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Mini Review of v975 Pleather Case

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"New 9.7" PU Leather Protect Case For Onda V975 Quad-Core Android Tablet PC" - Purchased from ebay from dragonjyy for about $12 CDN for my v975m


(pictures borrowed)

- this is a pleather case with some padding on the outside covers; I ordered black

- the pleather feels a little thin to me but we'll see how it holds up over time

- there is white stitching around the case which seems more pronounced that what the picture shows

- the inside cover seems like a stiff cardboard that can flex just a little and is covered in a very nice faux suede

- the case appears specifically designed for the V975 as the cutouts for the speakers, front camera, buttons and ports are all readily available; the case has an "Onda V9…" stamp on the front cover with some

Chinese characters

- my tablet fits nearly perfectly in the case - the only issue I have is that the cutout for the width of the screen is only about 1-2mm wider than the screen so that some lateral play means that a small edge of the screen may be sometimes obstructed by the cover - but this is not a big issue; also the back camera cutout seems slightly off and is very close to obstructing the camera (this is not a big issue for me as I don't intend to use the camera)

- case has a magnetic closure to help keep the front cover from flopping around



- cheap

- excellent custom fit

- offers some protection

- can act as a stand

- overall quality seems good


- durability of pleather?

- lateral cutout for screen a bit tight

- back camera cutout slightly off and may obstruct camera

- frame around tablet's screen is slightly raised which is annoying (but I could perhaps use some double-sided tape to keep it down)

Overall, this seems like a good case and very good for the price.




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