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Onda v975w System Maintenance Utility

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After a good few hours of work, I'm happy to finally release my System Maintenance Utility.


Standard Disclaimer: This script edits the partition structure of your tablet. It WILL wipe your user partition on most of the options. As a result, be careful (It takes effort to mess things up, however). Make sure your tablet is charged to AT LEAST 80%. If you don't, and your battery dies, you'll have to start flashing all over again, you'll need to recharge your tablet, and you probably won't be overly happy.


I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong with your tablet. I will, however, be really amazed as nothing this script does cannot be reversed by simply flashing the Onda OEM image.


This has been tested on the v975w v1, however, the v2 and v3 currently share the identical partition structure. As a result, this script SHOULD work for them.


The script slipstreams many common functions into the image installation environment. It has MANY enhancements over the default Onda script.


Some of the changes:


1) Factory reset option.

2) English Language Pack patch.

3) Improved image copying information. (Progress bars!)

4) Cleaner console output.


Rather than re-issue a patched image every time Onda releases a new image, you can replace the files in your download with this.


System Maintenance Utility: https://db.tt/zeaT8v7w


MD5: 655a3912cb68569727e800b8389d6125

SHA-1: 34f6cb1883a949974200077e1b3e7154f10146dd


To install:


1) Follow the instructions to create the WinPE USB drive in the update by Onda.

2) Extract the above .7z file to the root directory of the USB disk. If prompted to overwrite, choose Yes.

3) Boot from the USB device on the tablet. See the options below:






1) Automated Process: Wipes the tablet, patches the image to English, and installs on the tablet.

2) Traditional Process: Same as above, but does not patch to English

3) Factory Restore: Wipes the main drive, and restores from the backup partition.

4) Self explanatory.


Each process, upon completion, will return to the main menu. Once you are done, press 'q' to quit.


Please note the message to remove the USB drive prior to rebooting. If you do not remove it, the unit may boot back into this same menu.


Please post your results below. I have flashed my tablet about 7 times today using this new script, and I believe you'll be very happy with it.


If you decide to post it elsewhere, please link back to this thread. Enjoy!

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just download this, i just got my tablet today was sad to see chinese language just brainstorming to navigate around windows, thanks that you created this, If i follow your instruction will it restore to normal english language, i don't care of losing files as i just got it 


thanks in advance

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It will restore to English. However, in order to work, you will need to download the 0728 image, and overwrite the files with mine.

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i got ya i just download 0728 part 1 & 2, you mean i should extract both in a folder, then extract your maintenance tools in the same folder too and overwrite, i will try it straightaway and keep you posted  

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one last thing if i get microsoft software update, i hope it won't affect it in any way, just making sure everything is in the right direction bro...

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matey i tried but kept getting some broken error, some in chinese language. 


let me xplain what i did


1. i download v975w_Win8.1wBing-0728.part1 & part 2

2. i extracted the files in a single folder

3. i download Onda_v975w_Custom_Install_Script_10-19-2014

4. i extracted the file inside the folder where the file are

5. formated a 16gb usb file as NTFS name as WINPE

6. move all the file inside the usb

7. select my usb in boot menu


result is crashing, please what are my doing wrong. 

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Thanks for the detailed info. I was asleep (I'm in Mountain Time).


Firstly, can you verify the following:


1) Which version is your tablet? (Check the Serial Number. V975wBE8V(Version Number))

2) Once you select the USB drive from the boot menu, do you see the spinning dots to load the OS?

3) When exactly do you see the chinese error? Can you post a screenshot of it?

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ok thanks for helping me, much appreciated 


1. my version is v975wBE8V1A31602


2. Yes i see spinning and onda image instead windows logo. 


3. the error varies, the first time i saw a code, the second time i tried it without your maintenance tool, no error code, just letter like ( Yp;()     can't really remember i'll try again see if i can post the picture here. 


thanks Bro...

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this is another error message however this doesn't show any spining or onda logo

totally different from what i have seen before, those once were on blue background but not BSOD

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Yessir! Now select Option 1. It took about 25 minutes on mine, but once it's done, you'll end up back at the menu.

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Yes, it won't boot because the script has already reformatted the eMMC. The drive is currently blank.

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It should be fine. It does a couple of things twice just to be sure. It's just saying one command overwrites the other. Not sure why it's an error and not a warning...

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