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  1. Hi! I have a Onda 919 3G Dual 64GB. I was wondering if it's possible to erase the Windows and use all space for Android, it should be the same on all Onda Tablets right? How do i do that? Is there any guide? thank you.
  2. Hey there. I just want to share my recent experience with flashing windows images on a V919 Air tablet. The reason for the reinstallation was that after a system reset in windows 10, things went wrong with the touch screen. It registered touches at completely wrong places and orientation. I tried calibrating it using the buildin windows 10 utility and it did nothing. The step I struggled with for several days was that none of the system images downloaded from the official site was able to boot on this tablet. Eventually I stumbled upon an old web page with a 32bit windows 8.1 image and it worked. The system was then upgraded to windows 10 and everything appeared fine. If you encountered similar diffficulties in booting the images from Onda, see if the images are 64 bit. All the ones I initially downloaded are 64 bit, and they are not recognized by this tablet. Only 32 bit UEFI files can boot. Same if you want to use some windows PE images, 32bit ones are needed. Based on the serial number, mine is probably a V5 version of V919 Air 64 GB DualOS.
  3. . 20150606 .. ALL UPLOADED LARGE FILES HAVE BEEN DELETED ... http://onda.cn/Suppo...rt/Search.aspx FINAL EDIT: 17 July 2014 17 July 2014 New Release ( all ) versions - links to be posted in v819w sub-forum Installing Win8.1 systems tutorials-0717 Coming Soon ________END EDIT_______ SPECIAL NOTE: Win 8.1 ( 07 July 2014 ) = NO Gravity Sensor driver, NO Camera driver, NO Activation method acknowledged or posted for v975i V819i Win 8.1 can be directly installed, following provided instructions V975i device hardware preparation required before Win 8.1 should be installed. Win 8.1with Bing System Installation Guide Preparation Tool: 1 with a powered USB HUB and OTG cable 2 (USB) keyboard, (USB) mouse, and an 8GB U disk. 3. V819i/975i quad-core tablet, Battery power more than 80%. Note: you need to change V975i quad-core hardware parameters, otherwise brushing BIOS screen will not be displayed. 4 a computer, we recommend a desktop, winXP or Win7 system 5 Download the named files from the network disk English Translated Win 8.1with Bing System Installation Guide ( 07 July 2014 ) V819i_Windows8.1_with_Bing.rar ( 07 July 2014 ) Onda Official Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1sj79XLF v819i_Win8.1wBing.rar Dated 10 July 2014 File Size: 3.02 GB Win 8.1 with Bing Bar For the v819i device Compressed .RAR & Expanded size smaller than previous release version Expanded: Images\Install.wim file smaller size Pan.Baidu Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1o63CJ0m Additional Required downloads: Win_Bios_0708 ( Official update 10 July 2014 ) NOTED: v819i_bios_0708.rar V819i quad-core _Windows_Bios File Size: 6MB Update: 2014-07-10 Description: Bios for Windows systems program. Note: 1, refresh bios risk, it is recommended for people with some experience operating. 2, successfully refreshed after Bios Windows system will only install Win8.1 system does not support the Android system then put it back. 3, download the zip bag has detailed installation instructions. Please follow the instructions. Onda Link: http://onda.cn/Tablet/ProductInfo.aspx?ProductId=266&d=down EDIT 11 July 2014 Method to translate those Onda included .txt files V975I_ touch screen driver.rar V975i Touch Screen Windows Driver Onda Official Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1o6qLywM EDIT: 16:51 NY USA time ( 07 July 2014 ) English translated WINDOWS BIOS update tutorial 0702 - includes pics for Windows installed v819i devices http://www.ondaforum.com/files/download/106-v819i-update-bios-tutorial-0702docx/ EDIT: All available download files are located in the Downloads directory. “ Downloads “ button at the top of this page Available files are grouped by Device named category All files are listed in reverse chronological order ( newest upload file is listed first ) Most device categories each have multiple pages of listed file names.
  4. Please, I can't swich android to windows in onda v80 plus Help meeeee!!
  5. Hello, I just managed to install Windows 10 without Android to V820w and still got more than 12gb of free space on C:\ With this guide you can install fresh Windows 8.1 with Bing to Onda V820w tablet without Android installation. This way there is a lot more space available. Requirements: Thanks to all images goes to fjperezj Steps: 1) Remove all partitions except EFI (first), Recovery(second) and Windows partitions using Windows Drive manager (right click My Computer -> manage). 2) Now you should have only those three and some unallocated space. You can merge all those to one partition, if you like. 3) Now we create bootable USB with Windows 8.1 in it. I used this tutorial myself: http://www.ondaforum.com/files/file/576-win81-system-installation-tutorial-_ipdf/ Download these two files (Shouldn't matter that it is for V1 because we have no Android. I had V3 and everything works) ---> http://www.ondaforum.com/files/file/574-v820w_v1part1rar/ ---> http://www.ondaforum.com/files/file/575-v820w_v1part2rar/ 4) After files are downloaded, extract all the files to a local folder on your PC (C:\temp\tablet for example) 6) Plug in a USB stick that has 4 gb of space5) Navigate to that folder (C:\temp\tablet for example) 7) Open UltraISO_v9.5.2.2836.exe. Now a chinese program will open. Next steps will be guided in pdf file that I linked earlier. So open it too! (http://www.ondaforum.com/files/file/576-win81-system-installation-tutorial-_ipdf/). 8) Open a file with it that was in archive called "Win8.1_x32_PE.iso" using open icon 9) After it is opened, click 3rd menu on top and select 4th option. Check pdf for guide! 10) Select your memory stick and check the left checkbox (there are two) Check pdf for guide! 11) Press 2th button on bottom from left corner. Check pdf for guide! 12) After formatting is done close the UltraISO. Now the usb stick has 212 mb FAT partition for booting and the rest is NTFS for big files 13) Format the usb stick from My Computer to NTFS. NOW THE IMPORTANT PART: Name the stick by "U-WINPE". 14) Copy almost all files from .rar archives to usb stick: Windows installation 15) Plug in USB hub to Onda tablet -> plug USB stick and keyboard to it 16) Start tablet and press ESC -> Bios will open 17) Select Boot Manager and there you should see your USB device. Select it and press Enter! If there is no USB device (only Windows, Android and Efi) check the name of the usb stick. THE NAME HAS TO BE CORRECT. 18) Now windows installation will open and you should see some command prompts that will format, copy, mount and install some files. It will take some time. The real windows Installation should start after all command prompt windows. -----------------------------------------------------If everything went OK, skip this part--------------------------------------------------------------------------If command prompt fails to continue to installation and you get something like this: 1) Find out what is the drive letter of your usb stick. In that picture you can see that U-WINPE has letter D. 2) Set command prompt variable WinPESource to that drive using command (remember to change D to your letter). Check the picture! 3) Now that path should be OK. Launch Main.cmd by writing the next command and hit ENTER. (remember to change D to your letter) 4) Now the installation should continue. If not, please post and ask for help! -----------------------------------------------------Guide continues---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------19) Now you are in the (chinese) windows installation. Use Google Translate app on phone to find out what each text means. You can use it by selecting to translate from china -> english and take pictures from menus and dropdown lists and so on. 20) After the Windows is installed change language to english and install all updates. After that Windows 10 banner will be shown and you can install it. Everything works now for me! Windows 10 install went smoothly and no errors and no driver problems. If you get driver problems: Download correct drivers for you tablet version from downloads page: V1) http://www.ondaforum.com/files/file/325-v820w-v1_win81_x86_driversrar/ V2) Will be added here.. V3) http://www.ondaforum.com/files/file/453-v820w-dualos_drivers_installv3-version-20150520rar/ 21) Remove "Windows.old" folder from C:\ if you have taken all the old files. This way you can get more space! It is the old installation backed up for safety. Hope it helps somebody!
  6. hello guys.. I've been bit disappointed that my single boot android have just 8gb of space and two of the eight have been take by the system. I decide to go and change the android_data partition. create 64bit GPARTED live usb. Gparted will boot successfully if you choose the option to upload the live usb and run from ram. After all boot I have been able see all the partition on my obook 20. The target was android_data where are stored all the apk and personal data... extend the android_data partition i had to delete another partition which i was hope to create after... with picture taken before mess up with the partition I manage to get same size and location for the partition. so i hit apply.. first two changes have been successful but the next one fail and corrupt all partition on the drive. after I wanna create all partition as on the picture, but then i find the picture with detailed size of partitons is missing.. Required: 1... USB with at least 4gb.. 8gb recommended, Gparted , and some program to create live usb like a unetbootin or similiar. 2... someone who can boot gparted live usb and report or take picture of the partitions and size of them. 3... someone who can boot gparted and make backup of android_bootloader and upload somewhere for me... once I get android bootloader back in my device I will be able to install android again... You don't need to worry about corrupt or brick your device if you don't mess up or delete your partition.. Because i dont have android bootloader and is not easy or almost impossible to download it from internet, I'll keep mess up with the obook, install ubuntu or another os which can be booted from usb..
  7. Version Reupload


    V975w_0728_Driver_ backup .rar Drivers, extracted from the 0728 Win 8.1 installation package Thanks and credits to root9000 @ondabbs forum [V975w] V975w official system to extract the driver package [Professional Edition Enterprise Edition Prerequisites] http://www.ondabbs.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=17527&fromuid=314181 0728 official system to extract the driver package, mainly to 8.1 Professional Edition applications open sense of gravity, like the other drivers seem to have. however there are two problems professional version I installed a keyboard occupies half of the screen is too large, there is The camera can not focus
  8. I have a v820w wave bought recently, I went to do the formatting of it (windows) and the tablet entered an infinite loop in the windows installation. It restarts when it reaches 67% and starts at 64%, this occurs more than 6 hours. I do not know what else to do to initialize or finish the installation. Nothing else appears. Android works perfectly help me
  9. Version Reupload


    Win8.1 English installation tutorial-10172014 Ready to work: 1. with a powered USB HUB and OTG cable 2. keyboard, mouse and 8GB USB flash drive 3. device power in 80%. 4. a computer
  10. Hello Everyone, I have updated my Onda v975w to windows 10 and mostly everything is working fine (slightly laggy compared to windows 8 but i would imagine this will be optimized in time). The main issues I have experienced is that since the update my Bluetooth and camera are no longer working. The camera app will start but doesn't receive an image from the sensor and the Bluetooth is completely gone. it could be that the drivers have not been updated to work with windows 10 but I just wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue and if so had any luck with a solution. I have checked device manager and it states that I have the latest drivers. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated Thanks,
  11. Hi, I have V80 Plus V3. Firstly this tablet is a garbage and frustration. I never recommend to buyers. I want to break this tablet. Onda's + gearbest's support is a big ZERO. For 1 month all apps are getting "unfortunately x app has stopped" and rooted + flashed twrp. also last time i installed google play services apk some apps worked but other apps like google play + account creation didn't work. I tried to (uninstalled) reinstall google play services via flashing correct (x86) gapps package but google apps except play services installed. I wipe data etc on twrp, this time keyboard didnt work (only voice writing is working) installed. wiped everything rebooted, all issues continues! i took nandroid backup and restored not worked after chuwi rom. I found a marshmallow rom for chuwi hi 8, 10, edited updater-script and flashed, NOW TABLET ISN'T LOADING. Only i can enter to twrp + windows. I found latest android firmware but tutorial is CHINESE!!! Also translated, found a note bottom: "this will delete windows" HOW CAN I FLASH OR FIX ANDROID? Please help me.
  12. Version Reupload


    V919 3G AIR window X86_DRIVERS—V7 v919 Air DualOS_Win8.1_x86_Drivers-V7 File size: 116MB Actual size 78.6 MB Updated: 2015-7-24 Explanation: 1. Applicable models V919 AIR V7 version. Note: 1. Please download the driver compressed package, extract the inside of the driver and driver tutorials, read the installation guide carefully before installing the driver. V919 3G AIR window X86_DRIVERS--V5.rar
  13. Hi everyone, I have an Onda Obook 10 V5 (not SE) and I would like to make a clean installation of windows but I can not start it from usb. I thought it might be a problem with the bootx64.efi file, so I replaced it with bootia32.efi but it still does not work. any suggestions?
  14. Hi all, I have an old 8 inch onda windows tablet. I forgot the name as I am away from home now. I want to install Android in my tablet as solo Android and not DUAL BOOT. Is it possible and how? I shall be thankful to you all.
  15. Hey folks, I am new at this forum and I recently got my Onda v919 Air CH dual boot tablet and so less so far it runs very well. I only have one issue: In Windows 10, when I plug in the Samsung Evo 64 gb micro sdcard (I also tried some other micro sdcards as well, but I want this to work) I hear the normal Windows sound that some hardware was added and in the device manager pops up some sdcard class controller. The problem is, that the sdcard class controller got a Code 10 and it is obviously not recognized by the explorer. I tried to install some other drivers but it tells me that the current drivers are the best suitable every time. Besides in Android every micro sdcard I tested worked fine and w/o any problems. So is there some workaround, driver or BIOS which will fix the issue? I haven't found anything helpful yet. Thanks in advance
  16. Hello, i tried to flash my Android Tablet: Onda V919 3G Air Dual OS V8, so i tried about from PacMan his modified Firmware, and so my Android is not anymore working I tried to come into the DNX mode but i read, there is nothing more DNX by the V6-V8... so i ask you really: How can i flash again Android? I want to use Windows and Android. Can you please help me? I need Android for Privat use and Windows for Work so i hope you can help me warm regards
  17. hey everyone, I want to remove windows 10 from my onda v80 plus and only have android (as it is taking too much space) . Is it possible to do this ? Thanks.
  18. I have found a couple programs that are very useful for a tablet when running in Windows. The first program is Battery Bar Pro: https://batterybarpro.com/ The free basic program is quite useful for showing an icon that can be switched between percentage left and time left. It calculates the time left constantly based on the percentage drop over time to give you a correct readout of battery charge you have left. The other program is TouchMousePointer: http://www.lovesummertrue.com/touchmousepointer/en-us/ Go to the download page and download the old version. This program adds a mouse icon on your taskbar that when touched will give you an onscreen virtual touchpad with both left and right buttons. You can change the transparency and location (I use the free float) of the pad. Very useful when you need to be precise at selecting something onscreeen.
  19. Hello my name is Massimiliano from Italy, I need your help. I have a Table Wave v820w model, power side windows but the language is Asian, can you show me how to change it in Italian?Thank You
  20. Hi guys, I am really desperate for help with my tablet - While using Windows 10, I updated drivers but then lost the auto-rotate function, I tried to roll back to before the installation of the drivers but was unsuccessful. As a last resort I decided to use the Recovery option selected Reset this PC, this is where everything went wrong.....The install hung at 27% and would not go any further (I even left it over night), so I powered off the tablet and back on again, only to get a message saying "The Computer Restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error" and ever since the tablet is stuck in a loop of starting and re-starting itself, I have spent hours searching for a solution, I would very much appreciate any help or guidance. Many thanks. Mathew.
  21. Hello, I have Onda v891 dual boot 32gb and it's on v1.0.2 V5 without root + windows, I want to keep windows, but update v1.0.2 to v1.0.5 firmware and after that ROOT it, Also downloaded these files: - V891 DualOS_remixOS_V1.0.5_V5 - Latest Kingo ROOT - V891 Dual -V5_Drivers_install 20150611 - Download Intel_Mfg_Tools_X98_Custom.zip - IntelAndroid-FBRL-07-24-2015.7z - BETA-SuperSU-v2.68-20160228150503.zip - ADB DRIVERS v1.10.0 ? And I will take these steps: 1. TTT-Install and Configure the Intel Mfg Tools on a Windows Host PC 2. Flash new v1.0.5 Firmware to Onda v891 3. Root it with Kingo Root, if won't work, then go for this ROOT GUIDE "Intel Android Devices Root / Temp Recovery Session", "duledxb" comment on second root way: "Hi ! I would like to commend your work and to confirm that solution is 100% working, using IntelAndroid-FBRL-07-24-2015 (option 5 CWM, then T3) and Intel ADB USB Driver v1.10.0 Tablet is Onda v891w 8.9" DualOS 32GB v5, Win8.1 + Android 4.4.4 factory firmware v1.0.0_v5 Intel BayTrail Z3735F X86 1.83GHz, 2GB DDR3L, 32GB eMMC, Intel HD Graphics Gen7 1920x1200 Thank You !" Source Here Do I miss something? Please comment and correct me if I'm wrong Thank you
  22. Hi all! Yesterday I received my onda v820w (v5), I'm thinking unistall android and let only windows 10 with fresh install, but I found something strange that afraid me: Sometimes the tablet does not charge under windows 10, it shows is connected (without led light), but no charging, in that case, in order to se the led light again I have to change to android, then the charging led turns on, and going back to windows is still there, but if I turn off the tablet, when I boot windows again the led and charging stops working again, is connected but no charging, so is a software problem, but don't know what to do, maybe some configuration in the BIOS? At first I thought it was because of my charger, that only has 2A (instead 2.5A that says onda in the back part of the tablet), but on android is always charging ok, and returning to windows form android seems to fix it temporarily, so has to be software right? One more issue when charging is that the touch screen is not working properly, sometimes touch recognizes multiples phantom touch, but this should be because of the charger, because is happening also in android, and only when charging. In the other hand, I can't find BIOS or drivers updates for this model (v5) in the download section. So in the end, I don't know if I should unistall android, I'm afraid to loose chraging battery functionality :/ Any thoughts on this? I can provide any data yo need Thanks in advantage, cheers PD: Sorry for my english level, I'm spanish
  23. When I put the tablet beside my old TV I noticed that when connecting 3g mobile broadband with EDGE speed ( E ) the frequency of sent sognal interface with frequency of internal components and my TV speakers, screen and internal board have gone crazy at the same time when my tablet screen start to blink and flicker I figured out that its hardware “electro magnetic wave” problem (not powering ,internal hardware, bios, or drivers problem ) I tried to isolate the waves that came out of the antenna on the cover from the internal board I have stitched an aluminum diaphragm on the antenna by covering all black antenna with aluminum and it solved the problem I lost a little part from signal strength but its ok Trust me I’m an engineer I’m sorry if my English is not perfect Thank you
  24. Hi from France everyone I updated my V919 3G Air Dual OS into W10, but there are two problems I haven't been able to resolve: 1. the touchscreen is not calibrated, seems like the axis mirrored, I'm obliged to use an external mouse 2.the home button is doesn't work anymore It surely is a driver problem but I don't really know how to fix it. Thanks in advance for your help!
  25. Hello, I bought Onda V919 3G Dual OS Tablet in July 2015. In October Update to Windows 10 was offered. I tried to install, but installation failed with problem "unable to update the system reserved partition". So I did the fix described here (original from ONDA (official fix):http://onda.cn/Support/Question.aspx?Id=1956 Recommended steps are rebrush operating system, reinstall Android, reinstall Win 8.1, activate Win 8.1, upgrade to Win 10. I could install Win 8.1 successful. But now I'm faced with this problem: Win 8.1 activation fails. Error Message "The activation server determined the specified product key has been blocked". Any help available? Product Key seems to be written in bios.
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