the device with Titanium Backup: - Install Titanium Backup from Google Play Store and allow it superuser request. - go to the Backup/Restore section - Find the apps you wish to remove and click on them (first wipe app's data and then click uninstall) - IMPORTANT: Make sure that you dont uninstall apps required for system to run properly!!! If you guys have any questions or problems while rooting feel free to post in this topic or write me a personal message! I will be glad to help you out! Don't forget to press the vote up button next to the post if you found this tutorial useful!
  10. Hi everybody How can I root my onda v891 dual os tab? Thank u!
  11. Okay so here is the thread about installing CWM recovery on the Onda v919 3g air (core8). In order to flash custom recovery you must have root access so you can make backup of your rom via MTK droid tools. If you follow the steps bellow you should proboably have no problems installing CWM recovery. This only works on Onda v919 3G air (core 8) version of the tablet (tutorial is not made for dual-boot version)! TOOLS REQUIRED: Mediatek VCOM drivers ADB Drivers MTK Droid Tools NOTE: I am not responsible for any damage done to your tablet while following the steps bellow! NOTE: Make sure that you have VCOM and ADB drivers installed correctly in order for things to work as they should! If you don't have the proper drivers installed, you won't be able to follow the instructions bellow. NOTE: You should have USB debugging enabled (you should have that already done while rooting but if you dont: go to system >> developer options >> tick the "USB debugging") 1. Make a backup of your current rom using MTK droid tools: - Open MTK droid tools and connect your tablet to the computer - When MTK droid tools detect your device you must check whether it has root access (little bar in bottom left should be green) - If the bar is not green you should click the root button and allow a superuser request that will appear on tablet. Then the bar should turn green (if not you won't be able to backup your ROM). - When MTK droid tools have superuser permission you can start doing the backup of your ROM. Just click the big backup button in root, backup, recovery section. - Just follow the steps that droid tools are guiding you through and make a backup of your current ROM. - Congratulations you are done with the 1st part of the tutorial. 2. Flash the recovery through the MTK droid tools: - Copy another instance of your backed up ROM just in case anything goes wrong. - Open MTK droid tools again and connect your device as before. - Open root, backup, recovery section of droid tools and tick "To choose the boot.img file" - Point to the boot.img file that is located inside your backup folder. - When it asks you "To create CWM recovery automatically?" choose yes. - When it asks you something like "to install patched boot file to phone" press yes. - When it asks you "To install created recovery to phone?" press yes. - After following the steps MTK droid tools should ask you whether to reboot your phone to recovery. You can choose yes to check if CWM was succesfully installed or not (I suggest you to try and boot to recovery manually when device is turned off (power button + volume up key) and choose recovery from the menu) - If you can get to your CWM recovery now you've installed it correctly! That's about it! If you find this tutorial useful press the green arrow next to me
  12. Si señores, estamos ante la peor tablet del mercado 2015. Escribo este mensaje en español, porque aun escribiendo en mil idiomas diferentes no se va a dar soporte a la tablet. ONDA MAL, MUY MAL. Descontento al 100% al comprar un producto el cual en 1 semana se deja de dar soporte para sacar nuevos modelos, panda de ladrones. Es vergonzosa la actitud de ONDA, dejar a los usuarios tirados y tener que guiarse por millones de tutoriales para que una tablet de 200 eurazos, si si, que no se dice pronto 200 EUROS, vaya bien...y encima no del todo bien, SIEMPRE CON PROBLEMAS. LOS DRIVERS, los famosos drivers, nunca, y repito NUNCA, ya sea con w8 o w10 soy capaz de tener la tablet funcionando al 100% con rotación de pantalla, que los botones de volumen funcionen y problemas con algún tipo mas de driver. Por no decir que la version de android va como el culo, que ya hasta dependi de ella por el mal rendimiento, y por supuesto, 0 actualizaciones. Ya podeis esperar que ni android 5, ni android 6, ni ninguna actualización mas de android nos van a ofrecer estos ladrones. Es una verdadera vergüenza. Y que no me vengan con soluciones caseras porque conocimientos tengo, ya que me dedico al mundo informatico y trabajo con estos dispositivos dia si y dia tambien. En resumen, onda debería caerte la cara de vergüenza ante un producto que ni vale para cortar jamón encima de ella, 0 soporte y 0 atención al usuario. Que os den por el cu*o, nunca mas onda, nunca mas. Saludos y hasta nunca.
  13. Hello Guys I just received the Onda v989 air V3. I want to install a custom rom, I'm not able to put my device in brush mode and I don't think that the drivers are the problem because every drivers needed seems to be installed. I tried Onda Suite and PheonixSuite but the two program can't recognize the tablet when I try to put it in brush mode. Sometimes it start the upgrade when windows detect the tablet, but the upgrade freeze at 0% and it says that my tablet is not plugged in. So I tried to flash it with Pheonixcard and with one SD card its always making an error in the burning. and with two other sd cards the burn process works but the tablet dont want to boot at all with the 2 SD cards. I tried both solution with my 2 PCs one with Windows 8.1 ( and yes I installed the driver disabling the driver protection..) and I tried everything with my other PC on windows 7. I really want to flash an other rom, the one that came with the tablet is so laggy and full of *** Thank you please help..
  14. So my tablet is not logging in. I had tried to get rid of the Chinese language. Once I booted the screen comes to the login. Does not allow me to type ( not touch keyboard). Even after using a attached keyboard it logs in to a blank screen. Nothing Displaying. Hence I want to recover it. Now I know the old Power Button + Volume Button method. Sometimes it goes into recovery mode. Sometimes I does not. When I restart when shutdown I press P.D + V.D buttons.. it comes to "Entering DNX mode, waiting for command" text display then boots to windows screen again. Couple of time..(happened very few times ) it came to recovery page but all was in Chinese so I had to guess click on options which either cancelled or restarted to windows boot again instead of recovering. Can someone guide me through the method step by step. Why does the P.D+ V.D only work sometime and not everytime ?. How do I do the windows restore ?
  15. Well, long story short i semi bricked my v820w by flashing the Dual OS Bios (which worked and didn't actually cause the problem) but Following a Chinese Tutorial to install Android to it using the WIN PE Method (http://www.ondabbs.cn/thread-58294-1-1.html). This almost kind of worked except the last part which now i'm face with a problem with the ONDA logo appearing just rebooting and Keyboards won't work which means i can't get into the bios. The Insyde Recovery method hasn't worked either. All in All i ended up buying the Dual OS version for £83 INC VAT and Delivery from a UK supplier (idreamcenter). And since the v820w i bought was from ONDA-Tablet.com, returning to China isn't worth it. I partly thought there was a way to disconnect the Storage Chip from the tablet then wipe it some how (this might work), but it turns out its soldered, so enjoy some pics of the insides of the thing. Note: this is the V2 version of the Single OS (Not Andrews/Android its the Windows one).
  16. So I bought my Onda v919 3g air and tried to install latest official firmware through the flashtool. After beginning the flash process SP flash tool stopped responding and crash... My tablet won't boot now and adb doesn't recognize it. It only recognizes DA USB VCOM Port (COM4). I followed the rules for flashing official update, I don't know what went wrong... Plz help me.
  17. Hello friends I want to buy a new tablet pc, i was searching on internet then i see that, v989 onda is great for my expection, it s cheap and it has a lot of features. But when i look alibaba.com, i saw that its prices are extremely different i can find for 90 $ also i can find 210 $. Why it s like these? do you know that if v989 has an imitation model, or what are u thinking about this situation
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